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How Long Does A PlayStation Ban Last?

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Have you recently been banned from the PlayStation and want to know how long it is going to last? Maybe you didn’t do anything illegal and you want this to be over as soon as possible? Well, in this article we will answer all of your questions about the PlayStation and the bans that they place on people’s accounts. 

So how long does a PlayStation ban last?

Depending upon what you did to get banned will determine how long the ban is that you receive. If you were banned for a small rule violation, you will probably only be banned for 24-48 hours. If you were caught modding a system, or pirating a game though, you may be banned permanently from the PlayStation system. 

If you want to know more about PlayStation bans, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video that will tell you all the reasons you can be banned by PlayStation. 

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Ways to play on the PlayStation

The PlayStation has two kinds of games. The first one is offline that can be played without the internet or the PlayStation Plus account. For these games, you will not need to be online or do anything besides put the disc in your system. 

PlayStation bans occur because of the violation of the community code of conduct. According to these rules, if you abuse, use foul language, or engage in some quarrel or engage in some unethical activity, then you can face the ban.

The other type of game mode is online gaming. These online games can only be played with the internet and the PlayStation Plus account. You will need to have these both to make the online gaming possible. 

In online gaming, you interact with tons of people in the game. You can also talk and message them depending upon the game you play with them.

Many times, a certain situation occurs in the online multiplayer game when people engage in the verbal fight because of different reasons in the gameplay. Well, you can use the report and block button to hide them from you. 

If this happens, a complaint is filed against the user so that you will not have to deal with that person again. When a person presses the report button, PlayStation directly handles the situation. There is a possibility that the PlayStation might block your account, if you are the offender depending upon the severity of the issue. 

If the issue is big enough, there is a big possibility that your account can get suspended and may be permanently banned as well.  

PlayStation Plus Ban

A user has to create an online PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus account to play online games. When this person is playing a game in the online world, he/she is getting recognized by his profile name.

Because of this, his ID will be displayed to the other users in the multiplayer games. If some other users report you for some genuine reasons and you get reported many times, you will not be able to sign in again.

Therefore you cannot access the online ID. If this happens, your online gaming will be completely gone as you will have to create a new account. If you face a small ban, then your account will be recovered in a few days. However, if it gets serious then you can face a long ban or even a permanent ban. 

If you get a ban from the PlayStation Team then you will not be able to play any of the online games. No matter what you did, you cannot access the account, PlayStation Store or any other online game because of this ban.

If you receive this ban, you will not even be able to sign in! Your PlayStation console will need a new account to be able to play online games in this banned period. Only those accounts will be able to sign back in that are cleared from the ban.

Duration of the PlayStation ban

If you read about the details of the ban and suspension on the PlayStation’s official website, you will get to know that these bans last for a complete lifetime. If you violate PlayStation’s code of conduct for the first time, you will probably face a short suspension.

This suspension will occur several times. If you keep doing the same things however, there will be a time that your account will not be suspended for a small amount of time. It will be completely banned for the entire lifetime.

To play the online games again, you will need to create a new account again as there is no way to solve this issue.          

When someone reports a user for violating the code of conduct, he/she will receive an email from the PlayStation describing the problem. He/she will get a small idea and the reason for the ban in the email.

Depending upon the situation, the person can face two types of bans which are system bans and account bans. 

In the system ban, the account of the person gets suspended and because of that, he/she will not be able to sign into the PlayStation using the local account. The user will not even be able to access the PlayStation Store or account management. 

In the account-specific ban, only the specific account is banned from the PlayStation so the user can use another account or create another account to play games. 

If you face a suspension or a ban by PlayStation, you will not be able to challenge them to reverse their decision. It has been officially stated by Sony that each ban or suspension is the result of the carefully conducted thorough investigation therefore a user cannot challenge them.

Reason for the ban

Sometimes, a PlayStation user cannot completely find out the reason for the ban. If this happens, you may need to call PlayStation in order to find out why you have been banned.  He/she will get the idea of the ban in the email directed by PlayStation but he/she will never be able to contact the same person who reported him/her in the first place. 

The users can also access customer support to find a little bit more about the ban. They will not tell you about the person who reported you or the in-depth detail of the ban but they are allowed to give you little details so that you can find out the exact reason for the ban. 


Now that you know why you can be banned from the PlayStation and how long the bans last, you can be sure not to get banned. If you have already been banned and you are only banned for a short time, it is important to figure out why you were banned so you do not do the same thing again and possibly be banned entirely. 

If you are banned or suspended and you have proof that what they banned you for was someone else playing on your account, you can plead your case with them and try and get them to remove the ban from your account. Some people have even tried contacting the BBB about having PlayStation unban their account. 

If you simply follow the rules of PlayStation though, you will not ever be banned from their platform as they love all of their gamers.