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How Much Does A Foosball Table Make?

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Have you ever been playing foosball at an arcade and wondered how much a foosball table makes? Maybe you are looking to purchase one to make some money and you want to know if it is worth it. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about how much money you can make with a foosball table. 

So how much does a foosball table make?

You can make money by renting your foosball table to people for parties and other special occasions. The average person can rent their foosball table for $150-$300 a day or weekend. This is depending upon demand, location, and the table they have for rent. In regards to how much a foosball table makes at a bar or arcade that number will vary depending on how often it is used. 

If you want to know more about making money with a foosball table, you will want to keep reading. You can also also watch this video to see how the top foosball tables are made. 

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Is foosball popular? 

Foosball is a very well known table game. It is being played all over the world. It is a table based game in which players manipulate men like figures with the help of rods to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. It is a miniature version of football and has many similarities with it. The invention of the foosball table to this day is not clear. We see that it has been in existence from the 1800’s, but the first patent on the foosball table that was recorded was in the 1900’s. 

Is a foosball table an investment?

It is loved by every age group because of its ease and simplicity. Besides playing this game, have you ever thought of using it as a business? Yes, you can start your own business based on foosball. Many people are already doing this, and making money as well. 

A good quality foosball table can make at least $150 per day and the maximum can reach as high as your marketing and managerial skills. Foosball tables can be a great source of investment. People who own them are making thousands of dollars monthly doing no hard work. Some people even earn their livelihood from foosball tables. 

How can you make money with foosball?

A common man would think of only buying a foosball table and setting it up in their game room, and then every weekend play on it with his kids and family. A wise man with business skills will find ways for earning money from the table itself. Some of these ways include rental services, and organizing tournaments.

Rental service

In rental service, a person with a foosball table used to rent it to someone else for a period which can vary from days, weeks, and even months. In return, the other person pays a specific amount to the owner that can vary from $200 to $300 per day or even more. The owner provides the entire accessory to the borrower for the required period, and now it becomes the borrower’s duty to make the right use of it and return it in the same condition as borrowed. If anything wrong happens during the possession of the table with the borrower, then the borrower must compensate for the loss. In this way, the table makes the money, and the owner earns it. It includes the risk, but the profit is also high.

Organizing tournaments

The other option by which you can make money with the help of your foosball table is by organizing tournaments. There are a lot of foosball players all over the globe. So there is a possibility that they would be around you too. Some people organize foosball tournaments with the help of their table. By doing this, they collect participation money which can vary from as little as $5 and go up to $2000. With this participation money, they add more features like skins, canteens which help them raise more money. From this money, they give some part as a prize to the winners and pay the rent and other miscellaneous charges. The rest is all theirs as profit. It is also a good method to earn with the help of a foosball table.

The table is the main requirement for these methods of earning. All you need to do is to simply invest as per the demand. This is why you must access your surroundings and opportunities before investing in a foosball table. If you already possess a table, then you can start with little investment and potentially make good money. 

How much does the table cost?

The cost of the table is a major determinant of the business. They usually make tables up of high-quality wood or plastic and its price can vary according to the quality demanded. Usually, foosball tables start from $300. A good quality table can come into $1000 and can go into the thousands of dollars depending upon the quality.

A lot of people wonder why we would rent a foosball table for $300 if we can buy one for the same price. In most cases, organizations used to rent the foosball table for any party, occasion or event. Once the event is complete, then there is no use of the table for them. It becomes a waste. And they also don’t want to indulge in the practice of buying and then selling the foosball table to try and recover their money. Another plus is the table that they rent will be a far better quality table than a $300 table. Space and maintenance are also key factors that motivate organizations to rent the table. That is why rental service works so well.

Requirements to earn from Foosball table

To start your earning from the foosball table, there are some requirements which need to be fulfilled. Without these things, you may not make optimum usage of the opportunity and waste your time and money. These requirements are listed below. 

  • Foosball table

The foosball table is the most obvious requirement that is needed to earn money. The main surface of the game is a table on which the whole business stands. This is why you need to be careful while investing in tables as it is the most important asset of your venture.

  • Demand Analysis

Before proceeding to the business, you must analyze the surrounding demand. You must access the needs of the people and then work on it. Suppose you have players who are interested to compete with others, and instead of renting the table, you must organize a tournament. This is where your strategy should change from rental to tournaments. 

  • Managerial skills

Managerial skills are required everywhere in life. You must have them. Without these skills, your venture can lead to failure. You must be able to manage the conflicts and needs simultaneously and grow with them.

  • Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills are a must in business. It can decrease your cost and increase your profit drastically. It helps to maintain a position in cash flow in the business and speeds up the growth as well. 

  • Business skills

Business skills include all the skills that can take you to the top. Be it negotiation, communication, risk management, conflict management or anything else. Business skills help in taking your venture to top heights.


Foosball is a popular table-based game. It is not only a game, but it can also work as a business, and with the help of a foosball ball table you can easily make good money. One need is to keep analyzing the demand and work accordingly. Renting a table, or setting up tournaments are both good ways to make money with your table.