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How Do I Link A Nintendo Account To A Banned Switch?

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Have you ever wondered about linking a Nintendo account to your banned Switch to play games offline? Maybe one of your friends was banned and now cannot access games that he had purchased from Nintnedo. 

So how do you link a Nintendo account to a banned Switch?

There are many ways to link your Nintendo account to your banned Switch, but the most common is to put your handheld device in airplane mode and then put it back on the dock. This should allow you to sign into your Nintendo account and pull up your games and play the games on your Switch account offline.

If this does not work, there are other options in this article to use. 

If you want to know more about linking your Nintendo account or why Nintendo even bans accounts or consoles, you will want to keep reading.

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Why Is Nintendo So Strict About Their Network?

Nintendo is famous for creating and developing so many crazy games that get popular like a wildfire and people love to play them. These games are addictive and almost everyone in this world knows about those games.

Along with being fabulous and amazing, Nintendo is also famous for being super strict in terms of game piracy and cheat codes. Nintendo does not think before banning the accounts that are guilty of pirating the original games.

They seem to have their eyes everywhere and are always watching for people and consoles that break the rules.

There have been complaints and people blaming Nintendo for banning and deleting games that were not original, but Nintendo likely doesn’t care. They do whatever they have to do to keep their platform free from cheaters and hackers.

The Nintendo Switch is a tablet shaped electronic device that is designed beautifully to play a large variety of Nintendo games. Some of the Switches that were originally made have buttons to operate the game while some of the new versioned tablets have touch screens.

Many people have been very grateful to Nintendo for creating such amazing games over the last three decades. Some of the best games they ever made are games like Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Smash Bros, and more! And all of these have become famous world wide! They are addictive in a good way as well as being super fun to play.

The sound and graphic quality have been majorly improved over the years and they keep improving it with each new console they release. 

Why Does Nintendo Ban Accounts Or Consoles

There can be a ton of reasons for why your account might get banned without you knowing why. Hacking into your Switch and other Nintendo games can be one of the biggest reasons for your account being banned permanently by Nintendo.

Selling stolen gift card codes and purchasing them can be another major reason for getting a ban whether you knew the codes were stolen or not.

Copying, downloading, or using games that are not authentic Nintendo releases that you purchased can also result in a ban of the account as Nintendo takes piracy of their games very seriously.

Using homebrew can be another reason for the ban. You might think about using homebrew just for different purposes other than piracy, but Nintendo does not care. If you jailbreak your device using homebrew, Nintendo will clump your account with other unauthorized accounts and ultimately bans the account and device.

This is why it is advised to not try homebrewing at all. Many customers have claimed that even after contacting Nintendo personally, they still will not unban the account simply because they say you hacked the console.

You need to be very careful to only use and purchase the original Nintendo games and not take a chance by jailbreaking your device if you don’t want to lose the access to playing online.

Other Ways To Link A Nintendo Account To A Banned Switch

People and players have claimed to have problems after their consoles were banned with playing their original games because they could not sign in. They were unable to play the offline purchased games from Nintendo and were constantly sending requests and complaints to the company.

Although you can create a new account if your original one was banned you will lose access to everything that you purchased on the first account. This is why if you ever intend on trying to jailbreak or do something like that with your Switch it is always better to purchase physical copies of the games rather than the downloaded ones.

Here are a few successful steps that you might consider doing for a banned account.

First, you will want to put your Switch in the handheld mode and then turn the airplane mode on. Next, you need to connect your Switch back to its dock.

Now you need to try and sign in and start the game. If it still does not start, you will want to try the other option below. 

The method which is going to be described below will delete the current account that you are using and will make a new profile with a Nintendo linked account. You need to keep this in mind before starting. This method has the following benefits:

  1. It will let you play every game that is linked to the account
  2. It works on banned as well as non-banned Switches
  3. No games of yours will be deleted
  4. Your SD card will not be formatted
  5. This method will help you create a new Nintendo account

You first need to go to settings in your Nintendo Switch and disable the automatic updates. This is the most important step and you must follow it.

The next thing that you need to perform is the 90DNS setup. Next, download the Kafir updater from the internet and then place your NRO file on your SD card. Now, put your SD card in your Switch once again and reboot the Switch.

Check if you are connected to the wifi or not. If you are not connected, this will not work out for you. Make sure you have a strong connection while performing this.

Next, you need to open the Kafir NRO and then click on the option of the add linked account. Next, click on inject. This is going to be about a 1 minute process.

When your Switch is rebooting, make sure that you go to the settings and disable your wifi. Put your Switch on airplane mode because the more Nintendo sees you online, the more the chances are of your account getting banned. Be very careful while doing this.

Once your Switch reboots, your account should be linked to your banned Switch, and you will have access to all of your games. 


You can follow any of the methods above to try to link your account to the Switch. The games that you purchase on Nintendo are expensive and so you need to keep the SD card safe. You also need to make sure that your account does not get banned because the data might not be present after getting banned. 

No matter if you have ever been banned or not, you have to understand that Nintendo is just doing this because people will not obey the rules. If everyone used the system like it was intended to be used, they would not have to have moderators, or ever ban anyone simply because everyone would follow the rules.

Even with the rule breakers, Nintendo does a good job of keeping the gaming platform free of hackers and cheats and fun for everyone no matter your age.