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Is Jess From Guess Who A Boy Or A Girl?

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Guess Who is a fun game that can be played by people of all ages. To win in Guess Who you slowly use the process of elimination on your opponent’s possible cards until you can finally guess who they have.

One issue that arises when playing Guess who is that some of the main characters seem to have features that they might not actually have. One common Guess Who character that this affects is Jess.

Since Jess could be a boy or girl based on the name alone and since the picture appears to show Jess with a mustache there have been quite a few arguments over this character.

So in the Guess Who game, is Jess a boy or a girl?

In Guess Who, Jess is actually a girl. Many people think Jess might be a boy because they feel like there is a mustache but actually, that “mustache” is just a shadow under Jess’s nose and is not a mustache at all.

So Jess is actually a girl in the game Guess Who. So if you have Jess as your card in the game you should know that it is a female gender card and not a boy.

Guess Who is a two-player character game that involves guessing “who?” that was created by Ora and Theo Coaster and is commonly called Theora Design. The game was first made commercial by Milton Bradley in 1979 and is now owned by Hasbro. The game was first brought to the UK by Jack Barr in 1982, where the classic edition is being made by winning moves. 

If you would like to know more about the game Guess Who, and if Jess is a boy or a girl, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to learn all about Guess Who. 

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Is Jess A Boy Or Girl Name?

Jess is a boy and girl’s name. It simply means “The Lord Exists”. The name is a variant of the Hebrew name Jesse and hence the short form.

You can definitely argue for one sex or the other all day long, or you could decide to make the game more fun. You can decide Jess is a woman and write it on the card. So, in the long run, you might think Jess has a mustache or not in order to generate another row.

Another issue is with Ashley, a name that is spelled wrong for a girl but could pass for a boy. The game hosts a character Jess that can be knocked down as a boy at the beginning of the game. This leaves a question of why sex is so significant for the game.

If Jess is a boy, then he is lumped in with the other boys. If Jess is a girl, It could make the game more interesting because there were so few females in the game, to begin with.

Back to the character though, some users suspect it’s on the transition from male to female, which if true, the answer is female. However, after checking the instructions, the issue is still not clear. This is where players are left to speculate which might have to tell some of the younger players to just skip the gender questions until they can update the instructions booklet.

It has all come to your conclusion if our character is male or female. Yet this is a good question to ask.

Guess Who Game Remake

All the hassle and arguing about Jess are saved by the new game, which is better than the one played back in the 80s. There were only about 4 females and if your card was a woman, then it really narrowed down the field.

When Hasbro remade the game from the original, they added a more diverse group of characters, evened out the men-to-women ratio, and changed some of the names.

Guess Who Game Rules

According to the Guess Who rules, the only requirement when asking questions in the Guess Who game is to ask a question that can be answered with a yes or no. You should also not ask any open-ended questions.

For example, you won’t want to ask a question about someone being a mom when it isn’t clear from the picture on the cards. You should also not ask questions that only eliminate the only person like that in the game.

Although it isn’t against the rules you won’t want to do that as it will end up with you losing the game since you can’t eliminate players as fast as your opponent.

Players also cannot guess a person’s name because if they are wrong, they lose the game.

Guess Who Game Editions

Special editions which have different faces have been released, including Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and Disney. There are smaller, “travel” editions that have only 20 different faces. In 2008 and 2010, extra and mix-and-match games were released.

Hasbro also released a social app version of the game in 2011. A computer game based on the series was released in 1999 by Hasbro Interactive. 

Playing Guess Who

Unlike regular board games, Guess Who does not require players to use dice or tokens, but simply use deductive reasoning skills in order to win.

The players usually begin by randomly choosing one mystery card from a shuffled deck of cards. There are a set of mystery cards that have 24 faces present on them. These same faces are on the board.

When players look at their cards, they do not tell anyone who they have as this will lose the game. 

Guess Who And Kids

A few years ago, a 6-year-old little girl from the UK wrote to Hasbro regarding the gender issue. She was worried that there were fewer girls than 19 boys in the game. Interestingly enough, Hasbro responded with a marketing letter aimed at sounding neutral yet avoiding the real issue entirely.

Some users have also designed a petition to tell Hasbro that this game should be updated with an equal number of girls and boys as well as clear gender lines.

The six years old girl was playing the game Guess Who and could not determine if Jess was a boy or girl leading to the discovery something was a little off.

The game is very popular among kids encouraging them to guess which character their opponents have chosen based on their facial characteristics. It features 19 boys and 5 girls which does not seem fair for girls. But if a boy draws a female player, they will also be at a disadvantage.

This is why Hasbro stayed neutral in their reply as the game had nothing to do with gender equality.  

Guess Who

Guess Who is the hit guessing game that invites kids to use their skills to solve a simple mystery. The six-year-old girl left the game giant Hasbro struggling for an answer when she demanded to know why there are so many more boys than girls in the Guess Who game. These questions completely tally with if Jess in the game is a male or female.

Guess Who is a guessing game right? It is based on numerical equations. The company added that the game isn’t weighted in favor of any particular character and that the mystery of who Jess is should not be an issue of whether Jess is a male or female.

Further, they also described the way “Guess Who” was played while eagerly ignoring the issue of gender misrepresentation. Another aspect of the game is to draw attention away from using gender or even ethnicity as the focal point and to concentrate on those things which we all have in common.

So instead of focusing on game differences players should enjoy the game as it was intended to be played. 

The debate continues though as some people say that Jess is a boy’s name. They say it is an English form of the Hebrew name Yishay and the name of a (male) character in the Bible.

Although they sound the same, Jessie is a different, feminine name. It was originally a Scottish nickname for Jean, but nowadays it is more commonly used as short for Jessica and other names beginning with Jess-. Overall though, many people prefer to not be divided and only focus on things that we have in common and not the color of our skin, or our gender. 

Can You Ask Girl Or Boy In Guess Who?

In Guess Who you can ask any yes or no question so you can feel free to ask if the person’s card is a boy or a girl.

This question can be a useful strategy for narrowing down the options and helping players make an educated guess. By asking about the gender of the character, players can eliminate half of the potential options and focus on a smaller group of possibilities.

In the older Guess Who game there were far more boys than girls so often this question would be banned as a “house rule” however, modern versions of the game have a much more equal split of boys and girls so you can feel free to ask this question.

How Many Girls Are In The Guess Who Game?

The Guess Who game is a popular board game that involves two players guessing the identity of their opponent’s character. The game features 24 different character cards, each with a unique facial feature and outfit. The goal is to correctly guess the identity of the opponent’s character before they guess yours.

The modern Guess Who game is designed to be gender-neutral, with an equal number of male and female characters. This means that there are 12 male and 12 female characters in the game. The original Guess Who game had 19 boys and only 5 girls so if you had a girl card it would almost always guarantee you lost.

With the newer Guess Who games you don’t have to worry about that since there are equal numbers of boys and girls.

What Questions Can You Not Ask In Guess Who?

In Guess Who you can ask any questions of your opponents that can be answered by a simple yes or no. Ideally, you will want to ask questions that will eliminate multiple characters at the same time but that is not required by the rules.

The only rule is that players cannot ask questions that are impossible to answer with a simple yes or no. For example, “What is your character’s name?” or “How old is your character?” cannot be answered with a yes or no, and are therefore not allowed in the game.


Now that you know that Jess is a girl in the game Guess Who, you can tell all of your friends exactly why Jess is a girl, but even if they do not agree, you can all agree to be civil and not even mention the gender of the people or the color of their skin as people are people and should not be judged for what they cannot change.