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Is Donkey Kong A Bad Guy?

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Have you ever wondered if Donkey Kong really is an actual bad guy? Maybe you have been a long time fan of the Donkey Kong series and noticed that sometimes Donkey Kong isn’t so bad of a guy but other times he seems to be a bad guy. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Donkey Kong and if he is a bad guy or not. 

So is Donkey Kong a bad guy?

Donkey Kong can be mistaken for a bad guy for many different reasons, but in all reality he just has a hard time controlling his emotions sometimes. Donkey Kong is not a bad guy at all but in reality a good guy.

If you want to learn more about Donkey Kong and why he is not actually a bad guy, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also take a look at this video about the complete timeline of Donkey Kong games.

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Getting to know Donkey Kong

You would agree with me that for you to determine whether someone is bad or good, you have to get to know who the actual person is. We do not want to just jump to conclusions on this subject. So then who really is Donkey Kong? This game character is a character who is in the form of a gorilla and is used in a very popular game series called, Donkey Kong. This series was named after the character himself. 

It is worthy of note that he is often featured in most game editions on the Donkey Kong games, and also the Mario games. This character made his first appearance in 1981, in the game named after him which was an arcade game. This character is one that has become popular to the fans, as he bears the game brand name. The love that the fans have for Donkey Kong is so much that they have started to get curious about how he is related to other characters in the game. 

In particular they are curious about which characters Donkey Kong is related to by blood. This has sparked some questions about if he is related to one or more characters in the game. Most people also want to know his relation to Diddy Kong. Ditty Kong is actually Donkey Kong’s Nephew. 

The first game in which the character Donkey Kong is used was originally  an arcade game. The storyline of this original arcade game was that Donkey Kong was the bad guy and his opponent was Mario. Donkey Kong had kidnapped Mario’s girl and had to defeat Donkey Kong in order to get her back. While in other more recent versions of Donkey Kong we have a much different storyline. An example is the 1982 version, where the game was renamed Donkey Kong Jr,. The storyline is much different in this game as opposed to the original arcade game. The modified new version spotlighted Donkey Kong Jr, trying to save his father from a cage where Mario held him. He had to do so by avoiding a lot of obstacles on the path until he could save his father.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s Relationship

It might interest you to know more about the character Diddy Kong to help you get to know Donkey Kong and his character a little bit better. Diddy Kong being one of the other Kong characters in the Donkey Kong game series, this character is one who belongs to the same game edition as Donkey Kong. Unlike other characters, Diddy Kong was first seen to appear in a computer game in 1994. Diddy Kong is a character who lives in the Kongo jungle. He is a character who is well known by his rede baseball cap and his iconic red shirts inscribed with stars. This character is one who is close to Donkey Kong. This has started to spark some curiosity in gamers whether or not Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are related by blood.  

One thing we should know about this particular game character is that he was one close friend and pal of Donkey Kong when he was first created. Also, take note that he was designed by a game developer known as rare, but his name was changed as a result of Nintendo’s survey notion. He is widely known to have appeared in various computer games. So what is the relationship between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong? If we look at the beginning of their creation, they were first introduced by their creators as close pals and friends. 

They were always seen together, as they appreciated each other’s friendship. This was when Diddy Kong was first seen as the younger version of Donkey Kong when the characters were originally created. Later on, both were introduced to us as nephew relations in the revised and new editions which were released in 1994. Nintendo is now describing Donkey Kong as Diddy Kong’s want to be uncle. This was the best possible way to describe their new relationship.

How Does Donkey Kong Treat Other Kongs?

We have taken a look at Donkey Kong’s relationship with one character. Lets go ahead and take a look at how he acts toward other characters in other versions of the Donkey Kong games. This will help us determine whether he really was bad or not. Donkey Kong was actually portrayed in the first series of the computer game, as the guy who would go around the island doing anything the way he wants. He was portrayed to be a character who throws bananas about in such an angry manner. He was actually designed by the gamers to look like a bad guy, and a bully. He was seen as one who could do anything and cause as much trouble as he wanted to.

When we critically look at the revised series of the game, we can easily see that Donkey Kong is not really that bad of a guy. He is just one guy that sometimes cannot control his emotions and lets them get in the way, by throwing bananas to get out his frustration. We would also come to the conclusion that he is a guy who sticks closer than a brother. 

He is one who would encourage those younger than him to step up and admit when they make a mistake. How do we know this? If we look critically at the relationship between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, we would see that he acted well as a big brother figure to Diddy Kong. Even though Donkey Kong can be rough, he always treated Diddy Kong with care. Donkey Kong is not a bad guy, he is just one who sometimes cannot get a hold of his emotions.


So now that we have taken a look at different versions of the Donkey Kong games, we have come to realise that Donkey Kong isn’t bad. Even though in some of the games Donkey Kong is known as the villain of the game, we know that he is not really a villain or bad guy after all. Yes he does have a hard time controlling his emotions at times, and often he will let them get in the way, but we cannot overlook the way he treats and cares for his nephew wanna-be, Diddy Kong.