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Is Rayman An Eggplant?

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Rayman is a video game character that has been quite popular over the years. Rayman was originally released in 1995. Many people feel that Rayman looks a lot like an eggplant so the question naturally arises of whether or not he actually is one. 

Is Rayman an eggplant? Clearly, Rayman is not an eggplant as an eggplant can simply be described as a purple-colored, spongy and absorbent fruit (yes, eggplant is a fruit). Obviously Rayman is not a fruit since he has arms and legs. Many people believe that the purple eggplant shaped body of Rayman is actually his shirt color as when you look carefully it looks like a shirt with a design on it. 

Although Rayman might look like an eggplant (at least in shape and color of his body) the rest of him doesn’t resemble an eggplant and there is nothing else in the game that shows that characters are made of fruit or vegetables. 

There is a mobile game called Rayman Adventure that will allow you to play as Rayman on your mobile phone or tablet. It is actually the second edition of the series of the game and people went crazy when they found out  that they would be able to relive the memories of the Rayman games on their phones. 

Rayman Adventures  is an adventure game in which a forest is in terrible trouble and only Rayman and his friends can save the forest. The ancient eggs which surround the sacred tree were stolen and you need to find them to bring the sacred tree back to life. Rayman is the main character of the game and you get to play the role of Rayman. 

Rayman is a fictional character of the gaming world that is certainly popular with many people who were children when Rayman was first released. Rayman first appeared in the gaming world in 1995 and has been famous since then. Not only have there been several video games but Rayman has also appeared in some short lived animated TV series as well. He has helicopter hair and lacks limbs. These two physical features of Rayman made him popular and people remembered him even more.

If you are interested in learning more about the Rayman Adventures game you can watch the video review below. 

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What Does Rayman look like? 

Rayman is supposed to be an athlete. He is found snoozing against a tree very often. He has great athletic skills and he also has the power of running in the original series of Rayman. The second edition of Rayman depicts some even better qualities that Rayman has. In Rayman 3 he has been given the power to kick the enemies and use monkey bars. Baby Globoxes, Magic Spheres, plums and kegs are a few particular things that he carries and this depicts that he is a very strong character.

Talking about his swimming skills, in the original Rayman, he has extremely poor swimming skills. As soon as he falls in any body of water, he drowns and dies instantly. This feature was improved in the second edition of Rayman. Murphy and a baby Globox teach him how to swim as soon as the game begins. With the third season, he has become a much better swimmer.

In Rayman 3, he is able to perform under-water stunts like backflips and he can even be underwater without needing air for quite a long time. In the advanced version of the Gameboy, Rayman has a game of himself. When the player loses and the game over title appears, Rayman throws himself through the basketball net and catches his own body. It is an interesting and fun thing to watch and players need to wait for a while after the game over title appears on the screen. Gameboy was a popular handheld system back in previous years and is still popular for some people. The original game was Rayman Junior and it reveals the hobbies of Rayman where one of his major hobbies was painting. Unexpected right?

Rayman’s Personality

The personality of Rayman has not been focused on very much. He is seen as a happy, cheerful and positive character throughout the series of Rayman games. He is often described and shown as an impulsive child who has a carefree nature but still somehow manages to keep the heroic spirit in him throughout the games and series. There is a series called Rayman Raving Rabbids in which Rayman is seen as more self-absorbed and self-centered.

Rayman’s Design

Rayman was not originally supposed to be someone who would lack limbs. Earlier, he was supposed to be designed as a full-body character and be quite athletic. Due to the lack of technology and problems in designing Rayman he was eventually left with no legs, no arms and no neck. His palms, head and torso floated in the air like half of his body was invisible. His huge round and strawberry colored nose gives him a sense of the cute look and his helicopter hair is just like the icing on the cake. 

His helicopter hair has a lot of significance in the game as it helps him to glide across places and land safely and softly at his destination. Talking about his eyes, they appear as dark navy blue colored but are actually black in many of the game photos. 

Rayman usually wears white gloves and a mysterious ring on his chest that has no purpose. Many people believe that his purple chest is actually a shirt and that the ring that is on it is just a design on his shirt.  The purple torso (or shirt) that he has makes him appear all mysterious and as if he is hiding lots of secrets. His shoes appear as yellow and white in the original series but the developers have changed it in some of the games that were released later on. In the third part of the Rayman series, he wears a sleeveless brown coat that is left unbuttoned deliberately. The unbuttoned coat reveals a pure white shirt and a brown belt with a pretty golden buckle.


Rayman has been a popular video game character for over 25 years and is still relatively popular today. He never reached the popularity level of Mario or Sonic but he is certainly iconic and virtually any gamer from the last generation would be able to recognize him quite easily. 

As of now it is believed that Rayman is NOT an eggplant but is simply wearing a purple shirt or has purple skin color. Being that none of the other characters in the games are made of fruit or vegetables, then thinking that Rayman is an eggplant is a little bit of a stretch. 

No matter which Rayman game you pick up you will not regret the decision of playing it. Each and every version of Rayman is interesting and unique in its own right. For the most recent mobile game (Rayman Adventures) you can download it for free through the Apple App Store or also on the Google Play Store. The game is quite a bit of fun especially on larger devices and you certainly can’t beat the price!