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​Is Donkey Kong Stronger Than Bowser?

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Have you ever wondered who would win in a faceoff between Donkey Kong and Bowser? Maybe you have been playing super smash brothers recently, and you wondered if Donkey Kong was stronger than Bowser. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Donkey Kong and if he is stronger than bowser. 

So is Donkey Kong stronger than Bowser?

If you compare solely the strength of what Donkey Kong can do in the Donkey Kong series, versus the strength of what Bowser can do, Bowser has superior strength to Donkey Kong. The problem is that in a battle Donkey Kong would likely beat Bowser because of Donkey Kong’s skills and knowledge. 

If you want to know more about Donkey Kong and Bowsers specific strength, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this video to see the two battle it out to find out just who the winner of the battle would be. 
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Who is Donkey Kong?

Donkey Kong is also known by DK. Donkey Kong was created by Nintendo and is a very popular character. He has been shown in numerous video games and has either played the protagonist or the chief antagonist in many of those games.

Who is Bowser?

Bowser is a fictional character and acts as the main antagonist in Nintendo’s Mario franchise. Bowser is also known as King Koopa and is a huge turtle-like creature with a turtle shell with spikes. He is the leader of the turtle race Koopa, and is the main enemy of Mario. Bowser made his first appearance in the 1985 video game Super Mario Bros.

How strong is Donkey Kong?

DK is a gorilla of superhuman strength. Donkey Kong apart from having Superhuman strength, has superhuman stamina and endurance. He also has a resistance over mind control which helps him a lot in fighting his enemies. Because of his superhuman strength, he is a match for many any character. 

Donkey Kong is very active and agile and can reach great speed while covering distance. His attacks and reaction speed could be hypersonic fast. This superhuman speed could be fast enough for his fists to catch fire due to atmosphere friction.

What are Donkey Kong’s powers?

Donkey Kong has some unique powers. They include turning invisible for a short period of time, and a very powerful fist that has a punch which can dislodge the moon from its position. The problem is that Donkey Kong is vulnerable to heat and could be killed by temperatures reaching 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a major problem as Donkey Kong could be roasted by hot exploding lava. 

What are Donkey Kong’s special powers?

  • Giant Punch 

Donkey Kong can build up a giant punch and then releases the punch which is more powerful than nuclear explosion. The punch is so powerful that it can move moons.

  • Thunderclap

The thunderclap is a shockwave created by  clapping with superhuman strength. The violent clapping creates a sound wave which could be very destructive. Donkey Kong’s claps are strong enough to create such thunderclaps which travel around him or in front of him. These sound attacks can be of incredible destructive, and sometimes similar to that of a tsunami.

  • Barrel throw 

Donkey Kong has great strength and can throw many barrels at his opponents in a single go. This is seen in one of the original arcade games ever made.

  • Barrel Roll 

Donkey Kong can roll his entire body in a form of barrel and throw himself towards his opponents. This can be done quickly and disorient them long enough to use a Thunderclap to kill them.

  • Ground Pound 

Donkey Kong can slap the ground so hard that he can create an earthquake. This again shows his monumental strength and control that he has.

  • Other powers

On top of these moves mentioned above, Donkey Kong can also spin like a helicopter and can create electricity with his arms and claps. When Donkey Kong slaps into the ground, a dome like shockwave is created.

What are Bowser’s special powers?

  • Bowsers shell

Bowser has a large, spiked turtle shell and a draconic muzzle. He also has razor-sharp fangs and fingers, three clawed toes, red eyes and red hair over his body.

  • Fire breath

Bowser is probably most known for breathing fire towards his opponents. This is something that is very useful as he does not have to be that close to them to be able to hurt them. 

  • He is basically indestructible

Although this is hard to believe, in one game Bowser was thrown into a black hole and lived. 

  • He can change how big he is

Bowser has the ability to change how big or small he is depending upon his opponent. Some games Bowser is a giant who makes all the other characters seem tiny, while in other games like Yoshi’s island, he changes sizes. 

  • His pure strength

Bowser is one of the most powerful characters, and even though he cannot jump very high. He can break through anything without any problem, and can kill anything is his way. 

Donkey Kong vs Bowser fight

Taking into account all the personal powers of Donkey Kong and Bowser, a contest of strength between Donkey Kong and Bowser becomes a treat for eyes, for any superhero fans. Keeping into account the distinct powers that both the superheroes possess, it is a very tough call to make as who would become a winner.

The main disadvantage of Bowser though, is that he is not a very fast thinker. Donkey Kong is shown to be smarter than Bowser in many cases. Bowser also in some ways, have a superior physical strength compared to DK. Bowser can crush literally anything that comes onto his way. He can break through any barrier with easy and most weapons are no match to him. 

Bowser can shoot fireballs as he breathes fire and he can shoot them from a distance. This is how  he kills his enemy even without bodily contacting them. Both Bowser and Donkey Kong are extremely high on stamina and withstand high levels of destruction. 

DK is a boxer with an exceptional punching power which can win over Browser’s raw strength on occasion. The problem with the fight is that even though Bowser is literally almost indestructible, because he underestimates his opponents and is extremely slow, Donkey Kong would be able to damage him and wear him down over time and eventually win the fight. The fight would not be a short one, and they would battle for quite some time showing off their skills and battling each other. Ultimately though, Donkey Kong would win the fight and emerge victorious. 


No matter which character you like, both Donkey Kong and Bowser have immense strength and stamina. They are both extremely powerful and are worthy opponents to each other. They both have their weaknesses and their strengths, but only one can be the winner. Now that you know in pure strength Bowser is stronger, but in a battle Donkey Kong would win, you can know that this battle would be something amazon to watch. 

No matter who you think would win the battle between Donkey Kong and Bowser, they are both extremely strong. The day that they battle it out, will be a great day for all of the gamers who love these characters, and it is something that every game from all over the world would want to watch.