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How Big Is A Skee Ball?

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Skee Ball is an arcade game and one of the first redemption games. It is sometimes referred to as “Skeeter’s Ball,” particularly in England and Australia. It is played by rolling a ball up an inclined lane and over a “ball-hop” hump that jumps the ball into bullseye rings. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by having the ball fall into holes in the rings which have progressively increasing point values.

So how big is a skee ball? 

A skee ball can vary in sizes depending on the brand that is used. The most common size of a skee ball is 3.5 inches around. The skee ball must be able to pass through the ball hop jump and fit through the rings as well.

If you would like to know more about how big a skee ball is, you will want to keep reading this article.

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Standard Recommended Skee Ball Sizes

There is no recommendation made officially for the size of the skee ball used in this game, but there are standard sizes. Because of this, the sizes of the skee ball vary from a particular brand to another. The skee balls can be golf ball sizes or the size of a fist. The main fact to remember when choosing the size of the skee ball is that it must not be too big and it must be able to pass freely through the outlet that leads to the return ramp. 

The skee ball must not be too heavy or have too much weight. Most skee balls used in a skee ball game are approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. Although some can have a size greater than that, most of the skee balls you can find will usually be in the range of 3.5 inches.

Skee balls can have an average weight of approximately .33 pounds. The weight of the skee ball has no standard and can vary from one game machine to another. So when deciding the weight of your skee ball, you have to consider that it should be something that can be tossed freely without too much effort and it must also be made in a way that can be easily grabbed.

A skee ball should be equally round and smooth so as to achieve the best bounce and roll.

When deciding the size of the skee ball, it is usually predetermined because its diameter should not be up to that of the railings and the dividers because the railings help to protect the skee balls from falling off.

If your game is a type that was made at home, the size of the skee ball can be a little different but the most important thing to remember is that the skee ball must be able to pass through the outlet of the score holes.

Important Skee Ball Sizes

The enjoyment derived from the skee ball game are as a result of the skee balls used in playing the game and how big the skee balls are. The skee ball sizes have crucial value because they are used in rolling on the playing area and they determine the number of points you can get in playing the game by entering into the score hole. 

The significance of the size of the skee balls cannot be overemphasized and it is so important because without an accurate measurement and proper dimension of the skee ball, the game cannot be meaningful and cannot be played especially when the skee balls are bigger than the score holes.

The skee ball makes a hop when thrown and this makes it move towards the scoring area and this is important because no skee ball larger than the holes can go through which will make it difficult to then determine the points.

When the skee balls are thrown well in a manner that enables them to enter a particular score hole, the player gains a number of points depending on the hole it enters. Therefore, the skee ball determines the number of points you get when you toss it to hit a target in tallying up a score. 

The skee balls must be made to pass through freely into the score holes The way the skee balls are thrown is significant in determining great players of the game.

Damaged Skee Balls

The skee balls can be damaged if they are not used properly or after a long period of use. The skee balls get damaged as a result of throwing. The wooden skee balls can get damaged through the wearing out of the material while the plastic skee balls can get damaged by breaking. If players throw the skee balls out of play, the skee ball could get damaged by getting a chipped surface or it could be a scratch especially if they are wooden skee balls. If the skee balls are made of plastics, they are stronger than each other and their durability varies. Therefore, if a particular skee ball is made of low quality materials, they may tend to get damaged easily. If you are able to get the ones made of high quality material, those skee balls are something that can last for a good number of years. The skee balls can also get damaged when they are being played with by small kids.

Replacing Skee Balls

You can use the skee ball balls for a number of years without replacing them, that is if they are holding up very well. Not even a single one may have to be replaced depending on the way they are being handled and taken care of. However, if at all they get split or damaged, they are definitely something that can be replaced. If you also feel or notice that the skee balls are wearing out or they do not hop very well when playing, you can easily get a new skee ball from its manufacturers. Some companies or firms deal with sales of arcade games and parts which is also a good place to buy them. Some people who cannot get access to where they can buy skee balls may also make use of golf balls. Although, even if they can be replaced, they are still something that must be handled carefully.

Other Balls

Other balls can be used in place of a skee ball, especially when they are similar in size and of the same uniform circular shape. The main factor is that it should be something that can be tossed freely. When using similar balls, the balls should not have a very rough surface because skee balls are usually smooth. There are some balls that can be used in playing skee ball such as the bowling ball, resin ball, etc.


Although there are other options for you to use if you do not have an actual skee ball, the best ball to use is a skee ball as they were made for that particular purpose. A skee ball can vary in sizes depending on the brand that is used. The most common size of a skee ball is 3.5 inches around. The skee ball must be able to pass through the ball hop jump and fit through the rings as well. If you use the balls as they are intended they will last a long time and you’ll be able to enjoy the skee ball game for many years to come.