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How To Join An Xbox Party When You Are Banned

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Have you recently been banned from Xbox Live, or do you have a suspension right now, but you still want to join a party? Maybe you are always the host of the party but are not sure how to do it now that you are banned. Well, in this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions for how to join an Xbox party when you are banned. 

So how do you join an Xbox party when you are banned?

Although there are many ways to join an Xbox party when you are banned, the easiest way is to create a brand new Gmail account and then create a new Xbox account. You will then sign into your Xbox with that account.

Below are all the steps you need to take to do this. 

If you want to know more about joining or starting an Xbox party when you are banned, you will need to keep reading this article.

You can also watch this short video which will show you how to join an Xbox party when you are banned as well. 

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How To Join An Xbox Party When Banned

These are some of the easy steps that can help you to join an Xbox party when you are banned.

1. Create a new Google account

Head over to Gmail and select the option to sign up. The process of signing up for an account in Gmail is quite simple and something that virtually anyone can do.

For creating an account, you need to provide a username and password. Fill out all of the requested details and then create a password. After confirming all of these you have to put in your phone number and recovery email. After making a Gmail account, turn on your Xbox and go over to sign in. 

2. Sign in on your Xbox with the new Gmail account

First, click on the “Sign In” button at the top left corner of your screen. This will help you to get to the user interface window. Go over to the profiles and click on “Add New”. This will provide you with new settings.

Type in your new email address and then it will ask for the password you just used to create this account and type that in next. This will enable you to link your Xbox profile through the Gmail account.

Xbox will send you a confirmation code to your new Gmail account so just log in to your Gmail account to get this confirmation code that they just sent you. It may take a few moments to receive but if you don’t get it check your spam folder as well.

You will then have to wait for Xbox to register your new account. This is normally a relatively quick process but it can take a while in some cases. Once the account is created you are ready to go to the next step.

3. Start a party with the account that got banned from communications. 

This is one of the important steps as it will only enable you to switch your banned account to the one that was made recently. With this step, you can easily change the previous information.

The top left corner of your screen where you signed in before and go to the left once and there it should say “Start Party”. Click that button and it should start your party with your new account’s name in it.

Switch accounts and pick the new one you just created and join the same party.

4. Assign your wireless headset to the new account you just made

Turn on your headset and hold the Xbox button down on your controller when the notification pops up at the bottom of your screen saying “Headset Assigned”. Assign your headset to your new Xbox profile if it is not already assigned to that one.

5. Invite your friends to the party or join their party

One of the downsides of this is the repetitive procedure required until your ban gets lifted. You have to repeat the steps to get access to communications every time you want to join a party. Just start from the step when you start your own Xbox Live Party Chat.

If you happen to get the new account banned from the party, then you should probably stop communications with your friends and other teammates until the original ban is lifted. This way you do not take the chance of Microsoft banning your account completely. 

Though these bans are dependent upon the magnitude of the malpractices done or being reported by some other people which acts as a complaint against you there are some things that you can do to prevent getting communications banned again. Some of the things that you can do to prevent getting banned are:

  • Keep yourself from swearing while playing online games on Xbox. There are numerous complaints that entail that people often swear a lot while playing due to depression or when they are frustrated. While playing an Xbox game you should keep a check on your emotions as it will provide a good experience while playing the game and will keep you from getting banned.
  • There is no need to engage in heated discussions. Often heated discussions transform into verbal disputes between the players. In that verbal dispute people often swear at each other or make comments that are inappropriate according to the code of conduct. If at all possible you should avoid these types of confrontations as it is mentioned in the code of conduct by Microsoft that if a player makes any type of hateful comments then they are able to immediately ban your account. 
  • Racism is one of the common reasons for people getting banned. People often make hateful comments related to their race, caste, creed, and color. Microsoft has a stringent policy against this, and if you are found guilty of a racist comment then you can get permanently banned or at minimum get a long account ban.

You should always keep in mind the rules and regulations of Xbox while you play, as they have the power to suspend you or ban your account to that you cannot play online anymore. Although they can be lenient, if you continue to repeat an offense, then they will more than likely ban you. 

Why Does Xbox Ban People?

Often due to some misdeeds, gamers get banned from Xbox Live parties and are able to communicate while online. There are some instances where people often get reported for some stupid reason such as cursing when the characters in the game curse all the time.

These reports are not that big of a deal while playing Xbox but they can ban you from communication temporarily to keep you from cursing.

People often report the other players while playing due to some misconceptions about the conversation as there are numerous members involved. When you get banned you will not be able to take part in the party i.e. the communication between your teammates or with your friends.

Xbox bans or suspends these people because they were reported and because Microsoft is trying to keep a clean and friendly playing environment that is suitable for all ages.


Now that you know how to join or start an Xbox party when you are banned, you can do this and continue to play with your friends for hours at a time while still talking to them. You will want to be careful not to make the same mistake, or to break any of the other rules to avoid possibly being banned or suspended all over again with your brand new account. 

Although no one likes that Xbox bans people, they only do it to try and keep the platform clean and fun for people of all ages as well as make sure that there are no hackers that will be able to steal anyone’s account information.