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How To Get Someone Banned/Suspended On Xbox

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Have you been playing on your Xbox console, and there was someone you just hated or knew that they were cheating and wanted to get them banned? Maybe they were just extremely annoying and would always take things too far during the game or even after.

Well, in this article you will learn how to report someone so they get banned by Xbox as well as what exactly will cause someone to have enforcement actions taken against them.

So how do you get someone’s Xbox account banned?

The only thing you have to do to get someone’s account banned is to report their actions that are against the rules to Xbox. Although this may sound like it can be difficult to do, it is actually pretty simple when Xbox makes it against the rules to even curse while playing.

Once you report the person for breaking the rules, Xbox will take care of the rest and take care of the user. 

If you want to know more about reporting someone to get them banned and what they can be banned for, you will want to keep reading.

You can also watch this video below if you prefer instead of reading it.

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Why Does Xbox Ban People?

Xbox is one of the leading gaming brands and is made by Microsoft. Many people around the world are playing and admiring these games as there are a lot of features that fulfill all the expectations of the players who are playing the games on Xbox.

Xbox is one of the great examples of the modern gaming world where the gaming brand has introduced new attractive and fascinating features for the better utility of the players. There are a variety of guidelines issued by the company to be followed by the players strictly, otherwise, their Microsoft account is going to possibly be banned from the network.

There are some circumstances where the accounts of some of the players or users are banned from the network just because they violate the Microsoft service agreement in any manner. If you want someone’s account to be banned on Xbox, then you are supposed to do these things, after which their account will be possibly banned from the Xbox.

Xbox only bans people if they break the rules of the game, or of the console itself. Below are the reasons that someone can get banned on Xbox. 

1. Charge of account theft

If you want someone’s account to be banned from Xbox, then you can charge him for account theft. You can file a complaint to the Microsoft office or Xbox network. They will register a complaint against the user regarding account theft.

After that, they will dig into the report of the matter and if the allegation is true, then the user will be banned or suspended from the Xbox Live network permanently.

An act of account theft is one of the most serious charges for which the company is non-tolerant but if you report someone and they didn’t actually steal your account then you could also be in trouble.

2. Using offensive language

During the gameplay, if any of the users have used offensive language which they were not supposed to use, then you can file a complaint against them and the network will often take swift action against them by issuing communication bans.

The use of profanity is actually against Xbox’s code of conduct so if someone was cursing at you they can be reported for it.

This is one of the most common types of Xbox bans that you can easily report to the Xbox enforcement team. The company is very strict and solemn regarding a violation of their community standards. If the person messages you a vulgar message you can also report that specific message to Xbox as well. 

Although the penalties for using offensive language is typically just a temporary ban from communicating on Xbox Live (and not a console ban) if the person has received multiple communication bans then it could certainly escalate to Xbox Live device bans.

3. A sexist or racist remark

Not all users of online games are quiet and keep to themselves. Some of them will go rogue and use their tongue in a way that is not only offensive but also sexist or racist.

Some users will even try to offend people with their sadistic traits. They can make racist or sexist comments towards any user who is playing the game along with them. 

If something like this happens to you, then you can file a complaint to the customer service team as they will note down your problem and investigate the report. In a short time, you will be able to see the result and that will likely be in the form of temporary suspensions or even a permanent suspension of the user.

There is even a chance that the company will never allow that user to come back to the Xbox Live at all and will ban the console entirely.

4. Uploading offensive images

If we look at the community standards of Xbox Live, then there are certain strict rules for using the Xbox online. A user can only use an Xbox Live account if it is free from any type of prejudice or malice at all. Some of the users will upload offensive content or images while playing the game which is not at all good as there are people of all ages playing Xbox.

Uploading such content may offend some of the users and they might register a complaint by reporting the user who has offensive or disturbing images to Xbox support. This may result in the permanent ban of the user from Xbox Live but more often it is temporary until the issue is resolved.

Users should be wary of all these things as they can be in trouble if caught taking part in such activities.

5. Harassing other players

Harassment is a criminal activity and the culprit may be punished under the law. Even if the harassment doesn’t reach that level it can still be reported to Xbox if you continually have a user or multiple users that seem to always be harassing you.

Xbox is undoubtedly a great platform for gamers but unfortunately, there are some users who are deliberately using this platform to troll and harass people.

Microsoft is non-tolerant of these sorts of things and they will not think a bit before banning them from Xbox Live. 

Harassing other players while playing the game is not at all a good activity to participate in and the users who do such things will not only be punished but could be banned from the network forever.

This can be the best and most effective way you can get a user banned from the Xbox account.

6. Complain to the Xbox Live support team

If you have any problem with any of the users on Xbox Live, then you can file a complaint against that user to the higher authorities at Xbox Live. You will want to do this so that the company can take action against the user and will be forced to stop the bad behavior.

You can contact the Microsoft team directly or you can write an email to them regarding your problem with any of the users of Xbox live.

In the email, you should be sure and elaborate on things in detail so that the company can take your matter and investigate it as carefully as possible. They will take strict steps against that user who has offended you intentionally or unintentionally but only if they can find the offense and if it actually violated the rules.

7. Charge of phishing

Phishing is another serious charge with the help of which you can often ban the account of any of the users on Xbox Live if they are found guilty of this.

If any users have sent you a fraudulent message where they are asking for your personal information like credit card number, password, etc. then you can file your complaint to the support team of Xbox Live so that they can look into the case and take strict action against the user. If any user has done this to you, then you can be sure that his account is going to be banned from the network if you report it.


Now that you know what is against the rules of Xbox, you can easily report someone breaking the rules and get them banned so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. Even when someone is just being annoying you can more than likely have someone get frustrated and send you a vulgar message or curse at you so you can report them and get them banned at least temporarily.  

Although most people do not like bans by Microsoft, they are something that can be used to your advantage when someone is being annoying or stupid or even cheating during a game.