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How To Get A Banned PlayStation Account Back? (Can You?)

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Have you recently been banned on the PlayStation and wanted to know how to get your account back? Maybe one of your friends’ accounts was banned and he wants help getting it unbanned.

No matter what you need help with, we are here to answer all of your questions. 

So how do you get a banned PlayStation account back? 

The only real way to get a PlayStation account back that has been banned is by contacting the PlayStation customer support team. They will be able to tell you specifically why you are banned, how long you are banned for, and what you can do to get your banned PlayStation account back.

Most people will call them and say that they did not do what they were accused of, or that it was someone else in order to try to get the account unbanned or to get their suspensions lifted.

If you were to search online you might find places that will charge you to “unban” your PlayStation account but all of those places are scams. There is only one true way that will allow you to get a banned PlayStation account or console back and that is to contact PlayStation directly.

Any other place or person that says they can help you unban your PlayStation account or console or lift an account suspension is just lying to you.

If you want to know more about your PlayStation account and why it was banned as well as how to unban it, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video to see how to unban your account.

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Why Does PlayStation Ban People?

The PlayStation network is huge and hosts thousands of games and other entertainment series for its audience all over the world! The diversity of this platform means that they want to do their best to hold the gamers accountable on their platform to the PlayStation Network terms of service and community code of conduct.

The simple rules may be problematic for some and that is why PlayStation is forced to ban some people and issue a temporary suspension for other PlayStation accounts.

This platform comes with many great advantages for the gamers of the world, but if you do not follow the rules and regulations then PlayStation will not hesitate to ban or suspend your PlayStation Network account or console. Although PlayStation banning or suspending an account may not seem like that big of a deal to some people, in reality, it is a very big deal.

It shows all of the gamers and users that they are serious about the rules of the platform, and if you do not follow them, then they will not hesitate to issue a PSN suspension. A PlayStation suspension will normally be a temporary measure and will often be issued based on you saying something to someone that you shouldn’t.

Whereas a banned console will only happen when the PlayStation support team believes that you are doing something that could harm the network or other players on it. According to the PlayStation ban policy, the only way to lift a console ban is to purchase a different PlayStation console or by contacting PlayStation staff.

Console bans are normally only issues as a result of a thorough investigation so PlayStation safety staff don’t take these sorts of bans lightly.

If you have recently discovered that your account has been banned from the entire PlayStation network, then you should first get into the details of how and why you were banned from the network. 

Reasons Why Your PlayStation Account Will Get Banned

PlayStation bans accounts and consoles for a variety of reasons. The most common reason for a suspended account will be because you said something when chatting or messaging someone on the PlayStation Network.

In regards to why PlayStation account bans happen that can be for a variety of reasons.

  • Not paying for the monthly subscription on time or filing a chargeback for an auto-renewal. Anytime you file a chargeback with your payment method for any transactions with PlayStation you will almost guarantee yourself an account ban or suspension.
  • Taking part in illegal activities such as hacking or phishing.
  • Installing pirated games or other policy violations.
  • Not following the rules and regulations of the platform.
  • Violations of the user agreement.

For each one of the above factors, there are some subtle pieces of advice that can work in favor of your banned PlayStation account. If you want to get your account back, then follow the guidelines detailed below.

What Are The Steps To Getting A Banned PlayStation Account Back Again?

In order to be active on PlayStation again, you will definitely want to follow these steps to get your account.

Check for any sort of error messages

Sometimes, the PlayStation doesn’t seem to connect online at all or gives a connection error. This is because of some error message which seemed to have popped up from nowhere. Sometimes even signing in can be a problem even when your internet connection is working fine.

One way to know that your account has been banned permanently is by checking the message error code or looking for an email notification.

If you have the error code WS-37368-7, then your account has been banned. Once you find out that your account has been banned, the next thing is to find out why. This will sometimes be outlined in the message or email that they will send you as well. If it is not, then you will need to contact them. 

Check the terms and conditions of use

If the user has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the PlayStation network, then the account can be banned without any prior warning. If this happens, the user needs to visit the website and check the conditions to find out exactly what they did that was wrong.

Once you think you know why you were banned, you will want to contact PlayStation and see if there is anything you can do to get your account unbanned. 

