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How Long Does It Take For Someone To Get Banned On Xbox?

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If you have ever been playing a game on Xbox and you know someone is cheating, it is simple to report them. You may also receive a message from someone you were playing against and the message is very inappropriate, so you report them.

The main question you will probably want to know is how long does it take for someone to get banned on Xbox?

Normally it will take anywhere between a few hours and a few days for someone to be banned on Xbox after being reported. How long it will take depends on the severity of what they did, how many people have reported them, and how busy Microsoft’s support team is.

Although if you report someone to Microsoft, you may want the ban to take effect immediately, sadly it does not. There are a lot of factors that go into how long or if the user gets banned at all. Some of these factors include:

  • How many bans they are reviewing
  • How many times a person has been reported
  • The content they were reported for
  • If there is evidence of the accusation

All of these items go into deciding if a person receives a ban from Xbox, or what action Xbox takes. 

If you want to know more about how long it takes for someone to be banned and why someone can be banned on Xbox, you will want to keep reading.

You can also watch this video to learn more as well.

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Why Does Xbox Ban People?

One of the popular problems that gamers face is being banned due to some of the activities that are totally against the policies and code of conduct. When it comes to Xbox, Microsoft has declared some of the actions as grave misconduct that may lead to suspension as well as a permanent ban.

Sometimes when gamers get into a heated discussion or just try and troll others while playing online they don’t realize the severity of what they are doing. They might keep on doing it over and over again, which in turn could cause a ban or suspension on their account.  

When it comes to the time or the frequency of wrongdoings, people often ignore warnings and keep on doing what they have always done. Below we will provide a brief analysis of those things that people often do wrong and the frequency that could cause you to be  banned.

Frequency And Reasons For An Xbox Ban

When it comes to imposing a ban on someone, Microsoft will look at how long they have been doing the offense, and then decide if you need a ban. 

Microsoft has a policy against these sorts of activities. They keep a check on these activities a lot better than they used to. If you have been into a discussion that was deemed low quality continuously while playing an Xbox game then that may also get you reported to Xbox.

It is advised that you should stay away from taking part in these types of discussions. There are numerous scenarios where gamers have a compulsion of going into a discussion where they are just being disrespectful and crude. A lot of times this will lead to being banned. 

If you have posted something in a disrespectful way, such as comments, ideas and opinions and keep on doing that while playing online games then eventually you will get reported by other users which in turn may lead to a ban or suspension of your account or console.

Microsoft did a full overhaul of their servers between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This overhaul has led to many people being banned for stuff they should have been banned for quite a while ago.

Another way to get banned is by saying something to someone while playing Xbox Live or being rude or insulting anyone while playing online. If the player complains then it may cause a ban or suspension as per the policies of Microsoft.

There are numerous admins and players associated with the Xbox now, and often Microsoft will wait for one or two reported complaints before taking action. After some of the complaints, they keep a close watch on your activities while being online.

If you keep causing these problems, they will simply ban you.

If you are reported saying or posting any type of profanity more than 2-3 times, then it can also be a reason for a suspension or ban. If the profanity is of low magnitude you may receive a temporary suspension only, but if Microsoft found that this behavior continued, then it may lead to a permanent ban of the profile.

Presenting or posting any type of misleading personal information on the platform can also get you banned. This information includes sensitive information such as physical or email address, age, phone number, credit card, etc.

If you share any of this then you can be suspended or banned.

This type of information sharing has very fast repercussions as well. If Microsoft servers find this information, then they can ban you then and there for this. This information sharing is totally against the policies of Microsoft and in some cases, people have been banned for life.

This is something that Microsoft takes very seriously and is cracking down on!

In the case of naming and shaming of a different user, Microsoft is quite quick to ban as well. If the players are just goofing around with each other then nothing will likely come of it but if one player or group of players is bullying someone a suspension or ban is likely to happen.

If you are found guilty, you can get a temporary suspension to begin with. If you continue though after your suspension is over, they will not hesitate to permanently ban you. What is worse is they may even ban your Xbox completely.

In case of trash talking or discussing controversial topics, then it makes you an offender of violating the policies. If the policies of Microsoft are online they take it very seriously. You can get banned very quickly as the servers of Microsoft easily intercept what you are saying.

To prevent this, you should always try to minimize the trash-talking while playing. Although this may not sound like fun, it is important not to be mean, while talking. You can still get away with normal talking as long as you are not being derogatory in your speech.

If anyone is personally attacking any of the players or posts with abusive comments you can also be suspended from Live services. With this type of petty crime, one can inadvertently break the code of conduct quite easily.

This is why Xbox will normally only suspend your account for one day.

Above are some of the reasons that people can get banned or suspended on their XBox. The Microsoft team tries to keep all of the above things from happening and letting the community get out of control.

Players who have a history of violating the code of conduct and other policies related to the wellbeing and also to the security of other players are at a high risk of being banned.

Preventativer Measure To Keep From Getting Banned On The Xbox

These are some of the steps that can be followed to prevent yourself from being banned:

  • Keep a cool head while playing any online game as there are different kinds of people who play Xbox online. There may be some who readily pop their top, and some who say some sensitive things or just want to bully others. If you get into those situations or have any interaction with those types of people, then it is advisable to keep your calm and simply report them.
  • You should be sure and understand the code of conduct and policies of Microsoft that describes the limits of behavior while playing online games.
  • Keep a low profile. Although it is very hard to maintain one as there are different types of heart-throbbing games that keep your adrenaline going when talking with other players or support you should always do your best to be respectful and treat others how you would like to be treated.


No matter what game you prefer to play on Xbox Live, there is no arguing that the moderating in Xbox Live has gotten a lot better.

This makes playing games fun for all, and although some people say it takes the fun out of it, more people are able to play as the words being spoken are nicer and more kid friendly.