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How Do You Move A Foosball Table?

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Have you ever been looking to buy a foosball table and you wondered how you would pick it up? Maybe you have seen a bunch for sale, but wondered if they had to be taken apart like a pool table. Well in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about foosball tables and how to move them.

So how do you move a foosball table? 

You can move a foosball table by disassembling it and then moving it, or you can leave it all assembled and move it. Which option is better depend upon the size of the doorways and how far you are moving it. 

If you want to know more about moving a foosball table, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to see exactly how the best foosball tables are made. 

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Is foosball a table based game?

When we talk about table-based games, Foosball poops up in our minds. Foosball or commonly known as Table Football is a table-based game played between two single opponents, double opponents or teams up to 4 members. As the name suggests, it is the table version of Football.

It requires very little space to set up. A foosball table, if taken care of, can last long for several years. Man-like figures are fixed on the rods used to hit the ball. The players use these rods to manipulate the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Does it matter if the fooseball table is level?

The table is the main component of this game. It is the surface on which we play the game. It is important to take care of the table and maintain it. Although the table being level is not as important as pool, it is important that the table is level.

The table should be as level as possible as the ball moving around on the table can lose you the game. If the table is slanted more towards one side, then it will throw off your shot, as well as give one person the advantage over the other. 

Although the table needs to be level, it does not need to be as level as a pool table. Pool tables have to be leveled before the slate is put on the table, as well as the slate itself needs leveled.

Most places use a digital level when leveling a pool table as the table needs to be level down to .0001 to be accurate. When you are leveling a foosball table, you can simply use a regular level or the level on your phone to make sure that the table is level.

Most foosball tables also have adjustable feet on the legs that you can use to simply make the table level. This is very convenient for most people as the place the foosball table will be is not necessarily 100% level. 

Where can I find information about moving my fooseball table?

The user manual has most of the information required to take care of the table. In some manuals, they do not even talk about disassembling the table to move it from one place to another.

Any damage to the table from moving it can lead to problems in playing. If you follow the steps in the rest of this article, you will be able to move your table without damaging it. 

There can be several reasons that you want to move your foosball table. Those reasons can be if you are changing your apartment, moving the table to another room, moving the table downstairs or upstairs, or moving to a different house completely. 

What is the best way to move your foosball table?

There can be two ways to move your foosball table from one place to another. You can pick up the whole table and move it, or the other option is to disassemble the table into smaller pieces and then transfer the parts to the desired location and assemble it again.

Depending upon where you need to move the table will depend upon which method you will want to use to move your table. If you want to move your table within a room, or just down the hall or even in the same housem, you will want to just pick up the table without disassembling it. 

If you cannot get the table to fit through a doorway, or hallway, you may need to take off the legs of the table. This is the most common way to move a foosball table. This makes the table easy to move as well as easy to maneuver around corners and through doorways.

This is also the easiest way to move the table if you are moving the table up or down stairs. 

If you have the room when you are moving, you will want to leave the table assembled, or only remove the legs. This will save you a lot of time in the moving process. If you are moving and you need the table fully broken down, you will want to keep reading. 

How to fully disassemble a foosball table.

By disassembling the table, it gets divided into smaller parts and it becomes easy to carry it from one place to another. After disassembling, it can also fit into most people’s personal vehicles.

Most often, disassembling is done by professionals and it can cost you quite a bit of money. The steps are easy to perform though, so we suggest doing it by yourself rather than paying someone else to do it. 

Disassembling the men and the rods

Firstly you will need to remove the rods. This is done to make the table lighter, and these rods often cause problems while moving a table. These usually extend and are struck by things around them when you are moving. In total, there are eight rods, four attached on each side.

The number of men on any rod can vary from one table manufacturer to another. To disassemble a rod, untwist the bearing (bumper) on both sides of the rod and then pull out the rod. The men will remain connected.

To remove the men, you need a foosball pin punch tool or you can use a hammer and a punch pin. Hold the punch pin on the pinpoint of the men. Place another hand on the back to protect the table surface from any damage.

Slowly hammer the pin out of the men and remove the bearing. Remove bumpers from the ends and slide the men out. Repeat these steps with all the rods and men to remove them.

Disassembling the legs from the foosball table

Disassembling the legs can be done before disassembling the rods, but it is easier to remove the legs after the rods. This is because after removing the rods, you can flip the table and then work on the legs section. After removing the rods, flip the table upside-down slowly and carefully.

Once the table is upside down, you can begin to remove the legs. They usually attach the legs with four bolts and nuts. Unscrew them and collect them into a box. Be careful while handling these nuts and bolts. After unscrewing, the legs will come right off of the table. 

After these steps are done, you can move it without any problem. You will want to make sure that you carry the parts carefully. 

Reassembling the fooseball table

After reaching the desired place, you can reassemble the table step by step. You will want to simply follow the steps backwards from when you disassembled the table.

First, you will attach legs to the table with nuts and bolts by flipping it upside down. Once the legs are attached you will want to flip it right side up again as it is easier to work on that way. Then, you will need to attach the rods with men.

To do this, slide the men inside the rod and hammer the punch pin. Then attach the rod to the table and tighten the baring or bumpers. Next, you will put the handle back on. Repeat the steps with all of the other rods.


Foosball tables are delicate and need to be taken care of while moving. Now that you know how to take them apart and put them back together, you are ready to move your table.

Depending upon where you are moving it will depend upon how much of the table you need to take apart. The less you have to take apart to move the table the faster the move will go.