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Is Nintendo Labo For Adults?

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Have you recently heard of the Nintendo Labo? Maybe you just saw some kids with them and wondered if they were made for adults? No matter what question you have, we are here with the answers. 

So is Nintendo Labo for adults?

Although Nintendo Labo was produced as an add on to their gaming systems, it is not specifically designed for kids. While the recommendation is 6+ on the package, it does not give a recommendation for if these are made for Adults. Since these are technically made for all ages, you will see many people of all ages using the Nintendo Labo, no matter their age. 

If you want to know more about the Nintendo Labo and if you should buy one, you will definitely want to keep reading! You can also watch this video that explains all about the Nintendo Labo and what is possible with them! 

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Nintendo Labo Kits

There are various kinds of Labo kits available and these kits increase the gameplay experience.

Variety Kit: The Variety Kit contains kits for five individual Toy-Cons.

1. Two remote control cars. 

Where the vibrations from the Joy-Con serve to provide momentum and steering to the car. The game software allows the player to control the car like a normal remote control car. The software also allows for the car to follow targets using the IR motion camera of the right Joy-Con.

2. A fishing rod

This is where the Joy-Con sits in the reel and the handle of the rod. The games receive motion inputs from the Joy-Con to simulate a fishing game.

3. A piano

This is probably most people’s favorite! This kit is a toy piano with a full octave of keys, that the console sits atop of to serve as a music stand. This is something extremely remarkable as the Switch literally plays the music on the device that you are playing on the cardboard keys.

4. A motorbike 

With the Joy-Con inserted into the handlebars on either side of the console, you will be able to steer the bike as though you were actually driving it right there!

5. A house

This house contains a slot to insert different components that can interact with the game software on the Console’s display.

6. Vehicle Kit

Nintendo released this kit in September 2018. The vehicle kit includes three steering consoles. One for a plane, one for a car and one for the submarine. Included games allow players to control planes, cars, and submarines with the kit. The user can switch between these modes by moving their Toy-Con key between units. This kit supports co-op playing with a second person using another Toy-Con.

The kit also includes cutouts for a pedal Toy-Con to power each of the vehicles, two key Toy-Cons, a spray can Toy-Con, and a stand for the console to sit atop the Toy-Con car.

7. VR Kit

The Vr Kit was the last kit released by Nintendo for Labo games. This Kit was released in 2019. The VR Kit centers around cardboard goggles that allow players to view stereoscopic 3D images using the Switch console. A blaster, a camera, a bird, an elephant, and a space viewer all come with the VR kit. 

8.  Robot Kit

The Robot kit makes a mecha suit that includes a visor that holds the left Joy-Con for motion sensor and Right Joy-Con is held by the backpack to read and feel swings. This allows the player to rampage through a virtual world presented on the screen. Multiple game-modes like Robot, VS, Challenge, Robo-Studio, and the Hangar are all included in the software.

Different modes give different abilities to the player. The player can control the giant robot as it attacks targets across a cityscape. The two-player VS mode allows players to fight with their giant robots but for this mode, both players need a separate Robot Toy-Con. In the challenge mode players have to pass new challenges to unlock special abilities that can be used in the game’s other modes.

Is the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit worth $50?

Since the kit only comes with a few pieces of cardboard, you will probably think the kit isn’t even worth buying. The problem is that there is a lot more to this than just a couple pieces of cardboard. Its building, imagination, time with family, and then on top of all of that, you then have the integration with a console and the experience to see something you created come to life! Many people love the Labo kids, and that is why most people say they are with the $70.

Can you use Labo with Mario Kart?

Mario Kart is a series of go-kart-style racing video games developed and published by Nintendo as spin-offs from its trademark Super Mario series. 

Today, Mario Kart is compatible with Nintendo Labo. A free update to Mario 8 Deluxe has added Labo as an official supported controller for the game. Nintendo said official Labo support for other switch games are also on the way.

Should you Buy Nintendo Labo if you are an Adult?

Labo is amazing for all ages but you should know they can be time consuming to assemble similar to Lego kits. It takes a lot of time to put them together, and nowadays Labo has become more Amazing because of all the releases that they have come out with recently. So if you want to buy the Nintendo Labo,  you will want to make sure you can spend an hour or more constructing the game. 

So if you are an adult and if you like building things and find fun in the journey then you will definitely want to purchase the Labo here

How is Labo for kids? 

There are no arguments when it comes to kids and the Labo. They all think it is awesome. Labo is specially designed for kids. A Nintendo Labo kit each contains a set of pre-made cardboard cut-outs and other materials used to make one or more gaming accessories. 

A Nintendo Switch game card callled Toy-Con Garage Mode, allows players to combine cardboard, household items, inputs, and outputs in order to create whatever they want. This is what makes Labo so special for everyone! 

Was Nintendo Labo a failure? 

First of all Nintendo Labo is a Toy product. So it doesn’t really affect the Switch or Nintendo that much. A lot of kids play this game and they really enjoy it so much. Nintendo Labo sold more than 1.3 million. In its release, Nintendo said that the Labo series “gained a lot of attention globally, and was very well received by consumers who purchased it.” So to be blunt, Nintendo Labo is a big success. 


Now that you know that Nintendo Labo is good for everyone of any age, you can go and purchase it for yourself! You are not going  to want to let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you buy. Even if you don’t like any of the Labo kits that are available you can put your imagination to the test and build one of your very own kits. Even for adults there is nothing more satisfying than building something and watching what you created be used and work all around you!