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How To Fix Bubbles On An Air Hockey Table?

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Have you ever played on an Air Hockey table that has bubbles on it? Obviously we are talking about the type of bubbles that you blow on a nice spring day (despite the picture above). Maybe you didn’t realize your table had bubbled up until the puck got stuck on one or more of them. Well, in this article we will answer all of your questions about fixing them.

So how do you fix bubbles on an Air Hockey table?

The easiest way is to take a sharp object and puncture the bubbles so they go flat. The other options can be anything from gluing them back down, to replacing the entire table cover with a new piece of plastic. 

If you want to know more about fixing the bubble on the Air Hockey table, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video that will show you step by step of how to resurface your entire Air Hockey table. 

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Regular Air Hockey Table maintenance is better than repairs

Keeping your Air Hockey table in its best condition is vital to improve your gameplay. It’s also good to maintain it regularly to increase the lifespan of your Table. 

Did you encounter that your Air hockey table has low airflow? Are you dealing with bubbles around holes on the top of your Air hockey table? If you simply follow the instructions below you will be able to fix this bubbling issue.

Mostly the air bubbles occur when the surface of your Air hockey table is laminated without the plastic covering. They may pop out around the air holes. To completely get rid of these, all you need to do is, poke a hole in them to discharge the air.

This can make the whole area of your table friction-free. However, by popping them, you can experience an overall new game flow. However, sometimes there still will be a little bit of friction. If it’s still annoying you though, you ought to simply replace the table top with a new sturdy plastic piece that won’t allow the laminate piece to bubble. The other option is to buy a new table that is already built with quality pieces that do not allow it to bubble. 

Air Hockey Table maintenance

  • Use Murphy Oil to clean the surface of the table.
  • Wipe down all of the legs and edges of the table. 

Make sure the fan in on before you use any cleaner on the table to keep the holes clean.

Air Hockey Puck Sliding

Along with that, you may experience some other issues which might be occurring due to the bubbles. The main issue that people have is that their puck stops sliding. If you have this issue all you have to do is try the below methods. All you need to do is try these five natural methods to solve your problem.

1. Grab a Lighter puck

2. Sang your Puck

3. Clean the surface of your Table

4. Remove any blockages from the Holes

5. Check your Table’s Warranty

Air Hockey Table Maintenance

Keeping your Air Hockey table maintained is a wise act to do. If performed on time. Keeping it in an excellent running position will not only improve your experience of gameplay; however, it also enhances the productivity of your Air Hockey table as well. Protect your table with these tips, which can help your table secure and protect for a longer time.

Clean and wax your Table’s surface

The first thing is to turn on the Fan and then wipe down the surface of your table by using the microfiber towel or any soft cloth.

The next thing you need to do is slightly damp the cloth into some warm water. Dip the fabric into any detergent or any cleaner liquid. Ensure that you moisturized your material and took off the soap entirely before applying it onto the surface.

Use silicone spray for Faster Gameplay

To make the gameplay much quicker, you can utilize silicone shower oil. Make sure you don’t use too much of it, as this can make everything excessively smooth. Apply a modest quantity to the small scale fiber cloth and afterward buff the table surface softly.

Clean the fan blower 

On the off chance, if you feel taking a few things apart on your table, then we suggest you look into the fan blower and spray it with compressed air. With this, each fan traps the dirt, which can hinder the fan blades and make the engine work efficiently. Expensive tables have fans which are extremely good, but cheaper tables sometimes have fans that do not blow hard enough. All you have to do is to simply replace the fan. To keep your table in good condition for a longer time, you ought to cover your table when you are not using it. 

Air Hockey Table Recommendations

There are some things that you need to remember before buying your new air hockey surface. We highly recommend buying good quality materials to use on the table, or purchase a good table to start with. Many people don’t invest much in Air hockey tables or their materials. Most of the thing is made up of wood with a laminated top on them. Some others have a plastic coating that additionally help keep the puck sliding around. 

Today, many table surfaces have graphics on it, which cause friction during the gameplay. The conflict is between the surface and the puck. It tends to be challenging to recognize in the first place, but professional players may notice it quickly. It can be very annoying to professional players. Choose the best manufacturers to ensure the best quality of the Air Hockey table that you purchase. You should always check the surface before placing the order.

We also suggest you protect the surface of your table and keep the dust off from it by the cover. If you take good care of your table, it will protect it and give your table a longer life. 


If you are having a problem with having air bubbles on your table, we hope this article has been able to help you fix that issue.  Now that you know the best way to fix your issue and the different ways to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.  If you can keep up the maintenance, your table will last a lot longer than if you just let the table sit and never do maintenance on the table. You can also keep the table covered when you are not using it to keep the holes free from debris and dust and dirt when you are not using it. 

No matter if you are a first time player, or a professional player of Air Hockey, you can always have fun playing the game with friends, family, and sometimes even your enemies. The most important thing to remember is that when you play Air Hockey you have fun and enjoy the time you get to spend with your family and friends.

If you have not purchased your Air Hockey table yet, this is the best place to purchase one. There are many different tables to choose from depending upon how much money you can spend as well as what size you have room for.