Contact the customer care service

If your account has been banned permanently, you will want to contact the PlayStation support representatives. Here, you can post your question with a call or email to the PlayStation team. Customer service often gives an effective solution to all kinds of PlayStation problems.

Although they deal mostly with problems related to your account. They always try to help, and most of the time will even give you information about why you are banned and what you can do to help. 

Get in touch with the support team

Sometimes, the customer service staff directs the problem of the user to their experienced support team. Here, professional advice is given to users, mostly related to their PlayStation account.

If your account is banned, or you are unable to sign in, then this team will further guide you to get your account back.

The team ensures that all guidelines are followed, with no violations on your part. Once all of the checking has been done, the team leaves you with a warning. They want you to play and have fun, but they also have to make sure that you follow the rules. 

How Do I Prevent My PlayStation Account From Getting Banned Again?

Once you know the reason for your banned account originally, the simple solution would be to not repeat your mistake again. It is always advised to write down the following amendments, just to remember the rules of having a PlayStation account:

  • Players should get to know the rules of playing first. This is to ensure that no one breaks the rules all over them again.
  • The next thing that should be possibly targeted is to stay away from all sorts of malicious activities. 

PlayStation has its own internal server, which works to monitor the actions of its users. Any suspicious activity gets detected quickly. This is why without even notifying the user, sometimes the PlayStation account can get banned permanently. If this happens creating a new account can be the best answer.

  • Lastly, you will always want to remember when the renewal of your subscription is. PlayStation normally gives its users adequate time before it bans the account if they are behind on their payments. This is why players should pay for the subscription or even get renewals done before the end of their previous subscription ends.

Can I Get My Banned PS4/PS5 Account Back?

One of the best things about owning a Playstation console is the fact that there are so many people that play on the console you can play online any time and always have people to play with. There are over 114 million PS4 consoles that have been sold and are in use today! 

Because playing online is so popular with the PS4/PS5 you are going to want to spend the money to have an online PlayStation account. Being able to play online against other opponents to test your skill and ability is something that is necessary if you want to get better. 

If you have ever played on your PS4/PS5 online against someone that always seems to beat you, you have probably got pretty frustrated with them. When most people get frustrated they will say things that they often do not mean including racial slurs or cursing at the person who is beating them. 

If you have ever done this it is possible that your PS4/PS5 account has been banned. If your account has been banned you probably want to know if it’s possible to ever get it back. 

If your Playstation account has been permanently banned you will not be able to ever get it back. If it is only a temporary ban though you will be reinstated after the set amount of time. 

Because mistakes happen and Sony does not want to ever remove anyone from their system, most of the time you will not be given a permanent ban the first time you break the rules. Sony will normally only ban your account for a couple of days if this is your first infraction. 

If you have been banned multiple times by Sony for breaking the rules, it is possible that you will receive a permanent ban on your PS4 account. The other way you have received a permanent ban is if you intentionally hacked their system trying to cheat or use unlicensed software. 

How Can I Contact Sony?

If you have ever had an issue with your gaming device or had any problems with the game, you may be wondering who you need to contact to get the issue fixed. Some issues may be fixed by simply turning the device off and then back on, while bigger issues may not get fixed this way. 

So what do you do if your device is not working properly? if your device is not working properly you will need to contact Sony, but how do you contact them?

You can contact Sony by either texting or calling 1-800-646-7669. You can also contact them by live chatting with a representative on their website at 

Sony wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get ahold of them if there are any issues. While most companies will only give you an email address to contact them, Sony does not prefer this method of contact. 

They want you to contact them directly so they can fix whatever issue you were having the first time you contact them. Emailing the company is normally a drawn-out process and is not normally the best way to get a hold of a company. 

Some companies prefer emailing so they can take a few days to respond to you and then draw out the process of fixing your problem. Sony is not like that and wants you to contact them directly so they can help you and fix the problem you’re having. 

Why Is My PlayStation Account Locked?

When signing into your PlayStation account you may have realized that your account is locked. If you have not done anything to cause your account to be locked you may be wondering what is going on. 

There are a few reasons that PlayStation may lock your account, but every account is different. So why is your PlayStation account locked?

