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How Do You Unclog Air Hockey Table Air Holes?

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Have you ever gone to play on an air hockey table only to realize that there wasn’t any air coming up through the holes? Maybe you own a pool table and the holes on your air hockey table are clogged. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about air hockey tables and the air holes. 

So how do you unclog air hockey table air holes?

Although there are many ways to clean the air holes on your air hockey table, the easiest is to simply turn on the fan and use a toothpick or drill bit to clean out each one. Most people prefer a toothpick so they can have their friends help them as there are quite a few holes in an air hockey table. 

If you want to know more about cleaning an air hockey table and unclogging the air holes, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this video of the proper way to clean the air holes of an air hockey table. 

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Are air hockey tables fun?

The air hockey table is one of the most popular arcade games worldwide. You can easily spot them in bars and arcade rooms, usually surrounded by a crowd. Air hockey has earned a place in everyone’s heart as it is fast, exhilarating and fun. With such a high demand for air hockey, many tables are usually in use. This can gradually lead to the wear and tear of the components of the machine if they are not kept maintained. 

Whether for your bar, club, hotspot, or private residence, it is important that you preserve the durability of your air hockey table so that it can last you a long time. Another reason you will want to keep your air hockey table in good condition is the fact that air hockey tables are quite expensive. Some of the decent personal tables sell for upwards of $500.  If you are looking for a professional table, you can expect to spend $5,000- $10,000.This is why it is better to maintain the one that you have rather than spend large sums of money to purchase a replacement. In addition to this, an unmaintained air hockey table will also drastically reduce the enjoyment of the game.

With that said, the question now is, “How can you preserve and maintain your air hockey table?” Well, the best and most efficient way to do this is to clean and unclog your table from dirt and debris buildup. Within this guide, we will explore the best ways to do this, so your air hockey table is always in its best state and will last you a lifetime.

How To Unclog Air Hockey Table

First, we will start on how to unclog the air hockey table. This is an essential aspect of air hockey maintenance because clogged air holes and fans, found within your air hockey table, can make the table non-functioning or difficult to play. This is why, keeping your table clean and unclogged of dirt and debris can help you gain the optimal gaming experience! Luckily, it does not take that much time and energy to clean and unclog your table. However, you must aim to adhere to a regular cleaning schedule to get the best results.

Unclogging the air holes and fans of your table is an easy and simple fix. If they haven’t been cleaned for a while though, then you are in for a lengthy and time-consuming process. For clogged holes and fans, you will have to resort to a deep clean, which generally refers to cleaning the surfaces, polishing the table and its legs. This is in addition to completely removing the dirt buildup, gunk and debris from the air holes and fans. 

If you don’t know anything about air hockey tables, the fans can be found underneath the air hockey table and they are tasked with blowing air upwards into the air holes, which are on the top of the table. This then creates a pocket of air that allows for the suspension of the puck and for its easy gliding and sliding across the table.

Starting with the fans, it is recommended that you consult the manual that accompanied the air hockey table. It will help you to understand the best way to disassemble the table to gain access to the fans. However, make sure that you know where you placed each item and piece as you will have to reassemble the table. When you have access to the table, you will want to take compressed and pressurized air and blow out the buildup that has lodged within the fan. You can also use a gentle cleanser and a soft or microfiber cloth to clean the insides and the exteriors. After you have thoroughly cleaned the fans, it is time to move to the air holes on the top of the table.

To clean the air holes, you will have to turn on the fan and keep it running. This will help to dislodge any debris, dust or particles that are wedged deeply within the holes. After you do this, you can take a toothpick or a drill bit to poke and clean out the holes. Once the holes are clean, you will have to clean the surfaces of the table to collect the dislodged dirt and debris. Similar to the fans, you will want to use a soft or microfibre cloth to wipe off the table. Ensure that the fabric does not produce large lint, as this, too, can clog up the holes.

You have now wholly unclogged your air hockey table. Now, let’s explore other ways to clean and improve the state of the air hockey table.

Best Time To Clean Your Air Hockey Table

Opting to clean your air hockey table at a particular time is the best thing to do. This will prevent the overcleaning or inadequate cleaning of your table, which both can be detrimental to the state of your table and your enjoyment of the gameplay. What we recommend is that you can clean your table every week. Others have suggested that you clean the table once before or after a match, never both. Lastly, when it is not in use, make sure to cover the table with a tablecloth that adequately covers the dimensions of the table.

Wiping and Cleaning All Playing Surfaces

Wiping and cleaning all playing surfaces is another important aspect of the cleaning process. Using a microfibre soft cotton cloth, gently wipe the surface of the table, in addition to its sides. It would be best if you didn’t forget to clean the sides of the table, as the dust can travel from here to the top of the table where it can clog the holes.

Waxing and Polishing The Air Hockey Table

Even though many air hockey table owners will opt out of this step, it is still vital for maintaining the lifespan of your table. A good wax can complete your in-depth cleaning process by giving your table a brand-new look and feel. This step has two incredible benefits that you should take advantage of.

  1. It smooths out the roughened and damaged surfaces of the air hockey table, giving it a polished finish
  2. It provides additional protection from future damage

To make sure that you receive the best results, you will want to follow these rules. 

  1. You have to choose a wax that was specifically created for the care of air hockey tables. This will prevent any additional damage from any harsh chemicals found within an unsupported cleaner.

  2. Use a small amount of wax because if you use too much, it leads to the clogging of more air holes, reducing the airflow passing through the holes. Also, a thin layer of wax can effectively do the job of smoothing out the roughened areas on the table’s surface.
  3. After you wax and polish the air hockey table, finish off by taking a dry clean cloth and wipe down the surfaces again. This will buff the covers, giving you a shiny, glossy finish.


When it comes to our air hockey tables, we have to make sure to maintain and clean them so that they can last us a long time. Furthermore, playing on an unmaintained, dirty table can quickly sap the enjoyment out of any game. Make sure you routinely clean the air hockey table and unclog the air holes and fans. Also, never forget to clean all the surfaces and finish it off with a nice wax and polish. If you do this, you will have an air hockey table that works perfect and will last for many years to come.