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If I Buy A Banned Xbox Console Will It Still Be Banned?

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Have you been looking at buying a Xbox console, but recently heard they began to ban consoles? Maybe you already purchased one and it’s banned and you aren’t sure what to do. Well, I have some good news. If you keep reading, you will find the answer you are looking for. 

So if I buy a banned Xbox console, will it still be banned?

If you purchase a used console, and you find out it is banned, the ban does not go away just because the owner of the console changed. So if you own a banned console, sadly you are stuck with it. There are a couple of options you can try like contacting Microsoft about lifting the ban, but this has not worked for anyone as of yet. So the answer is yes it will still be banned when you buy it. 

If you want to know more about getting the ban on your console lifted or what to do with a banned console, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video which will explain ways to try and unban your Xbox console. 

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Why people buy banned Xbox consoles

There are different types of people wanting to buy a banned Xbox. Some people just invest in these as a way to unban them and sell them for a profit, while others like a good deal and dont know all the reasons behind the cheap price. Those who own these banned Xbox consoles get deprived when they get to know that the online gaming is being banned on the console as well. It is very important to get all the relevant information about the banned Xbox console before you go to purchase one. 

Technical aspects of the console

When it comes to technical aspects of the console, it is quite hard to experience the operation of the same while buying. If you are buying one of the unbanned consoles then you can get an idea of the technical specifications, but the seller often doesn’t show you that the console is banned. You can get an idea if the console is working in a jiffy when you will connect it to your TV. 

It is very sad to experience that you are unable to play Xbox online games after buying the console. The Microsoft policies are quite stringent toward the banned consoles. If you get to know about the banned consoles then it’s quite evident that it has been imposed with a ban for a substantial time. It may be permanently banned. While buying, it is advisable to get all the information about the console and also make the seller prove that it works as it will provide you with an idea that it is working in different modes or not.

Often people get attracted by the price tag of a machine and can forget to check to make sure it is working properly. Although it may turn on, if the console is banned, you will not be able to play any games online on it. Because of the big difference between a banned console and a regular one, you should always check to make sure the console is not banned. 

Though the technical aspects keep a very important place in the Xbox console this can’t be counted as an alternative for the live games of Xbox. At last, it is advisable for the people to not get into the lullaby of technical specifications. You are not investing your money for just a piece of junk.

Regulations regarding the purchase

Suppose your younger brother or a kid is an avid fan of Xbox but doesn’t have any idea about rules and regulations related to the Xbox. This is how some people end up with a banned Xbox console. Sadly in the world we live in, people of all ages are willing to scam people who don’t know what they are looking for when it comes to checking if a console is banned. Many people will sell a banned Xbox as though there is not a single thing wrong with it. 

Often, because kids don’t have any idea about the banning policies of Microsoft, they will purchase a banned console unwillingly. It is quite evident that once a console gets banned from online access, it remains banned normally forever. This means that no matter if you buy a banned console and you have never broken a rule playing Xbox or not, Microsoft will not lift the ban on the console you bought. 

In this case it is advisable to return the console from where it is being purchased, ask for the refund as the seller will provide you that without any hassle. In case the seller doesn’t contact you then you should complain against them. 

On the other hand, there are numerous cases where people bought the console and used it against the policies and code of conduct and got suspended. In addition to that, they play a masterstroke by returning those as banned one… this can be taken into consideration and the truth behind this can be extracted by getting assistance from the troubleshooting department of Microsoft. The support team of Microsoft is quite helpful when you have a banned console. 

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Policies and service terms of the company

While evoking a ban on your Xbox console should get an understanding of the reasons for the ban, if it does not, you can always call microsoft. If you are aware of the reasons, then it is quite evident that you will not attempt to further worsen your condition. It is mandatory for a person who is playing to know the service agreement as well as the general terms related to the ban of the console. 

The ban of Xbox consoles depends on the code of conduct and following of rules and regulations designated by Microsoft. If you are failing to do so then your console will get banned in most cases. Often people get indulged in heated discussions and other malpractices that head towards a ban. These practices should be kept at bay to prevent your console from getting suspended or banned.

Ways to play on a banned Xbox

In any condition you are equipped with one of the banned consoles then you should try these following ways that can help to evoke the ban or enable you to play as it is:

  • The first and foremost way to combat this online playing ban is the usage of emulators. There are different instances where people can play online Xbox games with the help of emulators. Emulators are the only way by which one can play online Xbox games while being banned by Microsoft.
  • If you are not able to get the directions about the emulators then it is advisable to stay put or try to return the console from where it has been bought. It is possible in that case only where you get a banned console before the purchase, this also needs to be proved. In this, Microsoft assistance helps a lot.

No matter if you purchased a banned console or your console has been banned, it is never right to sell a banned console as unbanned to make money to buy a new console. 


Now that you know you cannot unban a Xbox, you can decide for yourself if you still want to purchase a banned Xbox console, or if you want to pass and buy a good one here. Even though Xbox has begun to ban consoles, you cannot say that their online gaming platform has a bunch of great games available on it, as well as is fun for people of all ages to play. Before they started banning consoles, people would do and say whatever they wanted, and the platform became a place for vulgar wicked words to be said and things done. Now that they have been doing bans, people have come under rule, and the platform has become much better than previously.