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How Long Do Nintendo Switch Controllers Last?

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When choosing a Nintendo Switch controller, it can be difficult to know which one is the best one to get. Obviously you want to get a controller that is going to last you a long time but you also do not want to overpay for a name brand controller. 

Thankfully when you purchase a Nintendo Switch they already come with a joy con controller. The real question is how long do these Nintendo switch controllers last before they break?

Most Joy-Cons will last 2–4 years depending upon how often they are used before they break. If they are dropped often or thrown around, it is possible that they will not even last a year before breaking. 

Because you do not want to break your Joy-Cons it is best that you take care of them when you are using them. If you take care of your controllers that come with the game originally they can last you far longer than just four years as well. 

The problem is most people do not take care of these joy cons as they are small and can easily be sat on or thrown in a bag. Doing this allows the controller to be broken or damaged easily. 

This is why it is important to take care of the controllers that come with your Nintendo switch. No one wants to purchase extra controllers because the ones that came with their system broke within a few months of buying them. 

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Should I buy a Joy Con or an off brand controller?

If you have already broken your original Joy Cons that came with the Nintendo Switch you may be looking at purchasing a different brand of controller or something that is not as expensive. You have a big decision when you are deciding what controller to buy for your Switch. 

Because the Joy Cons are more expensive, some people purchase an off brand controller for their Switch. The problem is that off brand controllers may not last as long, and even cause issues with your system. So should You buy a Joy Con or an off brand controller?

You should purchase an off brand controller if you need a new controller, or second one for your Switch. This is because they are not that different in size, and work the exact same as well as the off brand controllers are considerably cheaper. 

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There are so many people that purchase off brand controllers for their Switch simply because they are cheaper than the original Joy Con controllers. People like to save money, and if the off brand works the same as the Joy Con controllers, why would you spend the extra money? 

While the off brand controllers are cheaper, they have a different feel than the original Joy Con controllers. They still connect to the Switch without any issues, but because they are a different shape than the official Joy Con controllers, they feel different when you are holding them.

Some people do not like the feel of these  off brand controllers which is why they will spend the money to get the Joy Con controllers. There is also never a risk of the controller not working with the Nintendo Switch. 

What is the warranty on the Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers?

When you purchase the Nintendo Switch, you get a pair of Joy Con controllers. These controllers can be attached to both the sides of the Switch and work as one controller for your Switch device. 

Because you get these controllers with the Switch, you may be wondering what happens if these break. Do the Joy Cons have a warranty, and what is it? 

The Nintendo Switch Joy Con controllers have a 12 month warranty if they come with the Switch. If you purchase the Joy Con controller separately they come with a 90 day warranty. 

You get the 12 month warranty for the Joy Cons that come with the console originally because they are covered under the warranty of the Switch console. Accessories like the controllers outside of the ones that come with the Switch originally only have a 90 day warranty. 

If you are having issues with your Joy Con controller, you can contact Nintendo to fix the issue if it is under warranty. Nintendo will fix any issues you are having with your Joy Con controllers if they are under warranty. 

Is Nintendo fixing Joy Con drift issues after the warranty expires?

There have been many issues with the Joy Con controllers drifting while they are being used. This issue is widespread and Nintendo knows about the issues. 

The drifting Joy Con controller not only is very frustrating, but it also makes the controller almost impossible to use for many different games. Because the Joy Con controllers have the drifting issues, many people have abandoned the Joy Con controllers and began using third party controllers. 

If you still have the Joy Con controllers and they are drifting, you may be wondering if Nintendo will fix this issue? If your Joy Con controllers are out of warranty, you really need to know if Nintendo will fix it even after the warranty expires! 

Nintendo will fix the Joy Con controllers that have the drifting issue for free even if they are outside of the warranty period. This is because Nintendo knows it is a manufacturing issue and they want to fix the problem they created. 

Being able to get your drifting Joy Con controllers fixed by Nintendo no matter how long you have had them is a big step for Nintendo to make. It not only keeps customers happy, but it allows many customers to get their old non working controllers that had the drifting issue fixed for free. 

If you have a drifting Joy Con controller, you should contact Nintnedo immediately to get it fixed. Nintendo did not say when they would stop replacing the drifting Joy Cons, so you should contact Nintendo and get them fixed as soon as possible.