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Is the Switch Lite Good For Animal Crossing?

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Have you been considering getting the Nintendo Switch Lite, but you want to make sure all of the games work on it? Maybe Animal Crossing is your favorite game, but you aren’t sure if it will work on the Nintendo Switch Lite. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch Lite and if it is good for Animal Crossing. 

So is the Nintendo Switch Lite good for Animal Crossing?

Although some people prefer to play animal crossing on the original Nintendo Switch so it can be on the TV, the Nintendo Switch Lite is actually a great device to play Animal Crossing on. It has the great 720P resolution and has all the power the original Nintendo Switch has. 

If you want to know more about the Nintendo Switch Lite and Animal Crossing, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to learn how to play Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

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Is Animal Crossing better on the Switch Lite or on the original Nintendo Switch? 

Many people want to know what the best device is to play Animal Crossing on. This really comes down to personal preference as the two devices are different in many ways. Below are the differences between the two devices. 

Although there are many differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite there are also a lot of similarities. Although the Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the Nintendo Switch it is actually only .7 inches smaller. The Nintendo Switch Lite also comes in 720P which is the exact same resolution as the original Nintendo Switch. The downside is that with the smaller and lighter device comes a smaller battery. The battery of the Nintendo Switch Lite has about 2 hours less of barry life then the original Nintendo Switch. 

Many people actually prefer the Nintendo Switch Lite over the Nintendo Switch though because as the name suggests, the Nintendo Switch Lite weighs almost half as much as the original Nintendo Switch. When you are playing Animal crossing, you can be playing for hours on end, and the extra weight begins to add up. If you prefer to play at home though and not on the go, you will want the original Nintendo Switch as it can be hooked to the tv and all you will have is the joy-con. Playing on the TV is fun, but the downside is that you are held down to that one location. If you decide to go anywhere or on a trip, the extra weight of the Nintendo Switch is something you will want to consider. 

The Original Nintendo Switch 

Although some people like the Nintendo Switch Lite for many different reasons, there are also many reasons that other people like the original Nintendo Switch. The biggest reason that people like the original Nintendo Switch is the fact that the docking station allows it to be hooked to your TV and to be played in full 1080P. The ability to use the Nintendo switch as a home console and also as an on the goal console enables many people in their minds to own two consoles instead of just one. This makes people think that at the $300 price point they are only paying $150 for a home console and $150 for an on the go console. Because the Nintendo Switch Lite has a price point of $200, many people feel like it is better to get the more expensive one as it works as both a handheld and a home console. 

The original Nintendo Switch also has a 6.2 inch screen instead of the 5.5 inch screen which makes viewing easier for some people. Although the Nintendo Switch does way more than the Nintendo SwitchLite, the Nintendo Switch still weighs under 1 pound when being carried. Animal Crossing works great on both the devices, and can easily be played on either of them. 

What is Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing is a  fun relaxing stress free game. YOu can interact with a whole community of animal residents. You can make your own way at your pace. This game is played in real time, and it has 24 real world hours. These hours will continue to play even if you are not in the game. The game is so advanced that as your seasons change, so do the seasons in the game. This means during fall you will have the leaves changing and during the winter you can play in the snow and build snowmen. 

You can set your own goal, or complete in game activities to earn rewards. You will want to start by exploring your island and collecting sticks. You can build your own house and design and decorate it exactly how you want! You can even buy tools to build and seeds to plant in the spring. You can easily create the island parade of your dreams and build your island exactly how you want it! This is a slow relaxing game that is all about fun and building your dream island exactly how you want it. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a new version of the game that allows you to visit other people’s islands and experience their world. You may even find some items on their island that you do not have on your island yet. You might be surprised at how some people have built their island and get some great ideas for building yours. You can also interact with other users and you might be surprised at who you might meet playing this game. 


Now that you know all the differences between the Nintendo Switch Lite and the original Nintendo Switch, you can see why so many people are asking if it is good to play it on the Nintendo Switch Lite. They want the added convenience of the Nintendo Switch Lite, but they do not want to give up any of the great conveniences of the Nintendo Switch. 

Thankfully when Nintendo designed the Nintendo Switch Lite, they created it with the end user in mind! Nintnedo is known for making great devices and always thinking about the users and the games that will be played on them. Some people think that the Nintendo Switch Lite was actually made for games Animal Crossing as they know you will be holding the device for a long time. No matter why it was made, the device itself is great to play Animal Crossing on, as well as all the other Nintendo games that are loved by so many people. 

No matter if you choose the original Nintendo Switch, or the Nintendo Switch Lite, both devices are great to use. They both have decent batteries and the same resolutions when you are using them on the go. Nintnedo did not cut any corners when they made the Nintendo Switch Lite, and they wanted the users to have the best experience possible when using the device. This is reflected in the battery life, the weight, the size, and the overall design of the Nintendo Switch Lite.