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How Long Is A Temporary PS4/PS5 Suspension/Ban? (How To Check)

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Have you recently gone onto your PS4/PS5 and found out you have been banned? Maybe your friend reported one of your comments as a joke and now you are banned. You are going to want to know:

How long is a temporary PS4/PS5 (Playstation 4/ Playstation 5) ban?

Although there is not any specific time that Sony gives when giving out a ban, a temporary ban can last all the way up to one year from the date when you receive the ban. Although you will probably only get a couple of days, some repeat offenders have been banned for a year, or even forever. 

If you want to know more about the PS4 or PS5 bans, you will want to keep reading.

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Why Does Sony Ban People’s Accounts?

Bans and temporary suspensions can create a lot of fuss and chaos. These are something which prevents a user from accessing his or her own account or using their own system online. But why do people get banned or suspended on their Playstation console in the first place?

There are quite a few reasons why the Playstation safety staff might issue a temporary suspension or ban. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Account debt or non-payment (you made a purchase on your Playstation and then filed a chargeback)
  • You said something you should not have (Playstation doesn’t allow anyone to bully someone else or use hate speech)
  • You were caught hacking (Any type of hacking will result in a PSN suspension or even a permanent ban)
  • You violated the user agreement in some way (often this will be because of something you said or did while playing online)
  • You have an inappropriate ID (having a user ID that says something inappropriate will cause your account to be suspended until you fix the issue)

Though some of these bans or suspensions may be permanent, it all depends on the support staff, and what the result of a thorough investigation is. For example, if you are suspected of violating the Playstation Network terms of service their support staff will investigate and then either issue a ban or suspension.

However, if you did something that wasn’t as bad (such as cursing at someone while playing an online game) you can often get reported a number of times before you get a Playstation Network suspension.

Well as we all know, before creating any community some rules of conduct are made for the people of that community to follow. Special powers are also created in order to check whether these guidelines are being followed properly by the people or not.

This happens in the city and town we live in and in the gaming community we are a part of.

The developers of PlayStation have curated their own community where players can register themselves, make their own profiles, and do so much more. 

This works the same as that of any other social media platform. This is why enforcement of community guidelines is pretty obvious.

Players must be good people and simply abide by the rules. If they tend to violate the terms and the guidelines, then the Playstation team possesses the ultimate power to ban their accounts and consoles or implement a temporary suspension on them. 

This is why before doing any kind of activity, it is always suggested to actually read the Community Code of Conduct. Although this may sound dumb, this is very important as in the future, you will be aware of your actions and their consequences.

So go ahead and pause for a moment to read the rules because PlayStation does not accept the excuse of “I didn’t know”. 

If you feel like you did nothing wrong and receive an email notification telling you about your ban or suspension you will want to reach out to Playstation customer service. It is certainly possible that they made a mistake but it is more likely that you actually have a policy violation that you didn’t realize or think about.

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How Many Types Of Playstation Network Bans Are There?

If a ban is permanent, it cannot be lifted. This ban is placed on a person’s account usually when the players have already been given many warnings and tend to still engage in the kinds of activities that violate the community rules and guidelines.

A ban is most often told to the user by a notification email. Depending upon the reason for the ban, the emails can contain certain codes which can be searched online later on, in order to know more about the reason for the ban.

There are usually two types of bans that you can get when it comes to Playstation.

One is known as a system ban and the other is known as an account ban.

  • When system bans are imposed, players of a particular system will no longer be able to sign in to the PlayStation Network. This also means that their access to online gaming through the PlayStation Network would be completely denied. In addition to this, they will no longer be able to access their managing accounts and even their PlayStation store or any online activity.
  • When an account ban is imposed, players can access their system but they can no longer log in to their PlayStation ID. This basically means the gamer will not be able to get anything from their account or even log in ever again. This then requires the user to create a new account if they want to keep playing but they will lose everything that was in the account that was banned.

How Many Types Can A Playstation Temporary Suspension Be?

