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How Do You Play Arcade Machines For Free?

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Have you ever been playing an arcade machine, and wondered if you could play them for free? Maybe you heard there was a way to play your favorite game for free but you weren’t sure how. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about arcade machines. 

So how do you play arcade machines for free?

Unless you have a cheat code, or the arcade game glitches out, there is sadly not a way to play arcade machines for free if you are at an arcade. If you own the arcade machine then you can change the settings to make it free to play but buying the machine is obviously not free.

If you want to know more about arcade games and which ones can glitch to give free games, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to learn how to play some arcade machines for free if you are lucky. 

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Are arcade games important in our world?

Arcade machines games have been one of the museums for gaming eras. The games carry more than just gameplay rather they signify events and eras during the time they were created. They also represent cultures, myths and portray part of the entertainment available.

Movies like Street Fighter were directly influenced by the CAPCOM game itself Streetfighter, and the Tron movie influenced its game, Tron. Donkey Kong was a movie influenced by both King Kong the movie and the famous Beauty and the Beast story.

This is why arcade games have played a lot of important roles. On top of these roles mentioned, they have also played some other important roles in history. Below we will go over some of those roles. 

  • They have served as the means for fun and recreation

Arcade game machines have served as part of entertainment and recreation for kids. And not only that even adults play arcade games as a means of relaxation and stress relief.

  • They are culture creators

Arcade games have played a very good role in creating cultures. In most societies now, gaming is a necessity for kids and thus parents are obligated to purchase or give money in the cases of the arcade to create the best experience of their childhood.

In another aspect, arcade games have become influencers in culture. Without the rise of Pac-man and other Arcade games, the movie Pixels wouldn’t be created or wouldn’t have the same outlook as it has.

  • Arcade games have officially become a sport nowadays

Due to its competitive nature arcade games have led to it becoming a sport. Arcade games have high scores in which increases their competitive nature. And also arcade games have a versus mode where you can combat each other and show off your skills.

And this has led to the creating of a mainstream sports competition where people get to become gamers as a real profession.

  • They are cultural preservers

Due to its continuity feature, arcade games tend to preserve cultures. Think about Super Mario, Pac-man where they would be now if it wasn’t for arcade games.

Kids today wouldn’t have ever known about games like this if it wasn’t for playing the latest versions through arcade game machines.

  • They offer employment opportunities

When I say employment opportunities the first thing that comes into people’s minds is the arcade storekeeper. Its influence on recruitment has been massive. Starting to form big gaming companies such as NAMCO, CAPCOM, etc where they have over a thousand employers specifically for arcade gaming.

This includes a list of graphic designers, programmers, engineers, IT maintenance technicians, etc. And let’s look at the buyer’s and sellers’ market where a lot of store managers and workers were employed due to the existence of arcade machines.

We still have technicians and repair experts. And lastly in the media world, we have game critics specifically for arcade game reviewing.

  • They have generated income streams for a lot of people.

From dealers, companies (arcade game manufacturers), store owners all have earned incomes through the invention of arcade machines. Regular people who own arcade machines have become billionaires through conducting an arcade gaming business.

Also, we have a company owner who earned billions of dollars like Namco for Arcade games like Tekken, Pac-man, etc. Let’s not forget about the spare parts dealers who sell the gaming spare parts.

This is because arcades are machines and machines need maintenance, they are also able to earn money through selling the solutions.

  • Arcade games have been known to educate people

Games like space invaders give people the idea about space and what it is. Games like NBA JAM have various basketball rules. Thus they educate about the sport, how it’s played, teams and different players

  • Arcade games boost intelligence

Arcade games have been known to boost intelligence in kids. Some of the arcade games tend to be strategic thus they work out the brain on how to solve certain problems in certain situations. A very good example is games with Mazes like Pac-man.

Pac-Man is known to boost intelligence through maze solving. And not only has that Pac-man built algorithms in intelligence. The ghosts in Pac-Man have been programmed to seem very unpredictable, but we know that gaming is built by algorithms.

Thus the more you play it the more you learn how the algorithms for the monsters or ghosts in Pac-man. By learning this, you can clearly boost your confidence. 

  • Arcade games are good brand marketers

Brands like the NBA and their teams tend to get promotions every time arcade games incorporate them into their games thus serving as sports ambassadors.

  • Arcade games have been ambassadors for technology development

Arcade games have put technology in the right place to focus. A few years back before the invention of ATARI the first video game, professionals in the computing world were used in the arms race process especially in World War 2.

Thus after it had ended they found new purposes and shifted their focus on more productive matters. Also on the aspect of graphic designs, the arcade machines are responsible for advancing its threshold level by releasing improved versions of it from time to time.

How to unlock free play on arcade games

There have been many reports of people unlocking multiple free entries on arcade machines through the following. 

  • Codes

If you have played GTA then you are not a stranger to this word cheat codes. In the gaming world cheat codes are used to overcome and surpass some of the forbidden levels without following the game’s protocols.

Now in cheat codes, games like Mortal kombat have been reported to have cheats that aid you in gaining free coins. However, it’s not publicly stated but it has been proven to some of the gamers various times

  • Through the fee coin setup

The only one with access to this is the owner. It’s located on the coin slots where it requires you to open the machine to reset it to make it free. 

  • Glitching of the arcade games

Some arcade games have been known to glitch. A glitch is the misbehavior of a program’s code. This is why games like Tempest have been known to glitch and provide free coins.

The list of known games to provide free coins or arcade games that you can play for free are Mortal Kombat 3, Tempest, and Konami. There are also a few others, but these are the most popular ones.


It’s very difficult to find game consoles with games without cheat codes, and the same goes for arcade machines. Although the creators of the games do not want you to use cheat codes, there have been people who learn the code and then allow regular people to use those cheat codes.

This is the easiest way to play arcade games for free, or get free games.