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How To Update A Banned Xbox Console?

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Have you purchased a banned Xbox console and wanted to update it? Maybe you are thinking about buying one, and want to know if it can still be updated even though it is banned. No matter what question you have, we have the answer for you in this article. 

So how do you update a banned Xbox console?

Although many people have claimed to update a banned Xbox console, if the console itself is really banned and not just the account, then there actually is no way to update your Xbox console. This is because Microsoft does not allow the console access to the Xbox network anymore, and it cannot do anything online including updating. 

If you want to know more about banned Xbox consoles you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to see why the Xbox can be banned by Microsoft. 

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Are the Xbox games worth it?

Xbox is a popular brand in the whole world for its fascinating features and the presence of multiple games. It was developed by Microsoft which is again famous in the whole world and the importance is known to all the users. Users are highly benefited if they are getting the account of Xbox live as they can start playing games with lots of features and aids. They can get the console from the market as they are available almost everywhere at a very cheap and affordable rate. The best place to buy an Xbox is right here though as they only sell brand new ones, or ones that do not have any defects. 

Once you start playing the games on the Xbox live, then you will be addicted to it completely and will not be able to come out of the world of Xbox. It is designed especially for those who love to play games and know special skills for some of the most famous games. This is the right platform for them as they can show their skills here in an ample manner. Xbox will run better if you are updating it regularly but the problem can happen if your Xbox console is banned. If an Xbox console is banned, then it will not be able to be updated.

Can we update the Xbox Console?

The people who own the console should know that a banned Xbox console is not easy to update as it is banned by the Xbox network for certain reasons. Whatever is banned by the Xbox network is basically useless. The ban is permanent for Xbox consoles and they are merely a waste once banned by the network.

This is why if your Xbox gets banned, it is important to contact microsoft and try and figure out why it was banned and how to fix the issue. There are certain ways and one of the most effective ways to determine the reason behind the ban of the Xbox console is to check the email as the enforcement team will send the reason in the email behind banning an Xbox console. Users should go through the reason very carefully and if there was a minor reason for the ban then they may contact the enforcement team to lift the ban. If the reason was major, then the ban will not be lifted from the Xbox console.

What would happen if we didn’t update an Xbox console?

If you are playing games on an updated Xbox console, then you will be able to enjoy the latest features updated for the console. Users generally prefer updated consoles for the latest feature while playing the games. There is no harm if a user is not updating his Xbox console though as the console will work properly. The only thing is that the user will not be able to enjoy certain newly introduced features for the console. The problem may be bigger if the whole console is banned though. In that case, the user will be helpless as nothing can be done to a banned Xbox console. A user can get in contact with the enforcement team only if he finds that his Xbox console is banned from the network. Users should know this fact that there is no harm to their account if they are not updating their Xbox account.

What is the best alternative to a banned Xbox console?

Users are supposed to contact the enforcement team members so that they can determine the reason behind the ban on their Xbox console. If there is a chance then they can ask the enforcement team to lift their ban otherwise there is no option to use that console for the further playing of games online. 

Most people, instead of dealing with a banned console that they cannot play online, simply opt to sell their console and buy a different one that isnt banned. This is because the consoles are fairly cheap, and can normally be picked up for a little bit of nothing here. The new console will allow you to play the games in a smooth manner and without stopping or having issues. You will want to make sure that once you get a new console though that you do not repeat the same mistake and get that console banned as well. 

Why do Xbox consoles get banned?

There may be multiple reasons behind the ban on a Xbox console. The prime reason behind the ban of an Xbox console is the violation of community standards and the policies of the network. Some of the users are not using the console rightfully and hence their consoles are banned from the network and they are forced to buy a new one. 

Some of the hard core hackers open the Xbox console physically and tamper it so that they can play games with it illegitimately. This may be the biggest reason for which an Xbox console is banned from being used. There are other smart users who try to access the Xbox console with the help of unauthorized software which is again illegal and punishable by being banned. Users are supposed to act as a wise person while being on such a grand platform where there is a crowd of users. Their one false deed may inspire other vicious users to follow the same and this chain will expand. As a responsible user of the Xbox console, we are supposed to stop all these things and use the Xbox console properly.


Xbox consoles are banned from the update as there are certain faults committed by the users for which the console is banned from the network. The only way to lift the ban is to talk to the enforcement team so that they can look into the matter and if it is possible. If they think it can be lifted, or you have proof you did not do what they say you did, then they will lift the ban from the console. If you have tried everything to get the ban lifted, and they just simply refuse to lift the ban, then your best option is to simply buy another console. 

Although people don’t like being banned or having their console banned, this is the action that Microsoft takes to keep the hackers and the cheaters off of the network in order to keep your personal information safe. Also if you put aside your differences about the banning, there is no arguing that the Xbox live platform is a blast to play on and has some amazing games!