There are actually two types of temporary suspensions.  

One is a system suspension, and the other is an account suspension just like the bans. Suspensions are less harsh than bans, and usually, only happen for a few days instead of forever.

After the completion of the suspension, players can again access their account or console and continue playing online over the internet.

The same thing happens when Sony decides that they are going to suspend the account. Players will no longer be able to manage their accounts and sign in to it. It is basically complete isolation from playing online to try and teach the user a lesson.

Temporary suspensions can be enforced several times with no warnings. This is why players are highly recommended not to repeat their mistakes in order to prevent themselves from being suspended for longer, or even banned forever. 

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How Can Someone Know If Their Playstation Console Has Been Suspended Or Their Account?

Every time whenever there is some kind of suspension or ban applied on your account, you will come to know about it when you go to play an online game. While signing in to your PlayStation account, you will find an error code flashing on your screen.

This error code corresponds to the respective reasons for your ban or suspension.

You can also try logging into your Account management on a different device. This must be done on a connected device though. If you are able to log in to your account safely, then it implies that the ban or suspension has been put on your system or console and not the account.

If you are no longer able to sign in, then it suggests the ban is on your PlayStation ID or account. In some cases, both account and console bans or suspensions can actually happen.

Another thing that you can do is to sign in to your email that you used to create your PlayStation ID, and then, search for the word “PSN” in all of your folders. Your spam folders and junk files are also included in this list.

This will help you find the suspension or the ban notification email which contains all the information related to the measures that have been taken and for how long.

What Information Do The Playstation Support Notification Emails Contain?

If you get an email from Playstation support it will contain the following information. 

  • The information stating whether you are temporarily suspended or permanently banned. 

If a temporary suspension has been imposed on you, then it also states its duration.

  • Reasons why such an action has been taken against you.
  • The date of enforcement of the particular ban or suspension.

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What Are The Consequences Of A PSN ban?

If Playstation support has decided to ban your account, then you will no longer be able to access the content on your account. This will include everything including your trophies, subscriptions, and any money on your account.

Not only will the content be lost forever, but you are also not entitled to any kind of refund in the future regarding the loss of your content.

Such a drastic action is taken in accordance with the Terms of Service.

If you find only your console to be banned, then you can access your account and its related subscriptions, content, trophies, etc. by signing in from another system. Also, it is highly recommended never to buy banned consoles as this would only be a waste of money.

Can You Get A Banned PS4/PS5 Unbanned?

Owning a PS4 or PS5 and playing your Playstation video games is a great thing until it comes to it being banned. While banning a PS4/PS5 is relatively new, many people do not understand exactly how it works. 

One of the biggest issues with PlayStation banning the PS4/PS5 console is the fact that people are dishonest. People have been selling their banned PlayStation 4’s on Facebook and Craigslist and not letting people know that they are banned. 

This made the new owners of the PlayStation have a banned device, when they did nothing wrong and are not sure why their device is not working. 

Because many new owners of the PS4/PS5 were realizing that their gaming system was banned, they obviously want to know if they could get it unbanned. 

You are not able to get a PS4/PS5 unbanned if it has been banned by PlayStation. The only reason you can appeal the ban is if it was put in place because you forgot to pay for your account. 

PlayStation does not just add a ban to a PS4/PS5 unless there was a serious offense on the account. This is why they do not remove bans from the devices unless it was placed there because someone didn’t pay their bill, or they did a chargeback against PlayStation. 

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What Are The Error Codes On The PS4/PS5?

When you turn on your PS4, you may be met with an error code on your screen. What do these error codes mean? Is your device permanently banned?

While some error codes will tell you if you are banned, most codes are simple errors that can easily be fixed. Below we will go over what all of the error codes on your PS4 mean. 

Here is a list of error codes for the PS4 and PS5 and what they mean. 

8002A227: This means that you cannot use the PlayStation Network with this account.

8002A231: This means that your PlayStation Network account has been suspended.