PlayStation will lock your account if there is a security risk or if you have multiple failed sign-in attempts. They do this to prevent people from signing in to your account and stealing your information. 

If your account has been locked by PlayStation you can easily fix this. All you need to do is simply change your password for your account. Sony will send you an email, letting you know that your account has been locked in and that you need to reset your password. 

You can reset your password by simply clicking on the link in the email. Now that your password has been reset you will be able to log back into your PlayStation account with your new password. 

How Do I Recover My PSN Account Without A Phone Number?

Security has come a long way in the last few years and there are extra precautions taken when changing your personal information. Most of the time it will be required to have a second form of ID to make any changes. 

This is normally called a two-factor authentication process or a two-step verification. You will not only need your username and password but you will also have to have a second form of communication in order to make any changes. 

Most of the time this will include either a phone number that they can call or text to reach you and verify that you were trying to make changes to your account. If you do not have a phone number though, how do you recover your PSN account?

To recover your PSN account without a phone number you will need to go to account management>security> backup codes. You can use these backup codes to verify your identity and recover your account. 

Once your account is recovered you may want to go into account management and turn off two-step verification. This will allow you to make changes without having to go through this whole process all over again. 

If you are not worried about someone having your information even if you have a second phone number it may be worth turning off the two-step verification from the moment you set up your account. While it does make it more secure, it can be quite annoying if you make changes to your account often. 

Can You Get Unbanned From WS-37368-7?

If you have been banned from WS-37368-7, it will likely be a permanent punishment. However, there is a possibility that you can get unbanned if you contact PlayStation Support.

The first step in trying to get your PlayStation unbanned is to understand why you were banned in the first place. WS-37368-7 bans users for various reasons, including violating the terms of service, engaging in malicious behavior, or using prohibited software. If you are unsure of the reason for your ban, you can contact the support team for more information.

Once you understand the reason for your ban, you can take steps to address the issue. This may involve apologizing for your actions, agreeing to follow the terms of service in the future, or providing evidence that you have corrected the problem. If you can demonstrate that you have made changes to address the issue, you may be able to get unbanned from WS-37368-7.

It is important to note that getting unbanned from WS-37368-7 is not guaranteed. The decision to lift a ban is ultimately up to the support team, and they may decide to maintain the ban if they feel that the issue has not been adequately addressed.

Additionally, repeated offenses or severe violations will result in a permanent ban.

How Long Do PS4/PS5 Bans Last?

PS4 and PS5 bans typically last for a specific period of time, depending on the offense committed. In most cases, a ban can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks or even permanently.

A temporary ban is usually issued for minor infractions, such as spamming or excessive profanity in online chat. These bans typically last for a few days, and players are typically able to access their PlayStation accounts again once the ban period has expired.

However, more serious offenses, such as cheating or hacking, can result in longer bans. These can last for several weeks or even months, and in some cases, may result in a permanent ban from the PlayStation network.

It’s important to note that the length of a ban will vary depending on the severity of the offense and the player’s previous history on the network. For example, a player who has a history of violating the network’s terms of service may receive a longer ban for a similar offense compared to a player with a clean record.

Players who are banned can appeal the decision by contacting PlayStation customer support. However, it’s important to note that appeals are not always successful, and the final decision on the length of a ban ultimately rests with PlayStation.

Can PlayStation Ban You Forever?

It is possible for PlayStation to ban a user from their platform permanently. This is known as a permanent ban, and it means that the user will no longer be able to access any of the features or download games on the PlayStation network.

The reasons for a permanent ban can vary, but typically it is reserved for users who have violated the PlayStation network’s terms of service or community guidelines. Examples of actions that could result in a permanent ban include cheating, hacking, or participating in other disruptive behavior.

If a user is permanently banned, they will no longer be able to sign in to their PlayStation account, access any of their purchased games or content, or use any of the online features of the PlayStation network. This means that they will not be able to play online multiplayer games, access the PlayStation Store, or participate in any online communities either.


Now that you know how to get your banned PlayStation account back, you can get back to playing your games and enjoying the PlayStation platform.

Although no one like that PlayStation bans and suspends people they only do it when necessary, as they prefer that people play games on their platform and not be upset that they are banned.