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How Much Money Has Monopoly Grossed?

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Have you ever wondered how much money Monopoly grossed? Maybe you are a long time fan of Monopoly and you are curious how much the game actually grossed. Well in this article we will go over everything you need to know about how much money Monopoly has grossed.

So how much money has Monopoly grossed?

There have been approximately 275 million Monopoly games sold since they first started producing the game. If each game cost an average of $5 over the time that they have been selling, that means the Monopoly game has grossed $1,375,000,000 (1.375 Billion dollars) in sales! 

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Are Monopoly games worth anything?

Although most newer Monopoly games are worth a few dollars at a garage sale, there are actually some games that are worth quite a bit. As you go back and you find some of the original Monopoly games, you will begin to see that they can be worth far more than just a couple bucks. 

If you are lucky enough to find the original 1935 Monopoly games that include either the year 1933 on the board or “patent pending” on the box, you will have to pay a pretty penny. These games can bring anywhere from $300 to $900 when they are sold. 

There are also special edition games that have been specially made for celebrities that have sold for thousands of dollars as well. So if you happen to see one of these games at your goodwill, you better buy it fast! 

Is Monopoly banned in China?

Although some people may find this to be a crazy question, there was one point where Monopoly was actually banned in China. Although China did not have a problem with board games in and of themselves, the game of Monopoly was not liked by the government. This was because it did not line up with the communists ideals as it taught ownership of property and thinking on your own instead of relying on the government. Because of this, the government banned the game from the country. Thankfully though, they have loosened restrictions, and since allowed the game in their country. 

How long was the longest game of Monopoly?

One thing that Monopoly is known for, is being extremely long. Some games will literally go on for days and will take an eternity to finish. This is because of how the game is set up, and if no one has a full match, it can take some time for people to go bankrupt by just paying the rent. Sometimes, games like this can go on for days, and sometimes even a week if people have the patience to play this long. The longest game that was actually played on record lasted for 70 days! I can’t even begin to imagine playing one game for over two months! 

The History of Monopoly

The history of this game of international culture dates back to the 1930s. A man named Charles Darrow invented this game with the intention of making his time with his friends and family an interesting and fun one. This game that he invented started off using an upside which was made of oilcloth. He named this game which he had invented, monopoly. Monopoly is a game we all know and love, well most of us love. This is when the real earnings of monopoly started. Charles then sold this game to the Parker Brothers for a whole lot of money. This sale made Charles a very wealthy man. Since the sale of this well known game, it has really gone on a sale boom. The Parkers did a lot of rebranding and marketing. In this event, the game recorded about 278,000 sales in the first phase of its launch, that is massive earnings in my opinion, and then in the second year of sale, it made 1,750,000 sales. Over the years, people have welcomed the idea of this game and thereby, monopoly continued to make a lot of sales over the years. The game has evolved with many editions, including the cheater’s edition which is also making pretty good sales today. 

Other variations of the game include models that are specific to each city in the United States. These models instead of using the famous game board, will use specific city blocks from your hometown. This has been a huge success as everyone loves to play a game that is specific to where they live, or one lived in their life.  

With all of its sales, it is easy to see that Monopoly has made millions of dollars in its lifetime. 

Is Monopoly still popular today?

Although Monopoly has a rich history, and great sales when it first released, many people assume that the game has actually stopped selling and being popular. Even with new games coming out every year, and the world relying more on technology than ever before, somehow, Monopoly is still making sales.  Monopoly continues to be a favorite game, and some people will play it every chance they get. Other people collect all of the different versions of the game, while other people simply enjoy playing the game with their family. Some people even have playing Monopoly as a family tradition. Because this game is so popular, and so fun, it has become a time for families to sit down and come together and play a game. Monopoly has been bringing families together for decades, and they do not plan on stopping. 


Now that you know how much money Monopoly has grossed over the years, you can clearly see that they are making money from selling the game. You can also see that the game of Monopoly isn’t going anywhere, and although times keep changing, Monopoly is a timeless classic game that never seems to fall by the wayside. 

So many people love to play the game Monopoly that there have even been clubs and groups of people get tougher just to simply play the game. Sometimes they compete against each other, and sometimes they play the game just for fun. These groups are always fun to be a part of, and since playing the game doest cost anything, most of the time these groups are free to join. 

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So now that you know where to go to get your Monopoly game, and just how popular the game is, you will want to go and join your own Monopoly group. If there is not one around you, you may want to go and create your own Monopoly group.