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How To Win In Air Hockey

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Have you ever been playing air hockey, but for some reason you can never win? Maybe it seems like every time you play you always end up scoring on yourself even though you try not to. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about playing air hockey and how to win when you play. 

So how do you win in air hockey?

The object of air hockey is to hit the puck into the opponents goal. Every time you do that you will get a point. The first person to reach the score of 10 is the winner of the game. Although it sounds easy, there are many tips and tricks to scoring as well as blocking your goal from being scored on. 

If you want to know more about how to win at air hockey and specific strategies, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to learn how to play air hockey. 

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Air hockey tips and tricks

Air hockey is a highly-competitive and exciting arcade-style game that has dominated the market. The demand for the game is further pushed due to the many air hockey tournaments that take place annually across the globe. Many competitors have gained the skills, techniques and insight necessary to dominate the competition. However, if you are still seeking ways to improve your winning chances, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to win in air hockey.

Prioritize Defence

Having a strong defense is just one of the vital keys to winning an air hockey match. However, many players make the mistake of having the wrong posture in hopes of having a strong defense and snag a missed shot. Many competitors opt to lean their entire torso on the air hockey table, which will lead them to cover their side of the table. Even skilled players make this mistake, which can easily cost them the game. This is because taking this position will result in you having difficulty moving back to block a shot.

You have to take the proper defensive stance so that you can not only attain missed shots but block incoming shots. To do this, place your left leg slightly back while your right leg is in the forward position with the knee bent. This knee should be resting lightly on the table while you balance your weight on the balls of your feet. At the same time, your torso should not be leaning across the table, but rather position at a right angle or perpendicular to the floor. Lastly, your hands should be resting on the railings that are on the side of the table.

Be Aware Of The Rebounds

As a player, you have anticipated and prepared for rebounds. These are when your shots ricochet off the wall if you do not correctly hit the puck. One of the most humiliating effects of this is when you score on yourself. To prevent this, try to keep an eye on the trajectory of your puck so that you can anticipate and prepare for rebounds so you can quickly correct it. Also, aim to go back into the previously mentioned defensive position so that you can prevent shooting a puck into your own goal.

Try Not To Complicate Your Shots

Many beginner air hockey players wrongly attempt complicated shots, but this will only make you look like a total amateur at air hockey. What should be done instead is that you practice and hone the shots that are used by pros. These include cross-cut shots, unders and overs, and bank shots. After you have perfected these, then aim to improve doing these shots either left or right of the center.

Perfect Your Trick Shots

Now that you have learned the necessary shots, next you have to perfect your trick shots. Trick shots are a great tactic that you can use to get an edge over the competition. What’s even better, is if you properly execute a trick shot, you can also gain leverage over a more experienced opponent. This may be a little difficult though.

You will want to make sure that you are able to set up the trick shot without tipping off your opponent. This is because if your opponent knows what trick shot you are going to use, they will be able to take the necessary steps or change their defensive stance to block your shot, hence thwarting your plan. Try to practice your trick shots without notifying your opponent.

Adapt Your Defense To The Situation

Since air hockey is a fast-paced and hectic game, you always have to prepare to adjust and change to the situation. This entails that you pay particular attention to your opponent so that you can anticipate your opponent’s movements. Doing this will help you to mount a defense against your opponent by moving to the appropriate place that you predict that the puck will go.

Problems With Your Offensive Strategy

Unfortunately, many beginner players get carried away with being on the offensive, leading to a poorly executed plan. Instead, skilled players advise that you master each move so that you are in better control of the game. In other words, you should aim to learn your basic and trick shots. This will allow you to be more knowledgeable and prepared for attacking when there are holes in your opponent’s defense.

With mastering these shots, you can then anticipate where the puck will land and know what your opponent’s next move is. These are essential if you want to be able to score on your opponent as well as position your striker to prevent them from gaining a score on you.

Proper Control Of The Puck Is Crucial

Learning how to maneuver the puck effectively is essential, such as knowing how to catch the puck and then directing the puck in the direction that you want it to go. One of the many mistakes that beginner players make is to capture the puck and then wildly send it in a general direction. Instead, what should be done is that you catch the puck and effectively guide it into scoring a goal. In other words, when you gain control of the puck, direct it in a particular direction to score a goal.

Should You Double Bank?

Doubling banking involves slamming the puck into the two walls before taking the shot. It is not recommended that you double bank as every time the puck bounces off a wall, it loses its speed and momentum. This will then give your opponent ample time to mount a defense. Hence, we recommend doing a bank shot that is fast and clearcut.

Understand How To Sink The Puck

New players have the belief that the best way to strike the puck is by aggressively hitting it sideways. Yes, you do have to be aggressive with the playing, however, you have to understand the best way to strike the puck.

Understanding how to strike or sink the puck accurately can help you get the edge in this fast-paced, competitive game. Similar to the pro players, you will need to hone the skill of hitting the puck from behind and guide it into the direction you need it to go. This will help you to transfer all of the force into the puck resulting in you sinking the puck into your rival’s goal. Since this is a fast action, they will not have enough time to mount adequate defense or counterattack.


Air hockey is a competitive sport that also relies heavily on skills. To come out on top, you have to properly hone and practice the right skills, while also getting rid of the ineffective habits of being a beginner. Simply, taking the correct stance, gaining control and maneuvering the puck, practicing basic and trick shots and being cautious with your rebounds will help you dramatically in the long run.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg as far as becoming a professional. There are many tactics that you can use, so dabble in finding what works well with you. Sooner or later, you will be dominating the competition one goal at a time.