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Is Legit? (Is PlayStation Direct Store Real?)

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Have you recently heard about PlayStation Direct being a real thing? Maybe one of your friends ordered a device from them and hasn’t received it yet, and you want to know if it is a real PlayStation company.

Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about PlayStation Direct. 

So is PlayStation Direct real? 

Although most people do not know what PlayStation Direct is, it is a real website. PlayStation Direct is owned by Sony and sells a variety of PlayStation accessories often for quite good prices.

If you want to know more about PlayStation Direct and exactly what it is, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to see exactly what PlayStation Direct is and what they have to offer. 

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Is Playstation Direct Legit?

Of course, before putting your credit card information on any store online you will want to know if it is a legit company and a real brand. So what about the PlayStation Direct website/ URL? Is legit or is it a scam?

PlayStation Direct (and is a legit website that is owned and operated by Sony. You are 100% safe buying your Playstation consoles, games, and accessories on this site without worry since it is a real Playstation website.

Knowing which sites are real and safe to purchase items on can be difficult but thankfully Playstation Direct is a real site that is 100% legit. Although their prices will often be about the same as in stores or other online websites (like Amazon) you don’t have to worry about if your credit card information is safe with PlayStation’s site.

So if you find a great deal on you don’t have to worry about whether you are getting scammed. It is a real site that sells anything and everything PlayStation related (and often has exclusive accessories as well).

What Is PlayStation Direct? 

With how many scammers there are on the internet you will want to make sure that any place where you make a purchase isn’t going to steal your personal info. And since many scam websites will have domain names with a real company name in it that can make it even more difficult.

So what exactly is the Playstation Direct store?

Playstation Direct is an online store from which you can order PlayStation products directly from Sony. Doing this will not only save you time by not having to go to a store, but since Sony eliminates the middleman, a lot of times, the price of items is cheaper than in a store. 

Using PS Direct also saves you the trouble of physically going out and selecting the products in a store and dealing with people. This is especially helpful if you are trying to purchase an out-of-stock console.

With so much hype around virtually all of the next-gen gaming consoles and so many of them being in short supply, being able to buy a red hot item online direct from Playstation is a game changer.

Many people order consoles and other gaming devices from online stores. This saves them the trouble of traveling and choosing from the big set of displays. 

PlayStation is trying to compete with other retailers to sell its products. Instead of getting gaming products such as the PS5, PS4, PS3, and many others from a third party, you can simply order the product from the Sony direct Playstation website.

How Do I Buy From PlayStation Direct? 

In order to purchase an item using PlayStation Direct, all you need to do is simply add the payment details and other options so that your payment method gets verified. It follows the same process as the other stores.

You can see almost all the products for a PlayStation, and then you can select multiple options regarding that product. In the end, it will be finally processed and delivered. In case you are unable to find the product that you want, you may be able to contact them and have the item specially designed for you.

Once you order the product, you can track the location of your product and get further details. 

PlayStation Direct provides all the functionalities and characteristics, just like other stores do. Although it does not deliver to every different location like all the other high online stores, it does provide a quality service to the United States. 

An important change that PlayStation is following here is that it will directly interact with the consumer. As its name suggests, direct consumers will be targeted to communicate with instead of developing the business to business relationships. 

If you want to get any product, all you have to do is simply reach the PlayStation Direct market and purchase it. You can get all the accessories for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, and other things as well when you shop with PlayStation Direct. 

Also, you can also get blue hard copies of PlayStation games. Doing this gives you two options for purchasing your games from Sony. You can now get the game from the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Direct. This all depends upon which you prefer to use.

You can make the choice of buying the digital copy of the game, or you can simply order the hard copy from PlayStation Direct.

Important Playstation Direct Purchase Info

If you are considering buying your new next-gen consoles from Playstation Direct there are many different things that you will want to know. I will cover each of those in this section.

What Payment Methods Does Playstation Direct Accept?

When purchasing online it is important to know what payment options that a website has. So which payment methods does Playstation Direct accept?

Playstation Direct accepts Discover, Visa, and Mastercard credit cards as well as debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo. Playstation Direct does not accept Paypal at this time.

