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Is Nintendo Bigger Than PlayStation?

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Have you ever wondered about the two gaming systems and wondered who was bigger? This debate has been going on for quite some time, and today we are going to settle it once and for all. 

So Is Nintendo Bigger than PlayStation? 

Although there are a lot of different variables, both Nintendo and Sony both have similar net worth. This means based upon sales and popularity of the consoles that PlayStation is bigger than Nintendo is. 

If you want to know more about the Nintendo and the PlayStation, you will definitely want to keep reading. If you are like me though, you may just want to watch this video and skip all the reading.

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Is PlayStation more popular than Nintendo?

Today, the Sony PlayStation is more popular than any Nintendo console ever released. The original PlayStation has sold over 100 million consoles, while the Nintendo Switch console has only sold just over 50 million. 

Based upon these numbers, we can see that even though Nintendo has a more rabid fan base, PlayStation has captured the bigger market in the game industry. 

PlayStation has generally knocked it out of the park since day one. The PS1 has sold over 102 million consoles, the PS2 has sold over 155 million, the PS3 has currently sold over 87 million consoles, and the PS4 has sold over 108 million. These are staggering numbers when you compare them to Nintendo’s consoles that only have around 50 million each. Nintendo did hit it out of the park when they made the DS as that handheld console sold 154 million consoles! 

Nintendo Game Consoles

Nintendo Entertainment System

This is the first 8-bit home video game console released by Nintendo in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa in 1983. It is also known as “Family computer” in Japan. This is the first game console that is openly manufactured by third-party developers. It sold  61.91 million consoles all over the world. The NES helped revitalize the video game industry following the video game crash of 1983 and set the standard for subsequent consoles in everything from game design to business practices.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System is officially known as Super NES or SNES and colloquially shortened to Super Nintendo. This is a 16-bit video game console released by Nintendo in 1990. Officially released in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. At that time the SNES became the best selling console of the 16-bit era, selling 49.10 million systems worldwide.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is one of the latest video game consoles released. It was released in 2017 by Nintendo. This is an eighth-generation video game console and the system was codenamed “Nintendo NX” prior to its official announcement. It is a hybrid game console because it can be used as a home console by being inserted to the Nintendo Switch Dock and  attached to a television. It can be stood up on a table with the kickstand, or as a tablet-like portable console. It features two detachable wireless controllers called Joy-Cons, that can be used individually or attached to a grip to provide a more traditional gamepad form.There are some other consoles that Nintendo made, but these are the most popular ones. 

Nintendo Handheld Consoles

The Nintendo DS is Nintendo’s most popular handheld video game console. There are many handheld game consoles released by Nintendo such as Game Boy, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo first released the Game Boy that featured interchangeable cartridges for each game. It was Released in 1989 in Japan, and it is one of the world’s best-selling game console lines, with over 100 million units sold worldwide.

Sony PlayStation Home Consoles

Sony Released four-game consoles that became popular. THey are the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4. 


PlayStation is Sony’s first game console released in 1994.  It has included successor consoles and upgrades including the Net Yaroze. This game console is a fifth-generation console and competed against the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64. The PlayStation is the first video game console that got 102 million consoles sold all over the world.

PlayStation 2

In 2000 Sony released its sixth generation game console . They called it the PlayStation 2. This game console competes against Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo Game club. This time the PlayStation sold more than 155 million consoles all over the world.

PlayStation 3

This seventh generation game console was released in 2006. It competes with the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. The PS3 is the first console in the series to introduce the use of motion-sensing technology through its Six axis wireless controller. The PlayStation 3 has sold 80 million consoles worldwide. This was the first and last time Nintendo would get more sales then PlayStation.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is an eighth-generation video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This video game was released in November 2013. The main competitor of this console is the Nintendo switch. The PS4 sold over 108 million consoles worldwide! 

PlayStation Handheld

PlayStation released multiple Handheld consoles, but the popular ones are PocketStation, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

The Pocket Station was a miniature game console created by SCE as a peripheral for the original PlayStation in 1999. The PlayStation Portable was Sony’s first handheld console to compete with Nintendo’s DS console in 2004. The last one is the PlayStation Vita which was released in 2011 in Japan.

Related Questions

Is a Nintendo Switch better than a PS3? 

Neither one is better than others because it all depends on what kind of games you play and what you care about when gaming. The PS3 has better graphics than theNintendo Switch and the PS3 game library is bigger than the Switch. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch is very family-friendly.

The Switch works on the go and is more versatile, while the PS3 has better graphics and is a home console. The Switch is still working on its 3rd party games library, but it still lets you play games like Skyrim, Zelda, Paladins, and Fortnite whenever and wherever you want.

The switch is less powerful, but you can play on your way to anywhere as it’s portable. The  PlayStation is powerful but you have to play in your home and not on the go. Both consoles have pros and cons. If you focus on the big game library and home console then PS3 is better for you, but if you want to play games anywhere then the Nintendo switch is a better option for you.


No matter if you like Nintendo or PlayStation better, you have to admit that both consoles have their pros and cons. The games and the graphics are good on both the consoles, and depending on what you like will depend upon which console you like the best. No matter what console you choose, you will be happy with your decision and have hours upon hours of fun while you are playing it. Having fun and playing with friends and family is what the consoles are all about anyways.