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Is The Nintendo Gameboy Still Popular?

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Did you enjoy playing all of the Gameboy games when they first came out? Maybe you are wondering if they are still around or popular. Well, in this article we will answer all of your questions about the Gameboy. 

So is the Nintendo Gameboy still popular?

Although the Gameboy was the top selling system and first ever handheld system when it was released, today it is no longer very popular. It is still around in people’s personal collections, but not very many, if any people still play the Gameboy today. 

If you want to know more about the Gameboy you will want to keep reading this article as we go more into depth about the Gameboy and its games. 

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Was the Gameboy popular when it was released?

Before everyone was doodling around on the web using their smartphones, there was the most exciting game system of all time, the Gameboy. Before the arrival and innovation of Smartphones, people used to spend their time playing on the Gameboy. The Gameboy has its place in every kid’s heart that was born in the 90’s.

Although the Gameboy is not extremely popular today, the memory of the Gameboy will live on in people’s hearts forever! It was extremely popular when it was first released and was so popular, that Nintendo actually made two more versions of it! 

The Game boy was the very first gaming system that was a handheld device and did not need plugged into a tv or monitor to work. 

People used to spend hours and hours on this addictive device, mostly just to pass time while waiting to go places, or on long car rides. 

Even today with all of the different devices and handheld games that have been made, the Gameboy has still been the best seller over all of the different handheld gaming devices today. This is why the Gameboy had been the best creative, most addictive gaming handheld device of all time! The Gameboy was released in Japan in 1989, and it was designed by none other than Nintendo. 

What did the games of the Gameboy look like? 

Although the device was handheld, the games were actually heavier and bigger than most people would imagine they would have been. However, when people began to play on the Gameboy they would have to spend most of their time waiting for a game to simply load so you could play it. Although this annoyed some people, most people didnt actually mind as they didn’t have anything better to do than wait. This game was extremely addictive and many people became addicted to playing it not only on the go, but all the time no matter where they were. 

Did the Gameboy sell many devices when it was released?

This incredible game sold 300,000 units within two weeks, costing just under $100 each! For those of us that are not good at math, that means that Nintendo made just over $30 million within two weeks of the release of the Gameboy. This made history as the fastest selling console of its time! 

The Gameboy brought portable video gaming to the mass market before any game could make its place. Even though this game was so famous, today it’s not famous anymore. Today innovations such as the smartphone have taken over handheld devices. Today we have such a vastly superior gaming collection available to us in the palm of our hands. In the ’90s, though, this game was a life changer and everyone wanted to own one! 

Was the Gameboy perfect?

The Gameboy was one of the best things a 90’s kid ever had. The Gameboy doesn’t have a perfect screen display, but over time Nintnedo kept remaking it to be the best version ever! 

After the Gameboy was released, Sega came out with the Game Gear, but it could not compete with the Gameboy as it ran out of batteries and died extremely fast. Although Sega tried to overtake the handheld world from Nintendo, it was never able to take the place of a Gameboy.

Is the Gameboy hard to play?

Although the Gameboy seems hard to play at the beginning, when you start to get the hang of it, you never go back to an old console again. These handheld games were so fun to play, and they were also extremely convenient as you could play them on the go. Although the game was small for when it was released, most people put a bulky case on the Gameboy to make sure that it stayed safe and lasted longer. 

This was the reason why the Gameboy was relatively easy to hold in your hands. It included everything a gamer could want all in the palm of his hand. 

Features of the Gameboy

The best feature of this Gameboy was the battery life. The battery of the Gameboy could easily last for days on a single set of batteries. This meant less hassle and more time to enjoy playing the Gameboy. 

Although today looking at a screen laying in your bed is not good for your eyes, if you owned the Gameboy you did not have to worry about that. Because the Gameboy did not have a backlit display or any blue light, many people played them while laying in bed, or in their room. The downside to not having a backlight was that the Gameboy was normally very hard to see in the sunlight or when it was bright in the house and outside.

Does new technology affect the Gameboy?

Although it was a top seller when it first released, today the newer technology has made the Gameboy a thing of the past. Although it is not played very much today, every now and then you still see people walking around with a Gameboy in their hands. This is because the Gameboy was so popular, and addictive, that even today with all of the newer technology people still prefer to play it over some of the newer games. 

Today, the consoles that are made are not addictive as much as they were back in the ’90s. That is because in today’s generation our attention span has gone down so far, that we simply play on the next best thing every time it comes out. If a game takes more than a few seconds to load, we get upset that the speeds are not fast enough. The Gameboy was a different generation as people were more patient and did not live as such high speeds that they do today. 

Nintendo never worked with the innovative strategy, and after some years, it released the GameBoy Color in 1998. After that, it released the GameBoy Advance in 2001. 

These next generation Gameboys were just Nintendo’s way of improving on something that was already amazing and loved by so many people. Nintendo updated and came out with new versions of the Gameboy similar to how Apple is upgrading and coming out with new versions of the Iphone. 


Even though the Gameboy isn’t popular today, you can still enjoy all of the games and own your own Gameboy for a cheap price. This is because they are still collected and played by people all around the world as some people simply cannot move away from the perfection of Gameboy. 

If today you have some Gameboy games that you want to play, but you cannot get your original gameboy working, you can purchase an attachment for your phone that will allow you to play Gameboy games directly on your phone! You can purchase it here, and the best price is that it is only a couple dollars!