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Is NES Better Than SNES? (Which Has Better Games?)

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When you think of Nintendo, you think of the original NES and the SNES. There has been a long debate about which one is better, and why people think that. Well today we are going to settle the dispute once and for all. 

So is NES better than Snes? 

In my opinion the NES is better than the SNES. I base this on a variety of factors including which system has better games as well as a variety of other factors which will be discussed more at length in the rest of this article. 

Below we will go through what makes the original NES better, and why we think that. So if you aren’t already complaining about how wrong this article is because you don’t agree, we will continue. 

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Which Has Better Games, The NES Or SNES?

When we compare games, it is pretty easy to see the clear winner. The original NES had so many great games that were way ahead of their time. They had games that connected with the players, and even to this day are being played in people’s homes. 

Probably the biggest and most well known games of the original NES are the Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and Zelda. Even though I only named three games, probably everyone knows all three of them.

Even though these games were released over thirty years ago, they are still being played today in many people’s homes.  

If you were wondering how many games were actually made for the NES, you are not alone. 

There are 793 NES games that were made and sold for the NES console. There are 721 SNES games that were ever made and sold for the SNES console. 

When you look at the many different games that were released for both the consoles, it is pretty easy to see the clear winner. Although both had great games that the players loved, the SNES had quite a few of the same games or similar games that the original NES had. 

Because of the NES having better games, as well as more, we are giving the win in this category to the NES.

If you want to see WatchMojo’s list of the top ten NES games check out the video below. 

Difference Between The NES & SNES Controllers         

As we just discussed above, some of the games of the SNES were spinoffs of the originals, and followed the same lines as the NES. So what about the controllers? Here are a few facts about the controllers of the NES and the SNES.

  1. The SNES came with two controllers when purchased, and the NES came with one.
  2. The SNES controller is more comfortable with its rounded edges compared to the rectangle shape of the NES.
  3. The cord of the SNES is 1” longer than the NES. While this may not seem like much, when you play like I do and flip the cord and lean left and right with every turn, the extra inch can come in pretty handy. 
  4. The NES controller was simpler, and had fewer buttons to use than the SNES

Because of the more comfortable hold of the SNES controller and the other reasons mentioned above, the winner in this category is the SNES

Thankfully there are now adapters that you can buy so you can connect your original NES and SNES systems to wireless controllers! These adapters increase lag a little bit but not having to sit super close to your console is simply amazing! 

SNES Features

The SNES incorporates graphics and sound co-processors that perform tiling and simulated 3D effects, while a palette of 32,768 colors made the gaming experience unique. The SNES also was a 16-bit design rather than the 8-bit that was still being played by most people. 

NES Features

The original NES has many great features. Even though it was only an 8-bit machine, the machine and games that came with it, were well ahead of their time. The games were so advanced, that literally people still pay good money for quite a few of them over 30 years later just to play them! 

The games also were exciting, challenging, and captivated the gaming community, as well as even the people who didn’t normally play video games. The original NES was the first video game system of its time to have so many games, and for a lot of them to be favorites even today. 

Even though the original NES only came with one controller when it was purchased, almost everyone picked up a second for all of the two player games instead of changing controllers. A few of the games also required a gun to be plugged in to play.

These games were the first ever shooting games of its kind, and people were in love! Just the Duck Hunt game alone for the NES is one of the most iconic games even of today! 

When we compare the two game systems side by side, we have to look at the overall performance, the games, how much the consoles were loved, and their ability to captivate the world. When we look at these two systems, we have to come to the conclusion that the original NES is the better console. 

The main thing that puts this console in the lead is just the overwhelming response of the players and the quality of games that were sold for the NES. The SNES did put up a good fight though being a 16-bit console, and having some good games of its own, it just wasn’t enough to put it over the top. 

The games of the NES were so advanced, and beyond their time, they made everyone fall in love. One of these games was the Super Mario Brothers. This game in particular had everyone playing and trying to free the princess.

The problem was these games were challenging, and took a long time to pass. 

This game was loved by all who played it. It was simple enough for the older generation to play and have fun, but also fun enough for the youngest kid to play. There were competitions between families, and friends alike to see who could beat this game! 

Along the way, there were some hidden areas that were found out that Nintendo had actually hid throughout the game. Here is a video showing how to reach those hidden areas and what they do. If you are as fast as this guy, you may even set the World record for completing the entire game! 


No matter what game you love the best, the NES and the SNES are two very amazing game systems that are widely loved by gamers and non gamers alike. All of the games were created well beyond their years, and are still a challenge for those who play them today. 

Nintendo also released the NES Classic and the SNES Classic which are smaller versions of the game consoles that come with preloaded games and controllers. These are a great way of playing the classic games without having to track down the original systems and games.