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Nintendo Switch Controllers & Joy-Cons Charge Time

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Playing the Nintendo Switch can be a lot of fun and the Joy-Cons last for hours so you can enjoy lots of gametime. Maybe you were playing an intense round of Mario Kart 8 on your new Nintendo Switch when you noticed that the Joy-Cons need to be charged and hope that their battery won’t die before you can race across the finish line in first place. 

After dodging shells and boosting past all the other races, you zoom to victory. Then your controls run out of battery. Thankful that you finished in time, you dock the Joy-Cons on it’s charging station. Eager to get back into gameplay, you wonder, how long Joy-Cons take to charge when docked?

The Switch Joy-Cons will take 3- 3 1/2 hours to charge, the Switch Pro Controller will take 5-6 hours to charge, and the generic Switch controllers will take 2-3 hours to charge (depending on the model)

Released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been popular worldwide. With hundreds of games available to play, this gaming system has amazing graphics and is super fun to play. What makes it so unique is that you can play a handheld console or switch it over to the TV for a bigger screen experience.

For on the go, the handheld Switch is ideal and when you are playing with multiplayer, the TV can give you a larger screen to play on. The Nintendo Switch comes with controllers called Joy-Cons. 

These little controllers attach to your Switch and can be taken off to attach to other controllers as well. You can even purchase a controller called the Pro Controller which is similar to an Xbox controller for better TV gameplay. 

If you have been playing your Switch for a while, then it will run the battery down. After about 20 hours of use, they will need to be charged again. No matter how you choose to charge them, it will take about 3.5 hours. 

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Do Joy-Cons charge when the Switch is docked?

What makes the Nintendo Switch so popular? Probably the fact that you can take it on-the-go as a handheld gaming device or  play it at home on your TV, too! If you are looking to own a  great gaming system, this one is one of the best. 

The Joy-Cons on the Switch need to be charged from time to time especially after hours of use. Do these recharge when the Switch is docked?

Joy-Cons do charge when the Switch is docked. Just make sure that all the circles on them are glowing and they are still able to slide out. Once the light turns from red to green and stays green,they are done charging. 

The Nintendo Switch comes with controllers called Joy-Cons which can slide out from the switch itself and be used alone while in TV mode. They can also be connected to the console so it is easier to hold for a better gaming experience. 

These Joy-cons are easy to charge and only take a few hours. There are a few different ways you can charge these which we will discuss inthen next section of this article. Whichever way you are charging the Joy-Cons, they will take the same amount of time to fully charge. 

When docked, the Joy-cons take about 3.5 hours to fully charge. Now, they do have 20 hours of battery life so the wait time is worth it. 

How long does it take for Joy-Cons to charge?

The Nintendo Switch is a really great gaming system. Imagine being able to take it on-the-go and use the handheld console and then arriving home and being able to “switch” (hence the name Switch) it over to the TV for more gaming fun.

On average it takes about 3.5 hours for the Joy-Cons to fully charge. There isn’t a faster way to charge the Joy-Cons: it usually always takes about 3.5 hours.

This may seem like a long time to wait for the Joy-Cons to charge but after they are fully charged, they last for 20 hours. There are three different ways to charge Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. 

First, you can leave them attached to the Switch while it is docked. 

Second, you can attach them to the charging grip but this is sold separately. 

Third, you can attach them to a third-party charging stand. 

The easiest way to charge the Joy-Cons is to place the small controllers on a docking station so they can be easily removed. Any way you choose to charge your Joy-Cons, it will take about 3.5 hours.

Final Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch is a fun gaming system able to be used on-the-go with its handheld console or at home on your TV by removing the Joy-Cons and using them as controllers. These can also be placed into another controller that is easier to handle. 

When docked, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons only take a few hours to charge, taking about 3 and a half hours to fully charge. This is the same for any way you choose to charge your Switch controllers. 

So, whether you leave them on the Switch, attach them to a charginging grip, or put them on a third party charging stand, charging time will be a little over 3 hours. Docking is the easiest way to charge Joy-Cons and in no time you will be getting back into your game with 20 hours of battery life.