How Much Does Playstation Direct Shipping Cost?

When purchasing online shipping charges can range anywhere from free to charging a percentage of the purchase price. So how much does Playstation Direct charge for shipping?

Playstation Direct offers standard free delivery on orders over $40. If your purchase is less than $40 then the shipping charge for standard shipping is $4.99.

Where Does Playstation Direct Ship To?

Gamers from all over the world love their Playstation consoles, games, and accessories. Since Playstation Direct often allows exclusive access to some accessories people everywhere will want to purchase them.

But where exactly does Playstation Direct ship to?

Playstation Direct offers shipping to the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Europe
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Of course which countries Playstation Direct ships to can change at any time so be sure go to the Playstation Direct website for your country to check and see if your country has been recently added.

What Is PlayStation Direct’s Return/Refund Policy?

Sony’s online store, Playstation Direct offers 30-day returns on all of their orders. If you use a discount code or coupon on your purchase you will only be refunded for whatever the total amount was that you actually paid after using the coupon or discount.

Can Anyone Buy From Playstation Direct?

When there is a scarcity issue with special bundles that Playstation releases many people will turn to Playstation Direct to order them. But who can actually order on Playstation Direct?

Anyone can order items on Playstation Direct however, scalpers or resellers can have their orders canceled at Playstation’s direction. If your shipment is canceled it might be because you are trying to order too many of an item.

Playstation Direct also tries to ensure that a bot is not used when they restock items as they want real people to purchase items from their website and not a bunch of bots, scalpers, etc.

What Games Are Available On PlayStation Direct?

The list of games that are available at the PlayStation Direct online marketplace can be found here. Although all the games are not available, you can get the product when they get more in stock. The easiest way is for you to keep checking the site for the availability of the game.

You can even wait for a promotion, sale, or discount if you want to get the games at a discounted rate. However, the default rate will be the one that is shown most often on the website. 

Why Is There PlayStation Direct?

The whole PlayStation Direct concept lies around the cutting out of the middleman. If Sony can cut out retail stores and e-commerce websites so that a direct interaction between the company and the people and the company can be established, they will make more money, as well as connect with their customers better. 

This is why Sony has started to compete with other famous stores such as Amazon, eBay, and many others. PlayStation wants to develop its name in this field as well. Therefore, they have tried to cover this field as well by introducing PlayStation Direct. 

How Does PlayStation Direct Work?

You need to follow PlayStation Direct’s code of conduct in order to make the order successfully. You first have to accept the terms of the condition to be able to perform the transactions. 

It follows the rule that you should be 18 and older in order to make any order with them. Therefore, you have to provide the complete identity details to the PlayStation Direct Supporting System.

On the other hand, you do not need to create a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to make an order. You can simply buy the products as a guest account instead. Also, you may need to check the location you are sending it to, or their permanent address as this service is not available outside of the USA.

PlayStation has started to expand its geographical delivery locations, but at this time it is only available inside the United States.  

One rule that PlayStation Direct has put on its website is that you cannot be a retailer or some other store that will resell the product. All you have to be is a PlayStation user who is buying the product for his personal use. 

The price of the product in this regard will be precisely equal to the one mentioned when you clicked the purchase request. If the product gets a promotion or gets a discount in the later phase, it will not be applied to the one that you have already selected. Therefore make sure that you have chosen the right one.

PlayStation Direct follows a simple working style. It asks you for the location or permanent address and delivers the product to that location. You can track the shipping process of the product using the same website by signing in to your guest account or using your order number. 

PlayStation Direct has a return policy that you can return the product if it does not meet your expectations and get your money back or a replacement. Obviously, the product that you order will have a warranty that will follow so in case you have any trouble, you can get it solved.


Now that you know what PlayStation Direct is, and how it works, you can begin to purchase all of your PlayStation accessories from this website. You will always get the best quality product because you are getting the product direct from Sony itself.

Although some products may only be a couple of dollars cheaper than at other stores, you can find some items cheaper on the Playstation Direct website than in many stores. The best part is you can shop from the comfort of your own home.