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Is The Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite Worth It?

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If you are a Nintendo fan, you know that the Switch Lite is the newest addition to their lineup. It has been hailed as a streamlined, budget-friendly alternative to the original console, but does it live up to expectations? In this post, we will explore whether or not the Switch or Switch Lite is worth getting.

If you are in need of an upgrade and have always wanted your own Switch experience but couldn’t afford it or needed something more portable, then the Lite might be perfect for you! The Lite has some flaws (such as no motion controls), but ultimately will get to where you want to be. If you are more of a big screen gamer, then that Switch is a better option because of its ability to connect to the TV 

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are great gaming consoles and both come with all of the games you know and love. Both the Switch and the Switch Lite are worth buying but which you should buy depends on how you plan on using them. 

If you love playing on the go and want to save a bit of money then the Switch Lite is the perfect choice for you. However, if you want to play your Switch on the TV while still being able to play it on the go as well then getting a normal Switch is your best choice. 

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The Switch Lite is the perfect hardware choice for those who love the Nintendo experience but simply can’t afford to get a whole console. As such, it does lose a lot of quality and functionality compared to the original. The device itself is very lightweight and portable, so playing with friends is very easy (although there isn’t much local multiplayer support). It also has no major flaws- a full-fledged slot for microSD, a battery that lasts around 2 hours, and an even lighter design than the original.

However, the one major drawback is that it doesn’t have motion controls, which means no more Arms, no more Splatoon, and no more Joy-Con flinging. This may be a dealbreaker for some people who absolutely adore these games. The console also lacks some of the original’s functionality, such as video capture, release of non-game software, and most importantly it cannot be played on a TV like the normal Switch can. 

The Switch Lite has all the same software as the original Switch as Nintendo loves to keep things consistent. The only difference is that it lacks some of its gaming capabilities due to lack of motion controls. The Lite is the perfect option for beginners, but genres such as fighting, sports, and racing are somewhat left out. Thankfully, there are some games that can be played with one Joy-Con controller or two, such as Mario Kart 8 or Arms. This makes the Lite a fantastic choice for games that don’t require motion controls.

Overall, the software on the Switch Lite is nearly identical to that of the original console model. There is no major difference in quality or performance- everything feels exactly the same as it does on its bigger counterpart. 

The price point is one of the most important factors of the Switch Lite. Since the MSRP on the Switch Lite is $100 less than the full Switch model then it is often chosen as it is more budget friendly. However, in my opinion spending the extra $100 to have the capability to play it on your TV is well worth the extra expense. 

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Is The Nintendo Switch Worth Buying?

The Nintendo Switch is ideal for you if you have an interest in video games and just want to be able to enjoy playing them without any downsides from using a standard console (no extra cords, no external storage like hard drives, no needed internet connection etc. etc.).

The Nintendo Switch is just like a mobile phone with a much bigger screen and if you are looking for an affordable way to play games then you should definitely consider buying one.

For me, the Nintendo Switch is worth buying because I get to play all of my favorite Nintendo games in their original format as well as have the additional capability of playing the system on the go or on my TV at home. 

Nintendo has done an amazing job at making something that is not only fun but also user-friendly and it really does feel like they have designed it so that everyone can enjoy gaming on it.

The Switch has a great battery life and it’s easy to use. The games are fun and I also think that the Switch is an excellent option for families that want to play together.

Here are some of the main benefits of buying a Nintendo Switch that I have found while using it. 

  1. It can be played on its own or with friends on one screen.
  2. You can take it wherever you go.
  3. There is no need for an internet connection for most games (although multiplayer over the internet will require it of course)
  4. It’s easy to use
  5. The games are well-designed for children but also fun for adults.

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite connect to the TV?

As you know by now, the Nintendo Switch Lite is not the same as the Nintendo Switch. It has its own hardware that is totally different from Nintendo Switch despite it playing the same games and having virtually identical software. This is why it does not connect to the docking station and it is not possible to connect the Nintendo Switch Lite to the TV directly.  

If you are looking for a Nintendo gaming device that you can use connected to your TV, you will need to go with the normal Nintendo Switch. The Switch will connect to the TV and also allow you to take the device on the go. The Switch Lite on the other hand is only designed to be used on the go which is why it is smaller and extremely lightweight. 

