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How To Pair An Atari Controller

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The wonderful world of gaming! There are so many games to be played, but one of the original gaming systems is the Atari. When the new Atari came out with preloaded games, some people had issues connecting the Atari controllers. In this article we will show you step by step how to connect your wireless Atari controllers to the Atari flashback.

There are a couple of different methods used to pair an Atari controller for the Atari flashback system. The short answer is to hold down the fire button and push up on the joystick simultaneously while turning on the controller. Once the controller is on and the light is blinking you will need to turn on the Atari game system so the controller can sync. 

If you are having issues connecting your Atari controllers to the game system, you will definitely want to keep reading. 

With the Atari flashback, you will finally be able to use your Tv and not have to store a bunch of atari games all around the house. 

The Atari flashback will bring you back to your childhood memories and give you modern graphics by its vibrant and user-friendly interface. This type of control will let you play any game you want, as well as choose a new name for any Atari game you want!  

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What are some features of an Atari game?

As you play the game you will soon find out that you have access to new levels, different achievements, new scoreboards, and even more features than you knew the Atari was capable of. 

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This latest Atari gives you easy access to enjoy and play 2600 different Atari games with one retro console and two wireless controllers. Some of the main features of the new Atari are:

  • A 720p video output along with HDMI
  • Pause, save and rewind options
  • Two wireless controllers

This retro console is all you will need to fulfill all your childhood desires that you dreamt of. This Atari  is designed for every type of person, from the young, to the young at heart. If you were alive when this game was originally released, you will be head over heels for this Atari!

This game has an HDMI port which makes hooking it up to your new tv extremely easy for everyone.  If we take a moment and talk about the features of the atari,we will find out that it has an internal memory that will let you save your game quickly and resume it again from where you left off. 

How to Pair an Atari Controller?

Although this classic Atari console has become very modern, on the inside with a new interface, vibrant graphics, it still maintains the exact looks of the original Atari.You are excited and finally got the brand new Atari. 

There is just one problem. You have connected it to the tv with the HDMI cable, but you are having a problem pairing the Atari controllers with the system. You are in luck! In this article, we will briefly let you know how to pair Atari controllers, so you and your friend can easily play together.

Method #1

1. The first thing you need to do is, Turn off the console altogether.

2. Secondly you will need to hold down the FIRE button and hold the joystick UP button at the same time, simultaneously while turning on the joystick.

3. Thirdly you will need to wait for a few seconds. The controller light should blink on and start flashing.

4.  Lastly you will just simply turn on the console with the power button.

5. If you have more than one controller that you are trying to pair, you will need to follow the same steps in the same order to pair the second controller. 

Method #2 

1. The first thing you will need to do is make your you have turned off the power to the Atari and do not have batteries in the controller. 

2. At the same time, you will need to hold the “Fire” and “Up” buttons while inserting the batteries into the controller. 

3. Once the batteries are added, then the light of the controller will start to blink. 

4. When the light on the controller begins to blink, it is indicating that it is trying to sync with the console.

5. Turn on your console with the power button.

6. Your controller will begin to sync automatically.

How can you pair the second Atari controller?

If you have tried the last two options, and you are still having issues connecting the second Atari controller, you will want to try this. 

  1. First, if you are unable to connect it, you will want to try to reset the controller by taking out the batteries.
  2. Second, there are some joystick controllers that seem to have trouble connecting to the system because they are locked to some frequencies. 

If this happens, and you are still unable to connect the second controller you should either contact Atari, or take your gaming system back to the store it was purchased from and let them know one of your controllers is defective and will not pair. 

The first Atari Flashback game was introduced in the market in 2004. They have been adding new features and making changes in every game each year. There was a model last year that had an SD card slot, which gathered the attention of many people. It helped them save their data, scores, games, and everything related to the game that they would need in the future.

For many years the overall layout and look of the console box remained the same because a considerable number of people were excited about it. This year Atari gameplays will release the X version of this game. This X version of the Atari will become the biggest game-changer ever. Each year Atari has added more catchy design and extra features to grab the attention of users. This year is no different and the X version of the Atari is said to blow our minds! 


We suggest you connect each controller individually by following the previous steps. If you follow those steps you should not have any problems and your controllers should easily pair with your Atari. At this time the new models of Atari Flashback are not facing any complications. However, with the older versions of the Atari still being sold in some locations, this type of minor error has been reported. 

So go ahead and take the next step to bring your childhood back to your living room. Pair it, play it, and Win it. If you have any problems while pairing your controller to the console that this article didn’t cover, go ahead and check out this short video.–3tU

We hope we have helped you solve the issue with your controllers. Do not forget to share this useful article with your friends and family.