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Is Rayman The Hardest Game Ever?

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Rayman is a video game that was published by Ubisoft. The game was created and developed by a French man called Michel Ancel in 1995. The game play is set in a magical world that has a different range of environments based on varying themes.

The main games of this series are platformers, and several spin-off titles found in other genres. The protagonist is Rayman, who must save his world from various villains with the help of his friends. 

The video game starts with three levels that are generally easy to complete. However, as it proceeds, it becomes more challenging and difficult to achieve. This difficulty is a result of the capabilities of the game, its design and playability characteristics.

So is Rayman the hardest game ever?

This game is famous for the enemies that Rayman fights. Many gamers have tried and failed to complete all the levels. If the game was played exactly as the developers created it, it would be impossible to win. This is why Rayman is the hardest game ever.

If you would like to know more about Rayman being the hardest game ever, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to learn exactly why Rayman is the hardest game ever.

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Rayman’s Capabilities

When starting the Rayman game, the capabilities are significantly less than the preceding levels. Rayman’s character comes down walking, jumping, crouching, crawling, and grimacing face, which works very well for the character as it sends his enemies running in fear—usually to their deaths. 

As the game proceeds, one gets a telescopic punch  which is your only offensive capability. Later on, the world gives you the ability to hang from ledges, swing from floating hoops, hover by spinning Rayman’s hair like fan blades and run, which replaces the grimace face look. Rayman makes you as the player work for capabilities that are commonplace in most platformer games. By the end of the game, Rayman is still a struggle to finish even after adding these capabilities.

Spawn Triggers

The first difficulty in playing the game is the element of spawn triggers. When reaching specific points in a level, enemies, proton cages, which are the game’s required collectible platforms, and other things (distractions) spawn on or off the screen. There is no sign of where these invisible spawn triggers are. 

For cages, players always have to keep their ears open for the ping, which plays when the cages are spawned and then find where it spawned. This can be frustrating as it happens spontaneously and randomly when playing the game.

Most of the time, a spawn trigger will be right next to an exit-level sign, so if players don’t react quickly enough, they will exit the level forgetting to break the cage which forces the players to repeat the whole level all over again to get that cage. 

A player needs to collect a total of 102 cages to access the final level, which is the Candy Chateau. When it comes to spawning enemies, players can end up walking right into an enemy trap, resulting in their death. Death in the Rayman game is severely punished. The game has a never-ending spawn of traps that are out to get you as a player, and demands 100 percent attention, which means loss of focus even for a second, leads the player to death.

Chase Sequences

The toughest levels are the ones with the chase sequences that require pinpoint accuracy and timing. If you slip up even once, you die. This goes on to the arc where your hands and feet hold on to and land on respectively in the game platforms. The worst is an encounter with a villain called batrayman. Every move you make, batrayman makes, leading to a pursuit – as you duck and dodge his advances. If he touches you just once, again, you die.

Enemies Of The Game

This game is famous for the enemies that Rayman fights. The enemies appear out of thin air when you walk close enough to their territory. Often, you could be running about, and suddenly with no signal, they befall you, and you are dead. They are difficult to anticipate. This kind of layout means that completing most of the levels is a case of trial and error.

Game Moves

The game gives the protagonist a rare combination of techniques and moves to fight the enemies off. The character can attack after the first two levels, which is not a good design. Moves known to be standard are only gained much further down the line of playing the game. 

This phenomenon means that the player is left with minimal ability against unfair enemies who are far more powerful. This design makes the Rayman game even more challenging. The player has to walk until the very last world of the game when he gains the ability to run.

The boss levels of the game range from simple on the one hand to unfairness on the other. One infamous boss called the Rock Creature requires you to take three hits to beat him while he hits you with all his regular attacks. As if this isn’t enough, you only have five pieces of health, which is the maximum. All the while, the boss, having you at a disadvantage can hide behind obstacles to avoid being hit.

Scenery Of The Game

The Rayman game consists of tiny slippery platforms, blind jumps to off-screen platforms, tons of pits and spikes that are there to trap you. Enemies and platforms that appear or disappear suddenly only when you reach certain places and the level design can be cruel while requiring pixel-perfect accuracy. 

What is worse is that save points are few and far between, and you only get 4 saves per continue, and 10 continues to finish the whole game, which is pretty hard. The player is required to go back and find these cages that are hidden deep within every level which will cost you a ton of lives to get. Even though you may have cleared all levels, you cannot face the final boss until you have collected all of the cages.

Collecting In The Game

There are little caged creatures called Electoons and they are essential to collect during the game. They are very tricky to find, yet they were included for players to be able to continue playing. 

You cannot fight the final boss until you collect every one of the Electoons. If the game is played according to how the developers wanted it to, it would be impossible to complete it. It is no surprise why gamers resort to using cheat codes to play the game. Even with cheat codes, there are some that are still unable to finish the game!


As we have read, it is nearly impossible to finish the game all the way even with using cheat codes. This game is famous for the enemies that Rayman fights. Many gamers have tried and failed to complete all the levels. If the game was played exactly as the developers created it, it would be impossible to win. Therefore, Rayman might very well be the hardest game ever. If you want a challenging game to play, we definitely recommend Rayman!