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Can You Leave Switch Lite Charging Overnight? (Left To Charge Too Long)

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Do you own a Nintendo Switch Lite, and heard that it was bad to charge it overnight? Maybe you have been charging your Nintendo Switch Lite overnight and you just found out that some people say it should not be charged overnight. 

So is it bad to charge the Nintendo Switch Lite overnight?

You can leave the Switch Lite charging overnight and it won’t hurt it in any way. The Switch Lite has safety devices built into it that keep the Switch Lite from overcharging or damaging the device. So you can leave your Switch Lite plugged in and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or breaking in any way.

No matter whether you use the USB-C cable and AC adapter that comes with your Switch Lite or use another third-party cord to plug in your Switch console to the wall outlet you don’t have to worry about it overcharging. The same is true whether you are using your console in handheld mode or charging it in sleep mode.

Either way, the Lithium-Ion battery that your Switch Lite gaming device has won’t overcharge or need any repairs/fixes if you leave it plugged into the power cable for extended periods of time. Whether your Switch Lite only needs a partial charging cycle or it is entirely out of juice to the point that it shutdown, it doesn’t make a difference.

Just plug in your Switch Lite to the power outlet, wait for the charging indicator to light up and the next morning your Switch Lite will be ready to play again.

If you want to know more about charging your Nintendo Switch Lite overnight, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this video to learn about charging your Nintendo Switch Lite either on the go or at home. 

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Power outlet to plug the Switch Lite into

Will Leaving It Charging Damage The Battery On The Nintendo Switch Lite?

Although charging the battery of the Nintendo Switch Lite overnight will not damage the device, there are some ways that you can damage the device and battery of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The easiest way to damage the battery of the Nintendo Switch Lite is to leave it plugged in for days on end. Doing this could hurt the battery and cause it to drain faster. The longer it is left on the charger, the less capacity the battery will eventually have (although it will take many months or years of being plugged in for that to happen).

This means that although originally the battery was charged to 100% after it is left plugged in for such a long period of time, it will no longer charge to full capacity again. Every Switch Lite will slowly lose a bit of its battery life as it goes through more and more charge cycles just like mobile phones or your smartphone.

No one wants to damage the battery on their Nintendo Switch Lite, and they want to be careful when charging it. This is why many people are very careful when charging the Nintendo Switch Lite as they do not want to damage the battery. 

This is why the next time you are charging your Nintendo Switch Lite, you will want to make sure you do not accidentally leave it on the charger for multiple days or weeks at a time.

Should You Watch Your Switch Charge? )Can You Leave The Nintendo Switch Alone To Charge?)

Hey there, fellow Switch enthusiasts! Are you tired of constantly having to watch your Switch charge like a hawk, afraid to leave it alone for even a second?

Well, I have some good news for you: you can actually leave your Switch to charge without any worries!

But wait, before you go off and leave your Switch charging overnight or while you’re at work, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, make sure you’re using a reputable charging cable and adapter. Don’t skimp on the cheap knockoff cables, folks.

Trust me, you don’t want to wake up to a fried Switch because you saved a few bucks on a shady cable.

Now, as for actually leaving your Switch to charge, it’s totally fine as long as you’re not leaving it in a place where it could overheat or be knocked over. So, don’t leave it on a bed of hot coals or on the edge of a cliff. Also, don’t leave it charging for an excessive amount of time.

Like, if you’re going on vacation for a week, it’s probably best to just unplug it when you leave.

In conclusion, you can totally leave your Switch to charge, but just make sure you’re using a reputable cable and adapter and that you’re not leaving it in a place where it could overheat or be knocked over.

And, if you’re going on vacation for a week, just unplug it when you leave.

Should Put My Switch Console On The Charger Before Its First Use?

Although there are many opinions about charging your Nintendo Switch Lite, many people want to know if they should charge it when they first get it. Since the device is brand new, it should come fully charged.

If your device is not fully charged though, you should fully charge it before you use it for the first time.

This is because setting up the device will take a decent amount of battery as you will be downloading games and items on the device. Charging the device to its fullest capacity will make sure you are not in the middle of downloading games when the device dies. 

The Battery Of The Nintendo Switch Lite

Although the Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the original Nintendo Switch, it actually has a bigger battery that lasts longer than the original Switch. The original Switch battery would only last around 6 hours at the most. The Switch Lite though will actually last 7 hours when in use.

Although the Switch Lite had a longer battery than the original Switch when it was first released the updated version of the normal Switch (model number HAC-001(-01) now has a longer battery life than the Switch Lite does. Both the original Switch and the Switch OLED will last between 4.5-9 hours while the Switch Lite will only last 3-7 hours.

The more intensive games that you are playing on your Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED the shorter your battery life will be. The same is true if you are playing online or streaming videos on the Youtube or Hulu apps.

To learn more about the Switch’s actual battery life check out the video below.

Although this may not seem like much, the fact that the new system has a larger better battery is great for the end user. This is just one of the many ways that have helped the Nintendo Switch Lite become popular.  

There are many people that worry about the battery on the Switch Lite and how it handles being plugged in for an extended period of time. Many people believe that if you leave your Nintendo Switch Lite plugged in, it may ruin your device, or even cause your device to blow up or catch on fire.

Although there are many videos about batteries catching on fire or overheating, it has been proven that those videos only happened because the people were not using the devices as intended. Some of the people even intentionally had the battery blow up in order to try and receive compensation. 

If you use your Nintendo Switch Lite as it is intended, you will not have to worry about the battery blowing up, or catching fire. This is because the Nintendo Switch Lite has many safety features that keep the device working properly. There is no reason to worry about the device even if it is left plugged in overnight, or even for days.

This is because of all of the safety devices that do not allow the battery to overcharge, or become too hot. 

Safety is very important to Nintendo, and when they designed the Nintendo Switch Lite, they did not cut any corners. This is because Nintendo knew that the people using the Switch Lite would need something that they could rely on, and make sure that it was safe. 

Should You Buy The Nintendo Switch Lite?

This is a question that many people want to know as the Nintendo Switch Lite is so popular. The good news is that although there are different opinions about the Switch and if it is worth getting or not, the Switch Lite is a resounding yes.

If you are thinking about getting a Switch Lite, this is something you do not want to put off any longer.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has all the portability of the original Switch but at $100 cheaper. The Nintendo Switch Lite runs faster, better, and even longer than the original Nintendo Switch.

These are just a few of the many reasons that everyone loves the Nintendo Switch Lite. If you play with any Nintendo device, you are bound to love their products.

This is why it is no surprise that the Nintendo Switch Lite is so popular and is hard to find. Not only is the gaming system itself great, but all of the online gaming and games that you get access to when purchasing the Switch Lite are a giant bonus.

Even with the rumors about damaging your Nintendo Switch Lite if you charge it overnight, you will be happy to know that those are all rumors. 


Now that you know about the Switch Lite, and that nothing bad will happen if you leave it plugged in overnight, you can rest easy tonight knowing that your device is safe to be plugged in.

You do not need to worry about setting an alarm to wake up and unplug your device.

You can also fall asleep knowing that your device isn’t going to put you in any danger while it is plugged in either.  

Safety is very important to Nintendo and this can easily be seen by all of the safety devices that are installed on the Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo wants you to purchase its products, and one way they can give you peace of mind is by not cutting corners and by making sure that your device is working properly and safely.

Nintendo is known for having amazing products, and the Nintendo Switch Lite is no exception.