In Monopoly, Do You Pay Rent If Someone Is In Jail?

In Monopoly, Do You Pay Rent If Someone Is In Jail?

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Have you been wondering if, in the game Monopoly, the person who owns the property is in jail, do you have to pay rent? Maybe this is an argument you have had on different occasions when playing Monopoly and you want to know what the official rule is. Well in this article we will go over everything you need to know about if you have to pay rent if the person is in jail.

So in Monopoly, do you have to pay rent if someone is in jail?

Although some people think you cannot make money while you are in jail, in Monopoly, jail can be the best place for you. This is because when you are in jail, you can still 

buy, sell, and trade properties and even collect rent. Not only can you still collect it, but since you are not moving, you do not risk losing any money on your turn.

If you want to know more about if in Monopoly, if you have to pay rent if someone is in jail, then you will want to continue reading this article. You can also watch this short video on how you can get out of jail in Monopoly.

What is Monopoly?

Monopoly is a widely popular board game that is played by a wide spectrum of people belonging to different strata of society. The Monopoly game is meant to entertain as well as educate people about different aspects of finance and monetary dealings.

In short, in Monopoly, the players have the ability to rent, buy and mortgage assets in an attempt to make more profit for themselves. Here, players who are winning go on buying assets from the players who are losing. Also, the winning player gathers cash through rents which the players access by renting out apartments and keeping properties mortgaged. 

Money Matters in Monopoly

In a Monopoly game, as the game continues, rival players start gaining assets like buildings, lands and railways. They build hotels, own railroads, and collect on apartments. Other players rent those apartments, pay the loans and also at certain times, have to sell their belongings to a player placed in a much better position, at a much lower price than what they paid for it originally. These simple give and take cycles happen throughout the game and eventually leads to the flow of cash, properties, and other assets in the game.

As all these assets come with paper cash because in this game cash is very important. The players need to be very cautious about their cash in hand and use them judiciously and intelligently.

Sometimes as the flow of cash moves and money and properties exchange hands, a time comes when there is an imbalance in the total assets in hand amongst the different players playing the game. Winning players go on collecting cash and assets whereas the losing players end up spending all the cash in their hand. This cash is mostly spent on not only loans but also in selling off properties and paying up mortgages. Hence it means a problem for the players who are losing money continuously and this leads to all sorts of problems. Once you are out of money, you are forced to file for bankruptcy, and you officially lose the game. 

The Players and The Bank

A very quick overview of the game would show that there are plenty of sources through which the money comes and goes. There are two main entities here: the players and the bank.

The players create resources in the game and they rent these resources amongst each other and every participating player has to pay rent to use those resources. Here the rent comes in the form of money tokens that circulate in the game. The players buy resources from each other and this leads to the transfer of cash and hence the flow of money across the system.  When a player’s dice lands on the property of another player, then the first player has to pay a certain rent to the player who owns the property.  

If a player’s dice lands on space that has a property owned by another player and the first player is unable to pay the pre​​mentioned rent to the owner of that property, then the owner of the property owns all the assets of the first player including his mortgaged property.  When players try to buy new land or properties in the initial phases of the game, the players need to take permission from the bank and pay the bank the required money for the corresponding locations. When players keep properties in mortgage, they do the same with the bank and pay a continuous interest to the bank for those properties.

Bankruptcy in Monopoly

Bankruptcy is a dreaded term in the Monopoly game. Bankruptcy occurs when a player doesn’t have enough money to hold onto his position in the game. A bankrupt situation arises when a player owes more money than what he actually has in the form of assets. This money could be owed to other players as well as to banks. If such a situation arises then the bankrupt player has to give back all his holdings, both in cash, properties and mortgages to other players or banks from which he owed money.

While doing transactions in the game, a player can pay through card combinations including property, money and action cards. If a player is bankrupt, he must pay back all his remaining savings and properties to either the other player or to the bank. In making these payment settlements, many factors are involved which are mentioned in the rule books of Monopoly games.

 If he owns any house or other properties, all of them have to be promptly transferred to the bank. The money that the bank returns to him in exchange for his properties is usually one-half of the actual cost of the properties. If there is any mortgaged property under his name then he returns them to his creditor who now has some work to do. The creditor or the new owner now has to pay the bank an interest of 10% of the value of the property to the bank.

So in short, in case of bankruptcy or in case a player is completely broke, then you give the opponents everything that you have and if that is not enough then opponents only get the amount which is possible to get and forgoes the rest of the amount.

If the player doesn’t have enough cash in his hand but has yet to go bankrupt then he can pay up his dues through property and action cards that are drawn in front of him on the board.

If you have nothing left to pay with then that means you are out of the game, you will not need to pay with anything and just accept that you have lost this round of the game.

What Happens when a Player goes to Jail?

Jail is one of the four corner spaces on a Monopoly board. If in jail, a player’s turn is suspended until the player rolls a double, plays a get out of jail free card, purchases the get out of jail free card, or pays the 50 dollar fine. In jail, you are still collecting rents from your properties and your opponents may need to sell or trade their properties. You get the benefits without the risks. However, as much as you might want to stay in jail forever, you must leave if you roll doubles or after your third failed attempt at rolling doubles


So now that you know more in depth about how Monopoly is played and how you win, you know that money matters a whole lot in Monopoly, so sometimes getting sent to jail in Monopoly might not be such a bad thing. You can still collect rent from other players while you are safe from having to pay rent to other players. Though you cannot stay in jail forever, you do not have to be too upset about getting sent there in the game.

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