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Is Rummikub All Luck?

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Have you ever been playing Rummikub and it just seemed like no matter what you did you could never win? Maybe it seemed like when you drew your original tiles that you could never get a match and would always end up losing because of it. Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Rummikub and if it is luck or skill. 

So is Rummikub all luck?

Although some people think the game is entirely luck, they are wrong as the game itself does take some form of skill to play. The more skill you have while playing Rummikub allows you to get out more tiles faster once you initially get out. This is how playing Rummikub does involve skill and not just luck. 

If you want to know more about Rummikub you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this short video that will show you how to play and the best strategy to win

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How much skill is needed to play Rummikub?

From our experience, there’s a very little skill that is involved while playing the game Rummikub. This is because there is more luck involved in it. Unlike other games like Chess and Bridge, you don’t have to plan everything and think very far in advance. There are few Rummikub games where you have to use your skill to win the game. What we get to know from experience is that there’s more luck than skill involved although it does take both to win. 

Everything you need to know about Rummikub

Sometimes sitting back, relaxing, and playing the game Rummikub is the only way to go. The game is owned by an Israeli company that purchased this game for $1.8M from a developer”online.

The game is witnessing success, right after the company started the marketing . Today there are around 3 million copies of Rummikub that have been downloaded.

After watching so much success coming to the company, the game is now available on different social media platforms. Thanks to the Facebook connect, that allows the game to be played without installing the application even more people play the game every day. 

To all those who don’t know about the Rummikub game, the easiest way is to tell you that it is a multiplayer game whose objective is to create a set of tiles containing three same numbers with different colors. When you get rid of all of your tiles on the board, you are then considered the winner of the round. 

Rummikub has a total of 106 tiles with 4 different colors. This game is being played at home, bars (for betting), and with friends and family. 

You can play this game with your family, friends or life partners because this game is so much fun. Many people will test their skill and luck at this game and bet on who will be the winner of the game. Although some people are not into betting, there are a lot of people that do it, and as long as it is all done in fun and no one gets upset about who wins the bet, there is no reason why you should not make a friendly wager.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does rummikub mean?

Rummikub is a famous game, which is a tile-based game for 2-4 players. You can compete with 1 friend all the way up to 3 friends at one time or team up as well. All the players have 14 tiles initially, and the one who gets rid of their tiles first is the winner of the game. 

Note* You can draw only one tile at one time. The game is free to download and play, but you can also play in real life by buying the board game here

  • Who goes first in Rummikub?

To determine who will go first, everyone selects one tile first, and the one who has a tile with a greater number will go first in the game. The game follows a “Clockwise” direction rule. If no one wins after drawing them, all the tiles are then returned to the pouch, and they mix it and then picked up again.

Each of the players takes 14 tiles and places them on their table to start the game. 

  • How many points to open up Rummikub?

To start the game, and get out, the initial meld has to add up to 30 points or greater. These points have to come from the titles that you’ve on the table. You are not allowed to use any tiles on the table until you have placed down your initial meld.

Every tile has its face value. Few get the lower number, and few get higher. It’s all about luck at this point. 

  • What age is rummikub for?

There are basically 4 types of “Gameplay” that Rummikub is offering to you and the names are listed below:

  • Rummikub Tin– This is a multiplayer game, and a maximum of 4 players can play the game. Your age should be more than 8+
  • Rummikub Deluxe Large Numbers in Wooden Box: This is a multiplayer game, and a maximum of 4 players can play the game. Your age should be more than 8+
  • Rummikub Large Numbers Edition: This is a multiplayer game, and a maximum of 4 players can play the game. Your age should be more than 8+
  • Rummikub Twist: This is a multiplayer game, and a maximum of 4 players can play the game. Your age should be more than 8+

More than 55 million units are sold, and the counter is still ticking. You can easily tell how popular the game is simply by looking at how many people have the game as well as how many units have been sold all around the world. 

  • How many tiles are in the Rummikub set?

There are a number of 104 numbered tiles in the rummikub set, as well as two jokers that play a main role in the game. The numbers of tiles range from 1-13 with four different colors. These colors are red, black, blue, and orange. 


Now that you know Rummikub is more than just luck, you can be sure to go home and practice the best way to win. Practice will help you determine the best way to play as well as train your brain what to look for when you play the game in order to win every time. 

Although the game is not just skill, you will also need to rely on luck to win the game. If you are not lucky when you draw your tiles, it can be harder to win the game. It is still possible to win the game even though you do not have luck though. 

If you do now own a Rummikub game, you will want to get one here to practice how to play. Once you own the game, you can play with your friends and family and learn the best way to play the game and beat all of your opponents every time you play. 

No matter if you play online or at the board game, having skill does come in handy when you are playing the game. If you are good enough, you may even be able to compete at the national tournament in Israel. 

Even if you are not good at the game, the most important part is to have fun and enjoy time with your friends and family.