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Is The PlayStation Camera Good For Streaming?

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Have you recently been thinking about starting to stream your gaming or facebook living them to try and make some extra money? Are you wondering if you need a super good professional camera or if the PlayStation camera will work? Well in this article we will answer all of your questions and give you all the information about streaming and the PlayStation camera.

So is the PlayStation camera good for streaming? 

The PlayStation camera is in fact great for streaming no matter if you are just starting off or you have been streaming for a while and your camera recently broke. If you are looking for just some simple regular quality streaming, then you can go for the older versions of the PlayStation camera; however, if you want some high-quality streaming, and the best video, then you will want the latest PlayStation Camera. You can even purchase the latest one here for a cheap price! 

If you want to know more about the PlayStation camera, then you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video which will show you exactly how to set it up and start streaming with it! 

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PlayStation provides an additional separate camera device that can be used by gamers to perform multiple activities. The most important of these activities is live streaming. If you are a gamer and like to stream on different platforms, then you must have thought of getting a high-quality camera. Well, you can solve this problem using the PlayStation camera that is specially designed for the PlayStation 4. 

The earlier version of the PlayStation camera has a streaming screen resolution of 720p and it delivers at 60 frames per second. This quality is a standard for live video streaming. But if you want to go better than that, you can select the latest PlayStation Camera that has a better resolution.

Since video streaming involves two screens, one for the game and the other to stream, you will not have to cover up the complete boundary of the display. It will be displayed at max on the half of the screen, so the quality of the old versions would still look good.

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What is the PlayStation camera?

The PlayStation camera is a device that is used to sense the motion and record high-quality video. It is also used for streaming and doing other things. It was developed for PlayStation as an add-on device. However, it does not come with the PlayStation 4 console when you buy it. 

It came as the successor of the PlayStation 3’s camera named PlayStation Eye. Because of its advanced features like voice controlling, motion-detecting, head tracking, and live streaming capabilities, it is the best way to live stream while playing on the PlayStation.

Features of the PlayStation camera

The PlayStation camera is not just an ordinary camera that can be used to stream without any problems. It has plenty of features that have increased its value to a gamer as well. 

As compared to the original rectangular shape, the new cameras have a cylindrical way that looks more appealing.

They have a cylindrical shape that can be put together on a separate stand. Instead, on the attached standing gear, you get a different position on which you can easily adjust the angle and positioning.

There are multiple versions of the camera available for sale. The newer ones, releasing in the later phase, have a better display. It has a real tone feature that adds the actual saturation of color on the screen.

These cameras follow the same design pattern as that of the original PlayStation. They are black and grey and have a sleek design. 

Today, the PlayStation releases cameras that have a resolution of 1280 into 800 pixels, which is pretty amazing. With this quality, you can easily stream on bigger screens without worrying about pixel distortion. 

Additionally, it operates on two separate cameras having the feature to focus the subject from a big distance. You can also set them up manually according to the position you place them on. This makes them have the perfect focus every time. 

These two cameras can also be used separately. One can be used for motion tracking of the subject, whereas the other can be used to record the gaming.

The PlayStation cameras have an audio microphone operation as well. While recording, it has the feature to eliminate external noises by focusing more on the voice of the subject using its motion tracking camera.

This feature helps a lot in video streaming as you do not have to buy and set up a separate microphone for streaming. You may simply just use the built-in one, and you are good to go.

Since the PlayStation 4 and the other latest PlayStation devices are compatible with PlayStation camera, you can use it to give voice commands or joke with your friends in the game. 

How do I set up my PlayStation camera?

The first thing you need to do is you need to find the audio options of the game. Then you can synchronize it with the PlayStation camera so that the commands you give will be directly operated in the game.

It works with a picture in picture technology that is ideal for live streams. Also, it supports the PlayStation ecosystem, so it is highly recommended instead of other external camera sets.

These PlayStation Cameras can also work with PlayStation VR headsets since it has the motion tracking feature. This can really help you alot if you play in the virtual reality world. Because of these extensive features, it is an ideal video game streaming camera.

Streaming with the PlayStation Camera

It is effortless to stream with the PlayStation camera. All you need to do is to simply plug in the wires, and you are good to go. Plug the cable in the port on the PS4 above the Ethernet port. After this, you can set up the camera mount on top of the screen or the tv that you want it on. All the other settings will be done from the PlayStation menu.

PlayStation Camera Games

The PlayStation camera does support games, but at this time not all the games. Some don’t even have a reason to use the Camera. A list of all few popular games that are supported by this camera are:

  • FIFA 15, 16, 17
  • Angry Birds
  • Just Dance
  • The Playroom

Restrictions of the PlayStation camera

With a lot of high specifications and features, there are a few restrictions that also come with this camera. It is not able to connect to all the games, and only a few specific games can be connected to it in offline mode. 

You can use it for video recording or streaming, but for motion detecting and voice-command operation, it will only work on some specific games. This is not a drawback, but it can be regarded as one since PlayStation has released very few games that are operational with this Camera.


Now that you know that the PlayStation camera is good for streaming, you can go ahead and get one for all of your streaming needs. If you plan on doing quite a bit of streaming, you will probably want to purchase the newest camera as it is far better than the older PlayStation Eye. 

No matter if you are using the old camera or the new one, the PlayStation camera will work great for all of your videoing, recording, and streaming needs!