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How To Get Someone Banned On PlayStation (Step By Step Instructions)

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As we all know bans and suspensions go hand in hand. Where a ban is implemented in the case of severe issues, temporary suspensions are still quite harsh when you get them. The only difference is that it does not completely suspend you from using your account or the system. 

You can again access your account or console after a stipulated period of time. 

So, how do you get someone banned on Playstation?

There is no way for a single person or even group of people to get someone banned unless the user has actually done something wrong. If you feel like they have violated the code of conduct or terms of service you can report the person to Playstation but they may or may not decide to ban the person depending on the truthfulness of the report and the severity of the action that was reported. 

PlayStation offers its users the right to report content if they believe that it may be violating the company’s Terms of Service. This can be done in various ways some of which have been listed down below. They are:

  • In order to report someone’s account on PS4, users can do it simply by visiting their profile. It can also be done by clicking on their name in the private messages.
  • Users can also report a player for his profile photo, the content of his account on PS4 etc. You can even report them if they have written something offensive to you by reporting a message.

After submitting your reports, the whole thing gets verified by the appropriate part of the Playstation support team. If the player who has been reported, is found guilty then he can be suspended or even permanently banned from playing online depending on the severity of the action that was reported.

Though strict action isn’t taken against those who submit false reports, users are advised to only submit legitimate and genuine reports.

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What is the basic difference between Reporting and Blocking?

Well, before digging more into the topic, we need to understand what makes blocking and reporting different from each other. That’s why we have mentioned some of the points below. They are:


If you happen to block someone, then this means that the player won’t be able to contact you directly. Apart from this, it also means that:

  • They won’t be able to send you a friend request.
  • They can’t follow you.
  • They also cannot send you invitations.
  • They won’t be able to participate in communities, watch broadcasts, participate in gaming sessions, share games, etc with you.
  • They also won’t be able to join any kind of community that you might have created.
  • Whether you have kept your friends’ list or other information private or public, they won’t any longer be able to see them.

A player is usually blocked if a person finds him annoying rather than finding him violating the Community Terms of Service. If they happen to break certain rules of the Community Code of Conduct, then you can report them as well as blocking them. 

In order to unblock a particular person, users are required to go to their Friends list. After this, depending upon the system, they are required to check the block list or the Players blocked list. You will find the unblock option there and can unblock them by clicking on the button. 


Usually, every report that is submitted by the users is cross-checked by some human moderators of the company. It also means that if someone reports a certain profile multiple times, it doesn’t mean that the company is bound to block that particular profile. Actions are taken only after a thorough investigation.

If while reporting, you were not cautious or aware of the Community Code of Conduct, then the moderators can also take actions against you. 

This happens in rare cases but still, users are advised to report accounts only when they are 100% sure that there is a violation. 

After verification of the report gets approved for violating the Community Code of Conduct, then the company has the sole right to ban that user from playing or suspend them temporarily.  Depending upon the case, bans can be applied on the player’s console, his account or both.

Also, users are made aware that sending false reports could cause their account or console to be suspended or banned as well if the support team feels like the false report was submitted on purpose or the user has a pattern of misusing the report function. 

How can you report a person by visiting their profile on PS4?

Well, this can be done by following the below steps. They are:

  • Users are required to open that person’s profile.
  • Then, the “Options” button on your controller must be selected.
  • Click on the Report option.
  • You will be asked to select the “Something in Profile” option.
  • Also, tap on the reason that has compelled you to take such an action.
  • Users are then required to follow the next set of instructions in order to complete the whole reporting process.
  • Finally, click on the “Submit” option in order to finalize and confirm your report.

How can you report on PS4 via messages?

This action can be done by following the given steps. They are:

  • Users are required to select the option “Messages” from the Home Screen.
  • Then, you are either required to highlight a specific message or select a particular conversation that according to you was offensive.
  • Tap on the “Options” button present on your controller.
  • After this, a menu will appear on your screen. From there, choose the “Report” option.
  • Again, users are required to state why they are reported the player after going through a bunch of instructions.
  • After confirming it, select the Submit option.

How can you send a report about a friend request?

It is very obvious that whenever you add someone like your friend or send him a friend request, the system also gives you the opportunity to add messages. In case, if you have found the content of those messages quite disturbing, then you could send a report to the support team.  This can be done by following the given steps:

  • Users are required to go to the “Friends” option. From there, tap on “Friend Requests”.
  • Then, select that particular Friend Request that you want to report. Also, press the Options button and select the Report option.
  • You will be asked to state your reasons for sending the report. This will help the moderators to investigate the case more easily and quickly.
  • Then, read about the report carefully and select the option “Next”.
  • Users can also add any additional information that might help the moderators to investigate the issue. Again, select the “Next” option.
  • The last page of this procedure must be read carefully. Once you are done reading and are happy with the information that you have provided, select the option “Send” to confirm and send the report.


Just because you submit a report on someone does not mean that they will automatically be banned. This is true even if you submit multiple reports about them or even if you get your friends to report them as well.

The only way that people will get suspended or banned on Playstation is if they actually violate the conduct rules or the terms of service. 

Playstation will investigate each report that they receive but unfortunately not everything is cut and dried. For example you may feel like the person was cheating in a game but that is incredibly hard for Playstation to prove.

It doesn’t hurt to report the person but don’t be surprised if nothing happens if Playstation can’t prove that they did anything wrong. 

If however, someone contacts you and uses improper language or brags about how they cheated in a game then you can certainly report that message and the person will likely be banned or suspended.