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Is PlayStation Always Recording?

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Do you own a PlayStation and wondered how the game was always ready to save at every location no matter when it was? How does the game know when you want to save at any time? If you want to know the answer to these questions and more, we are here to help. You have probably also wondered 

Is PlayStation always recording?

In order to be able to save the game at any point, the Playstation does constantly record a look of what you are currently playing. Once you have played past the loop, the recording will then record over what you just played assuming you do not create a save point. 

If you want to know more about the PlayStation and how to control the record settings, you will definitely want to keep reading. You can also watch this video to learn how to control when the console records and how you gain access to that recording. 

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Can Playstation see my personal info while recording?

Although the PlayStation records constantly, it only records the game being played and not any of your personal information such as your credit card info or home address. 

Do all PlayStation consoles record?

It should be noted that not all the gaming consoles record or capture the screen. It is only the feature of the latest PS4 and newer. Although there are tons of other external tools that can be used to perform the same function, they may not be able to work like the built-in one. 

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Why is recording important?

Not only is the PlayStation recording you important for saving purposes, but have you ever been playing a game and just had the best shot, or the most incredible kill? The problem was that no one was there to see it, and you have no proof that it actually happened. Well now with the PlayStation recording, you can simply go back and save what just happened to show all of your friends. 

Before the PlayStation though, this was not a thing, and they wanted to fix that. So PlayStation tried to solve this gap by providing the feature to auto record. From this perspective, it is always recording the screen while you play the game. All your gaming moments are being recorded on the go, so you do not have to do it yourself. 

You can do it manually if you like to, however, it is difficult, so it is recommended to use the auto-record feature. You can share the recorded screen by pressing the share button on the PlayStation controller.

If you are playing a game and you have achieved something significant in it or have done something amazing you want to share the video of it on some gaming platform, and then just hit the share button two times. It will be recorded, and it will automatically start recording. 

If the recording is not saved or shared, the recording gets deleted after the time limit set on the console. If the PlayStation continued to save all of the game play data on the drive, then the console would quickly begin to not have any free space. This is why the console automatically records over what was already recorded. 

By default, the PlayStation provides a platform to share the recorded content on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. So if you like to share the content on these, just hit the share button two times and make appropriate changes. 

Many people want to find out whether the PlayStation is always recording or not. We have seen tons of PlayStation video games which turn out great even though they are accidentally recorded. How did this happen? Well, below we will go over the ways to record. 

Record Settings

There are two methods of recording on the screen. These two methods are automatic, and manual. The electronic recording is the default setting, so even if you do not set things up, it is recording the screen straight out of the box. This is how most people end up with a recording of something that they didn’t even know was being recorded. 

This automatic recording can just be saved using the controller. The manual one is just hitting the share button to register and doing the same process again to stop the recording. 

The footage of the saved content goes in the media folder from where you can share it on a different platform or transfer it to your computer. 

How to set up recording?

Several steps need to be followed to get excellent footage though. First, you have to adjust the video settings from the “Sharing and Broadcast” option in the background. It is vital to set things up first before recording so that you get the desired outcome. 

If you hold the share button, you will be able to see a bunch of settings. Set these things up so that you do not have to do this each time for a different video. Also, it is essential to adjust the size of the video clip. You can set it up to 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, and so on.

You will want to choose the one you think is appropriate to share. You cannot manually adjust it after the recording. This is why it is so important that you do this before you try and record anything. Your saved data will then be stored in the “Capture Gallery” folder from where you can see these.

Why should you record

It is crazy how many things will happen while you are playing a game that you wish you had a recording of. We have seen tons of gaming videos on the internet and digital platforms. It is the result of a screen recording that enabled the person to go back and save what just happened. 

In today’s generation there are so many [people that comment about games and show live streams of them playing and other items. All of these streams on youtube, and facebook and other various websites and apps would not be able if we did not have recording capabilities on our PlayStations. That is why this is such an important feature of the console. 

Many times people will have a problem with the game, or want to know how to pass a certain achievement. They will go and watch a gameplay video of someone doing exactly what they want to know how to do. This is done by the recording options on the console. 

How do I turn off the record option?

Many people want to turn this setting off. Well, this is not possible. Even when you place the recording to a manual setting to record the screen, it is still recording. You can just set the time limit to a small amount so that the recorded data gets deleted after a shorter amount of time.

The reason you are not allowed to turn off the =record option completely is  because PlayStation wants you to be able to save your great gaming moments. If they allowed you to turn off the record option, then if you sold your console or let someone play on yours, they may be upset that they could not record on the device. 

If you are worried about your privacy, everything is outlines in PlayStations privacy policy. You will also want to be aware that Playstation does not keep this data as the default time that your gameplay is automatically deleted is 5-10 minutes from when you stop playing. 

If you have the problem with the game recording, then you can turn the deleting time to one minute so that it is deleted just after the minute of recording. From this method, you will get an effect like it was never recorded in the first place.


Now that you know that the Playstation records, and you have access to these recordings, you can start sharing all of your awesome gaming moves with everyone all around the world. Just be sure to adjust the settings first so the recording is the best possible recording of you doing the impossible!