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Is Monopoly Cheaters Edition Fun?

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In order to know whether this edition of the Monopoly game is fun or not, we first need to be aware of what Monopoly Cheaters Edition is. To start with, this edition is the type which is quite untamed in comparison to the normal ones.

In this game, players can not avoid cheating, they are required to do so. Players are allowed to escape the normal consequences of cheating, as they can do so as many times as possible. Unlike the normal Monopoly scenario, whenever a player does not get a cheat right, there is always a penalty for such a player.

So, it is plain and simple, in this type of Monopoly, you just have to go against the game’s norms and known traditions to win.

Having gotten an exposition into what this edition is like, let us now consider if this edition is fun or not.

So is Monopoly Cheaters Edition fun?

Although they are some people that are not big fans of this game of Monopoly, the Cheaters Edition is a whole lot of fun due to all of the features of the game. This is also the type of game you should pick when you want to have real fun. This type of game incorporates funny and bizarre inscriptions on the cards which encourages players to break rules to win and in the end, the player with the most cash wins. 

If you would like to know more about if Monopoly Cheaters Edition is fun, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video about things you know about cheating in Monopoly. 

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Understanding The Game

This Monopoly Cheaters Edition game becomes more fun when it is played with a group of friends or with your family. What makes it more fun? You normally have to play games in which cheating is not allowed and it can cause an uproar or argument, but this particular Monopoly Cheaters game edition makes it a rule to cheat. That’s fun! You get to enjoy the cheating moment of the game. In these rules, if you accuse someone wrongly of cheating, you get penalized if your accusation is false, another interesting twist. This type of game is not as long as the normal one, simply because once all properties have been acquired, the game ends. In this way, it eliminates the possible boredom that comes from the normal Monopoly game that can last up to three hours. This furthermore makes it less tiring, more fun, and less boring. The fetter incorporated in this game makes for a whole lot of fun and laughs, as it is made to fit various peoples ideas of fun.

We can clearly see that this edition of Monopoly makes for a lot of fun, as it is unrestricted and wild in its cheating terms.

Cheating In The Game

One of the ways to cheat in this game is to swipe properties from the bank. You have to be pretty courageous to do this and deprive your other opponents some properties by being smart enough. You do this while they are unaware. You can also tamper with the community chest cards in order to avoid payment of taxes. You can add properties more than the amount you paid for. It is also a way to make a lot of your own fun by stealing money from the bank, as all these create the wild nature of the game and also makes it more fun.

How is the cheaters edition designed to make it more fun, as it pertains to its gameplay and components? This game incorporates cheat papers. These cards allow you to go contrary to the normal Monopoly rules. These cards are telling or offering you a chance to cheat. These cards are put in the open for everyone to see, and if a player can manage to execute any of the cheat cards without being noticed, such a player is rewarded. If the player is caught, such a player is punished. Fun! There is no banker. This part of the game allows the bank to be passed around to each player when it is their turn. The fun part is that when it is your turn, you can steal cash and get unnoticed. Fun! Then we have the community chest cards that allow you to punish opponents for no reason, send them to prison!

Interesting Rules

It is very evident that all these make for this Monopoly Cheaters edition to be a very interesting and fun one. The features, rules and game pattern are just wild and fun. There is a saying that says you do not cheat your way to success. Like really! This edition of Monopoly has other plans. You definitely can cheat your way to the top. Yay! Cheaters always win. (In this game anyway)

With the cheaters edition of this game, you do not always have to be stereotyped and follow the normal rules of the game. You can enjoy something different, in a way different from the normal. You get to play Monopoly in a different type of way! You do not get bored of the normal stereotype way, as this edition brings new, wild, and bizarre challenges and tricks.

One thing that has been observed about this game and the people who play it is that the game relieves psychological stress and the people who play it are not always looking sad and down cast from their problems. The game makes them smile and happy not overly focusing on their problems.


From this article, we can learn the fact that this game edition is a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun because of its features and gameplay. This edition is not like the regular edition, as it allows for cheating for fun. This game makes what is not possible in the normal edition possible. It is not a long game, as once all the properties are acquired, the game is over.

The game can also be a psychological help as well. It makes you forget all your worries and troubles while playing, as it is a whole lot of fun, and makes you concentrate on every player’s move. 

It is definitely in your best interest to tell you that this game of Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a whole lot of fun due to the features therein. This is the type of game you should pick when you want to have real fun. This type of game incorporates funny and bizarre inscriptions on the cards which encourages players to break rules to win and in the end, the player with the most cash wins. 

If you do not own the game of Monopoly Cheaters Edition, this is the best place to get it. Although the cheaters edition is more expensive than the regular game, it is a lot more fun, and is loved but everyone who plays it. Because the game does not go on forever and last for hours or days, a lot more people actually want to play this version. This version of the game basically takes all of the good things that people love from Monopoly, and takes away the bad that no one likes. This not only makes the game extremely fun, but makes the game no longer boring.