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Is Air Hockey Dangerous?

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Have you been thinking about getting an air hockey table, but aren’t sure if they are dangerous? Maybe you have heard about people getting hurt while playing with it? Well in this article we will answer all of your questions you might have about Air Hockey.

So is Air Hockey dangerous?

While playing Air Hockey, you can get injured. Air hockey tables provide very little friction to the puck. It simply means that it can travel at blinding speeds and genuinely test the skill of the player. Since it is such a high paced game, air hockey can cause injuries to players who play consistently. As a whole though, the game is fun and not dangerous at all.

If you want to know more about playing Air Hockey and how you can get hurt, you will want to keep reading. 

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Your movement and stance play a huge role in safety

The most ideal approach to not get injured is to utilize the right position and arm development while playing the game. One of the best techniques for learning great development is by seeing proficient air hockey players and how they play the game without breaking a sweat. Keep away from clumsy points and developments no matter what, regardless of the amount of an “advantage” you think you have.

The key to staying safe is having protective equipment

No matter how much consideration you take to utilize the correct position in a round of air hockey, a couple of excited games strains your playing arm because of the speed and quality required to make shots. Utilizing hardware like elbow lashes, wrist ties and other such backings help lessen the strain the game has over your body.

Take plenty of time to practice your skills

A significant issue with beginner players who are anxious to build up their expertise is the unregulated time they put resources into rehearsing air hockey. Start with extending and heating up so your muscles are prepared for fast responses and explosions of vitality. 

Spend just a short amount of time and guarantee that you get a lot of rest for your playing hand with the goal that it can recover from the pressure it experiences. You may progressively build the span of your training session as your body becomes accustomed to the strain.

Remember to check any aches and pains that you may have if it lasts for a few days

Some people while playing Air Hockey actually pull or harm a muscle in their arm. By playing it safe and giving close consideration to your arms, you ought to have the option to build up a solid air hockey practice routine without harming yourself.

The history of air hockey

Throughout the years, air hockey had its high points and low points. It was an absolute distinct advantage during the 1970’s.  Sadly during the 1980s Air Hockey was not as popular anymore because of the prevalence of computer games. 

Nowadays, the tables are more well-known than any other time in recent history. Sadly even today some people still don’t know the history of Air Hockey of what it has been through to stay popular and never fade away. Today there are a huge number of devoted fans who play, and there are even championships as Air Hockey is a professional sport in the United States. 

Where did it originate from?

All in all, who precisely came up with the idea of air hockey? In the late 1960s, three men, Bob Kenrick, Brad Baldwin, and Phil Crossman united together to build up their idea of a smaller than expected hockey game that used a frictionless playing surface. In any case, they battled to make sense of how to push air through the holes on the wooden playing surface.

By 1972, Bob Lemieux, an architect, who was additionally an eager hockey fan, made their idea one stride further. Lemieux worked intimately with Brunswick Billiards, a famous pool table producer. Together, they built up the customary air hockey table plan, including strikers, a puck and two goal lines. After the arrival of the primary table, the game immediately took off. Its prosperity is added to the imaginative structure, however the way that the tables were sponsored by such a significant producer certainly helped.

Be that as it may, the accomplishment of the tables was fairly a frustration for the engineers who built them. They honestly didn’t last Air Hockey to last long, and not be anything like pool. This is why they were normally kept at pizza spots, arcades, and bowling alleys.

The first Air Hockey chsmpiondhip

The presentation of air hockey during the 1970s made a huge difference for hockey fans. The USAA was framed so as to guarantee a specific standard of rules was set up for this new game.

Today, when the vast majority consider Air Hockey, they picture that huge table with the brilliant lights that is basically an apparatus in many arcades and pizza places. Be that as it may, there are numerous significant competitions and affiliations everywhere with different forms of Air Hockey. 

In 1974, the primary competition was held and it offered a prize of 5,000 dollars to the primary spot champ. This first competition drew a total of thirty-one local heroes. The competition itself included a total of forty exceptional air hockey matches. At last, Mr. Barnett was the victor. This competition truly assisted with changing how air hockey fans watched the game.

In 1978, the USAA facilitated their own national title, which was held in Houston, Texas. Nowadays, Texas is as yet considered by numerous individuals to be where many air hockey players live and even most begin.

Mark Robbins Saves Air Hockey

Sadly by 1985 Air Hockey was becoming a thing of the past and no one was really playing it anymore. Mark Robbins, a dedicated Air Hockey fan decided to take charge and posted an ad in a trade publication requesting people to donate used air hockey tables. He then rented a twenty-foot truck in order to pick up as many tables as he could and stored them in a barn located in Minnesota. His hope was to create the ultimate air hockey table. Shortly after rounding up the tables, Robbins contacted US Billiards, which was the last air hockey manufacturer at the time. He requested that they build upon the original air hockey table design and create a modern take on air hockey tables which could once again cause a rise in their popularity.

In 1985, Robbins convinced another company, the Dynamo Corporation, to produce tournament quality tables based on the original design. That first year, only one hundred tables were sold, but that didn’t deter Robbins. He was determined to bring the sport back. By 1993, the company Dynamo began selling the tables by the thousands, thanks to Robbins efforts to keep the sport alive and encourage major manufacturers to help bring the game back.


Now that you know about Air Hockey and that it isn’t dangerous, you can go out and buy your very own table. Depending on the room you have available to store the table will depend upon the size of table you purchase. This is the best place to purchase one as they have everything from a small mini version all the way up to a professional Air Hockey table.  

Although sometimes an injury may occur, the tables are actually extremely safe, and if the rules of the game are followed the players will stay extremely safe every time they play.