80710016 or WS-37397: This means that the PSN doesn’t like something about your IP address. 

WS-37337-3: This means that this specific PSN account has been temporarily suspended.

WS-37368-7: This means that this PSN account has been banned.

WS-37338-4: This means that this PS4 console has been permanently banned from the PlayStation Network.

WS-37397-9: This means that there is a connection error. 

If you have any of these errors on your PlayStation, you should immediately call PlayStation to sort out any issues and see if they can help you. If you were breaking the rules and got caught, do not expect them to give you any special treatment. 

PlayStation is very strict when it comes to people who break the rules, and they do not like giving people breaks. If you break the rules and get caught, you can expect PlayStation to stick with the ban or temporary suspension. 

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How Long Do You Get Banned For Swearing On The PS4/PS5?

When you’re playing on your PS4/PS5 sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the game and cuss when you die. You can even end up cussing at the person that killed you if you are not careful. 

Well most people today cuss, PlayStation wants to make its online lobby a friendly place for teens and children of all ages.

This means that one of the rules that they have is that you were not allowed to swear or cuss. 

If you do end up cursing or swearing and you’re playing a PS4 (or PS5) you are taking a chance of getting banned. While it may not come immediately if you get reported, PlayStation will not hesitate to suspend or ban your account.

You can be suspended for 7 days, 14 days, or even a month, for swearing. If you have repeated suspensions you may get a permanent ban from PlayStation as they have given you many warnings. 

If you have been banned or suspended for swearing on the PS4 (or PS5) the best thing to do is just wait until your suspension is over. While you can call PlayStation and complain or claim that you did not do it, most of the time they have proof that it was you and they will not remove your ban or suspension.

PlayStation does not just go around banning people the first time they are reported. They will normally monitor your account after you are reported for proof that you are breaking the rules before you are suspended or banned. 

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How Do You Ban Someone On The PS4/PS5?

If you have ever been playing on the PS4 (or PS5) and someone is breaking the rules you know how frustrating it can be. It can’t even go as far as ruining the game you are playing. 

This is because you are playing by the rules and they are cheating which always makes them win. It is never fun to play with someone who is cheating as you have no chance of ever winning. 

You cannot ban someone who you do not like on the PS4 or PS5. You can report them, and hope that Playstation will ban them though, and you can also block them from ever playing with you. 

To block a player on the PlayStation network all you need to do is visit and sign in at the top right-hand of the page. Next, you will use the search button to search for an online ID or select the player from your friend’s list.

Once you are on the player’s profile page you can simply select “more options” and then “block player.” 

While this will not block the player from ever playing on PlayStation, you will not have to worry about ever playing against them again as it will not allow you and them to meet in a match.

This can be very useful if you are playing against someone who you think is cheating but you do not have any proof. 

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Is My Playstation Suspension Temporary Or Permanent?

If you logged into your PlayStation account and you received a notification that you have been banned or suspended you may be wondering if it is temporary or permanent. If there are only a couple of days your best bet is probably to just wait it out and not even worry about it. 

If it is a longer suspension or a permanent ban you may want to contact PlayStation to find out the reason you are suspended or banned. 

To know if your suspension is temporary or permanent the easiest way is to contact PlayStation immediately. They will be able to tell you exactly what is going on with your account and how you might be able to fix it. 

Most of the time it is only a temporary suspension if you broke a rule and it is your first infraction. PlayStation wants you to have fun playing on their network which is why they normally do not block people permanently unless they are caught breaking the rules multiple times. 

Normally PlayStation will start with a small one or two days suspension if you are breaking a rule just to let you know about the issue. This means if this is your first time being suspended your best bet is to probably just wait for the suspension to lift in a couple of days. 


Now that you know about the PS4/PS5 being banned and why you received one, you can easily avoid getting one or a second one in the future.

If you only received a short suspension, you will want to make sure you look over the rules to make sure you do not break them again as this could get your entire console or account banned forever.