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Is The PlayStation Pro Worth It?

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Every once in a while Sony comes up with a new model of their most popular gaming option available, PlayStation. I would be foolish to say that its games and system are not good.The quality gaming and the great graphics is what attracts gamers to the Playstation console the most. 

You can enhance your gaming experience by keeping up to date with all the new launches and updating to the latest version every time that it is released. Constantly upgrading to the newest console can be expensive but it is the best way to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

One of Playstation’s most recent console releases is the PS4 Pro also known as the Playstation Pro. 

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to the Playstation Pro or should you wait for the next console to come out? 

The biggest upgrade when it comes to the Playstation Pro is that the picture quality is much better than the picture quality on the PS4 as the Playstation Pro has 4K capability which none of its predecessors had. It also has a greatly upgraded CPU and GPU which greatly helps the gaming experience of the console. 

Of course those things don’t mean that you should or shouldn’t buy the console. If you already have a PS4 Slim then upgrading to the Pro probably isn’t worth the money. However if you are buying a brand new Playstation then the extra $50-$75 to go up to the newest model is certainly worth the cost! 

To see some of the specific new features in action check out the video below.

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PlayStation Features to look out for

The Playstation 4 was originally launched in 2013 with the upgraded PS4 Slim being launched in 2016. This system has certainly been loved by people all over the world as they have sold over 100 million copies according to Sony’s reports.

The new model has many great features that you must know about before buying it. It offers a 4K display which is considerably better than the one offered on its older console and is an excellent way to help you experience the best possible graphics. It is basically a smaller and slimmer version of the PS4 but it also has many additional features that will enhance your gaming experience.

It offers unmatched visual detail because of the 4K display. You can certainly enjoy taking the gaming experience to the next level with the Playstation Pro. This version is also much more powerful as you have access to faster frame rates with this model. 

With the HDR technology, you can have a one of a kind experience. The colors will be more vibrant and a treat to your eyes for sure. With some of the enhanced games, you will definitely see the difference as the picture clarity will be much better. 

The Playstation Pro also comes with twice the GPU power as compared to a normal PS4 model.

What’s the difference between the PS4 and Playstation (PS4) PRO?

This is one of the most common questions that many gamers ask before investing their money in either of these. The difference between these two will help you in figuring out which is the better version to go for and if it is really worth the upgrade.

  • The pro version is definitely a much better version than the older PS4 because of the great additional features provided by it. It is definitely a great model to go for. Both of these models offer the same games but the pro version offers a much better gaming experience.
  • The price of the Playstation (PS4) PRO is slightly higher than the PS4 because of all of the improvements in it. You can notice these great features if you are someone who has played both of these consoles. There are changes in the hardware too which makes it easier to play and the games respond much faster.
  • The main difference comes when we talk about quality. The pro version can go as high as 2160 pixels or the 4K version while PS4 is limited to only 1080 pixels. This huge difference is what makes the Pro better as it offers realistic images and much better details.
  • For getting the best experience of the pro version, it is important that you own a 4K graphics screen or 4K television. Playing the pro on an old 1080p TV screen won’t offer you much difference except a few additional frames.
  • Coming to the looks, the pro version is considerably larger than the PS4 slim in size as well as weight. The size is similar to the regular PS4 but is even slightly larger and a pound heavier than the PS4.
  • When talking about the add ons, there are a few additional features like an extra USB port, an optical audio port and it also uses HDMI 2.0 version while PS4 uses the original HDMI 1.4. All these are a slight difference which can add up to a quite substantial upgrade over the PS4 slim.
  • Some other features include that the pro version comes with an extra 1GB ram which enhances the performance. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and a WiFi antenna. Moreover, with a better GPU performance, you will get a better experience.

Seeing that there are so many slight differences, it can be difficult to know if the Playstation Pro is actually worth the cost to buy or upgrade. It is important to do your research and carefully consider if it is worthwhile to purchase it or not. 

Is the Pro version really worth it?

Although it comes with many great features, it has tough competition too. Undoubtedly, Sony has made a great upgrade in terms of quality of the system but is this version really worth it? If you are planning on simply upgrading from a PS4 Slim, then in my opinion, no it isn’t worth all the money.

If however, you are looking to buy a new Playstation console then the Playstation Pro is certainly worth the cost over buying the older PS4 Slim model. 

Another thing to consider is many people expect the PS5 to be available in the next year or two. It is likely that the PS5 won’t have much better stats than the Playstation Pro but it will likely have new games available that won’t be available on the PS4 model.  

If you already have a PS4, then it is important to remember that the games of both models are the same and hence you won’t have new games just because you have the Playstation Pro model. Undoubtedly the Pro version will offer you a better experience than the PS4 Slim but for most people it isn’t worth the cost to upgrade from another PS4 to the Pro. 


The Playstation Pro is a great model to go for when it comes to the image quality that it offers. It indeed offers a one of a kind experience while playing and is certainly worth the money if you don’t currently own a PS4 but with the PS5 on the horizon in the next couple of years it might be worthwhile to hold off and buy the PS5 when it is released. 

You can surely rent it to try it out before buying but ultimately it is your decision to make. Whatever the case may be, be sure that you go through all the details and features that are available carefully so that you can make a better purchase decision.