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How to Connect Nintendo Switch Lite to Laptop (Can You?)

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Do you want to play games on your laptop using Nintendo Switch Lite or record the video output on your laptop screen? There are several ways you can connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop to play games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles, and more but there is only one way to do it with the Switch Lite.

In this article, we will discuss the only possible way that you can connect your Switch Lite to a laptop computer. So, let’s begin. 

The Only Way To Connect A Nintendo Switch Lite to a Laptop 

Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch differ in several ways, the latter being the lighter and cheaper version that also doesn’t allow you to dock to a TV. The Switch Lite only allows gamers to play games in a handheld mode due to its portable design and size. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite lacks some of the hardware that allows it to output video via USB cable or HDMI cable despite having the same USB-C plug as the Standard Switch. One thing worth knowing is that the Switch Lite supports USB-3.2 only.

If you’re looking to live stream from Nintendo Switch Lite, please note it’s not possible as streaming live content to your monitors works with the standard Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch dock only. You cannot use the Switch Lite gaming console to output video to an external display such as a laptop or TV using the USB-C connection.

However, you can stream your Switch game from Switch Lite by being a little experimental. To do that, you need to have a phone with a good camera, lighting equipment, and a camera rig and then use that footage on your IOS or desktop computer.

Using your phone’s camera, you can capture your gameplay and output it to the laptop using the output feature or USB connection. You can use also the Screen Mirroring option on your phone and can watch your gameplay on a laptop using programs like Smart View or Connect app. 

To avoid latency or lag, buy an adapter and connect it to the HDMI input port on the laptop and another end to your phone. For better video clarity, you can download a third-party camera app. Additionally, you can use a tripod for a controlled output and a headphone for better sound. 

So, unfortunately, despite using the same USB-C cable as the original Switch console, the Switch Lite console does not have a video output via an AC adapter or HDMI output port. No USB ports or USB-C port adapters that you can purchase will allow you to stream video from your Switch Lite to a laptop or desktop either.

The only way to connect or stream your Nintendo Switch games using a Switch Lite is by using a camera and recording the Switch home screen.

If you want to stream content from your Switch you will need to get the original Nintendo Switch console rather than trying to use a workaround for the Switch Lite.

Optimize Your Laptop Before You Start

If you are planning to play Nintendo games on the laptop, make sure it is optimized to deliver faster performance. A slow laptop can hinder your gaming experience. Before you start, check how much storage is left and then free up space for seamless gameplay. 

In case you encounter low storage space on your computer, there are numerous ways you can clean up the hard drive to free up an extra gigabyte. Start with finding unnecessary apps installed on the computer and delete them right away. 

In addition, clear items stored in the Downloads folder and empty the Trash folder to delete data permanently. This will help you make more space on storage media. In addition, clean cache, junk, and duplicates. 

About Capture Cards

When you wish to connect any external gaming device, such as Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or PS4, to your laptop, you will need a capture card. You can buy any capture card as long as it has an HDMI port and a USB-C connection. Regardless of the card you use, the process of connecting the Nintendo Switch Lite to the laptop is similar.

The market is filled with numerous options when it comes to capturing cards; however, gamers usually prefer Elgato capture cards because of their build quality, the convenience of use, and affordability. Game Capture HD software comes complimentary with most Elgato cards. You can purchase any capture card from online stores or your nearest electronics store. 

As far as the game capture software is concerned, they work the same way. You can easily download this software from the official site of the capture card you purchased. If you’ve purchased another capture card than Elgato, then you will see another program instead of Game Capture HD.  

How to Reset Nintendo Switch Lite?

When Nintendo Switch Lite starts working inappropriately, a simple reset can help make it function properly without losing the games. The process is simple, yet you need to do it carefully so that you won’t end up damaging anything. 

To reset Nintendo Switch Lite, go to the Home menu and then select System Settings. Scroll down to locate the System and click on it. Now tap on Formatting Options and select Reset Factory Settings. This will delete all the data in the system memory. 

Carefully read all the instructions displayed on the screen and select Next to continue the reset process. At last, click on Restore Factory Settings to finish the process. Ensure your internet connection is working properly if you wish to install any new Nintendo games. 

Can I Mirror My Switch Lite To My Laptop?

Unfortunately, there is no way to mirror your Switch Lite screen to your laptop without using a camera or other device to actually record your Switch Lite screen.

The Switch Lite does not come with any visual output enabled which is one of the things that sets it apart from the original Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED.

If you want to mirror your Nintendo Switch console to your laptop you will need to purchase and use either the Switch or Switch OLED but you cannot do it with the Switch Lite.

Can You Connect A Switch Lite To Monitor?

The Switch Lite cannot connect to any external video output such as a monitor. The Switch Lite is only designed to be played on the go with the small screen that is included on the handheld console.

The only Switch consoles that can be connected to a monitor are the original Switch and the Switch OLED. Both of those devices can be connected to a monitor since they have video output capabilities but the Switch Lite does not have that ability (since it is only designed to be played on the console).

Can You Use A USB-C To HDMI Adapter On Switch Lite?

Unfortunately, the Switch Lite is not designed to have any video output capabilities at all. So even if you get a USB-C to HDMI adapter for your Switch Lite it won’t work to connect it to your TV, computer, monitor, or any other screen.

The Switch Lite does not have the built-in capabilities of putting out visual content using the USB-C plug. So despite a USB-C to HDMI adapter fitting into the plug on your Switch Lite, it won’t actually do anything.

If you want to play your Switch games on a bigger screen you will need to upgrade to the original Switch or the Switch OLED as the Switch Lite will not work on any external monitors or devices even if you purchase different adapters for it.