Because some people are always on the go, they prefer the Switch Lite to play games on and take it with them, while others like the original Switch. It really comes down to how you will be using the Switch in order to know which one will fit your needs best. After all, if you play mostly at home, you won’t want a device that cannot even connect to your TV. 

Should I Get The Switch Or Switch Lite?

If you’re looking for a more portable Nintendo console while still being able to connect to a TV, the Switch is definitely the better choice. However, if you would like to play all your favorite Nintendo games on a smaller slimmer handheld device while on the go, then the Switch Lite is your best bet. It really comes down to personal preference and how you will be using the device the most. 

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are both great options for any gamer. The main difference between them is that the Nintendo Switch is more limited when it comes to portability as it is a bit larger and also has a larger screen. 

However, few people solely game on the go and often will find themselves wishing that they could connect their Switch Lite to the TV which is why despite the extra cost I personally recommend buying a Switch and not a Switch Lite. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that you can only play on the go and want to save some money, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great option hands down. It’s much more portable than the original console and can easily fit in your pocket. This makes it possible to take your Nintendo with you on a trip or to your friend’s house without hassle.

I took the time to compare both consoles as closely as possible. I went over every detail of the hardware, pre-loaded games, controller types, controllers options, and even game quality and replayability. This guide should help make it easier for you to choose between these two fantastic pieces of hardware from Nintendo.

First let’s talk about the obvious difference: portability. The Switch is a larger console that relies on two separate pieces to function. You have the main tablet area which has all of the controls, ports, and battery life, and then you have the dock which acts as a hub for power, external output for audio and video, and connecting to your TV. The Nintendo Switch Lite is much smaller in size. This makes it much easier to pack with you on a trip or take with you on an adventure without worrying about it being too bulky or heavy.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is almost identical to the 3DS in terms of size. With a 4.5″ screen and an overall length of 6.3″ it is easy to see why this console is so portable. The Switch has a larger 6.2″ screen and is more than twice as long (10″) as the Lite version, making it much harder to use while traveling or taking on the go.

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite: Hardware

One of the first differences you will notice between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is that they are almost completely identical in design. The main device, which comes with the dock, is nearly identical to the 3DS XL, except for one major difference: it has a USB-C port. This means that your Nintendo can use a variety of different high-speed chargers and you can also take advantage of faster charging options that support higher amperage.

The Nintendo Switch also comes with an adjustable kickstand, which is a feature that we didn’t get to see on the Switch Lite.

As for the accessories that come with each version of the Switch, these are practically identical. You will always get a standard set of Joy-Cons for controlling your console, along with all the necessary buttons and inputs. The main difference between them is that they are different colors, and the Joy-Cons on each console have different textures.

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite: Performance

The main difference in performance between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is that the Switch has a better screen and better battery life. They are both relatively similar when it comes to hardware capabilities. The Nintendo Switch comes equipped with a 720p screen which is slightly smaller than the 7″ on the Lite, but can offer richer color vibrancy. It also has a much larger battery, lasting up to 7 hours of continuous gameplay.

On the other hand, one of my favorite features about the Switch is its ability to share my screen directly onto a TV. This allows me to play games anywhere on a large screen whereas you can’t do that with the Lite. 

Overall, even though the hardware capabilities are almost identical, if I had to choose between these two consoles I would choose the Switch because of its screen and battery life.

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite: Controller Options

Both consoles come with a standard set of Joy-Cons that you can use to play games with however the Switch Joy-Cons are detachable while the Switch Lite controllers are not. The extra controllers that come with each console are different colors (red and blue), but they both function identical. They are all about the same size, with a slightly wider controller than the Joy-Con on the 3DS XL.


Overall, I can see why some people might find the Nintendo Switch a bit more convenient to use than the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, if you don’t plan on playing any games at home in addition to taking it on an adventure on the go then you should be fine with either one.

However, I would recommend going with the normal Nintendo Switch if you are planning on buying only one of them. This way you can get all the features that you want while being able to use it on the go and also connect it to your TV for easier gameplay and even easier multiplayer.