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Is The PlayStation Plus Worth It?

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Have you heard about the PlayStation Plus, but hadn’t really put much thought into getting it? Maybe you recently heard that they are going to start giving games away for free with it, and this piqued your interest. If you want answers to these questions and more, we have them all for you. The biggest question that everyone wants to know though is that:

Is the PlayStation Plus worth it?

Although most things are not worth all the hype around them, this is definitely not the case with the PlayStation Plus membership! This membership is 100% worth signing up for, if for nothing else, just the free games you will be getting. 

If you want to know more about the PlayStation Plus and what you get with the membership, you will definitely want to keep reading. If you want to know more about the PlayStation plus but don’t like to read, you can also watch this video. 

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Can I get the PlayStation Plus for free?

If you are  like some people and you want to have the PlayStation Plus for free and not pay for it, here is a video that shows you how to get the PlayStation for free! Yes you read that correctly, you can have it 100% free for as long as you want. To get PlayStation Plus for free simply follow the steps in this video. 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing these steps every two days, you can simply buy a year membership for under $4.50 a month right here

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is an online membership provided by Sony for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation 4, so that a virtual network can be made.

PlayStation Plus is definitely worth the hype. It provides a lot of services like online gaming, free games, and other in-application purchases. This is why it is not only recommended for gamers who like to play a lot, but anyone who likes to play PlayStation at all. 

You can get free games for a massive period if you purchase a membership. Also, you can get tons of other features and things that we will go through in the rest of this article. 

If you have ever played online, you must have enjoyed the perks of it. The online collaboration with other teams and players, group building, and battleground gaming are the most fun ways to play games. Although playing alone can pass time, it is not near as fun as playing with other people. Because of this, many games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, Battlefield, PUBG, etc. are designed to be played online. 

PlayStation Plus Services

PlayStation Plus provides tons of features. Some of them are free games, online gaming, advanced in-build gaming features, and many more.

It was originally released about ten years back for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation portable only. Today, it is also available for PlayStation 4 and other high-end Sony devices.

It was designed to give gamers exclusive features at a monthly or yearly premium rate. You can also get automatic uploads on game servers, system updates, cross-platform gaming, and a bonus discount on online PlayStation stores. 

The best feature though of the PlayStation Plus is the free games that you can play as long as you maintain your membership. You can further pay to play multiplayer games to enjoy the collaborative gaming environment. 

Many people confuse that once you pay for the membership, you will get the free games for the entire lifetime. However, this is not the case as we will only get the game from that specific month.

If you select the free games at the end of the month, these gamers are open only for that entire month and not for a lifetime. In a recent explanation by the PlayStation Group, you can play a free game until the end of Tuesday of the next month. After this, your free game time expires, and you have to either renew the membership or purchase the game. If you purchase by the year though, you can simply keep playing as many free games as you want for the entire year. 

You can select the free games of your choice from the console, from the PlayStation website, or by using the app. You can then access the game on the console of your choice using your PlayStation network. 

One important thing to remember is that you do need to download the game once you have purchased it. It will be available in your library under the “bought” category. If your membership runs out, these games will be removed but will show right back when you renew the membership. Your games can only be removed if you don’t replace the account for more than six months.

PlayStation without the PlayStation Plus membership:

Many people play PlayStation without any association. They play offline video games without having the taste of the actual gaming environment. For some reason, it is okay. But if you want to get connected to the entire gaming world or want to become a pro gamer, then you will definitely need a Plus membership. It provides tons of attributes, and is recommended by the expert gamers of the world.

The PlayStation Network is incomplete without the PlayStation Plus membership. If you enjoy offline games, then it can easily mean that you are living in isolation.

Almost all the games for the PlayStation are designed to be played online. This is why they have the built in feature to play online. If you select these kinds of options without the membership, then you will not be able to access all the games or consoles have to offer.  

Many people are living in a grey area without getting the knowledge of the actual gaming setup. Over 60% of PlayStation users have an online account to play online and not just play the games offline. Once you go online we promise you won’t want to go back to offline gaming. 

Games in the PlayStation Plus membership:

There are plenty of free games in the PlayStation Plus membership. However, not all of the games provide high-end gaming characteristics. Some games are pretty lame and are added to increase the game count. 

This most important aspect of this membership is online gaming though and not the games it offers. There are many free games in it, but most people opt in to the membership to play online and not just for the free games. 

Mostly, these basic levels of games are added because of other simple devices such as PlayStation Vita and other handheld devices. They cover the basic membership, which is why it provides a fun activity in leisure time. PlayStation is really pulling out all the stops recently and is giving the gamers exactly what they want with more popular games for free. 


If you have not tried to play on the PlayStation yet with the PlayStation Plus membership there is no better time to get in than right now! This is because as time has gone on more amazing games are being added such as Uncharted 4, the Sims 4, and Dirt Rally 2.0.

So if you don’t have your membership yet, go ahead and get one now! You can get one cheaper than $4.50 a month right here