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Is The Switch Lite Too Small? (Switch Lite FAQs)

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If you are considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite then you’ll probably come across many people saying that they wish it was bigger. This could be because they are used to the original Nintendo Switch or they just thought that the Switch Lite would be bigger in general. 

Although some people do say the Nintendo Switch Lite is too small there are many other people who disagree with them and think that it is the perfect size. There will always be opinions of what people prefer but this may make you wonder if it is actually too small or not. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect size for an on the go gaming system that can easily fit into your pocket. The purpose of the Nintendo Switch Lite is not only to fit in your pocket but also to be lightweight and compact so you do not have to have a carrying case or extra bag to carry it around with you wherever you go. 

When Nintendo made the Switch Lite, they took into account the fact that you will be using it on the go. They wanted it to be something that could comfortably slip in your pocket so you could simply pick it up as you walked out the door as you do with your keys and phone.

Although some people do complain about the screen size being too small or the gaming system itself being too small depending upon the size of your hands depends upon how it feels for you. 

There are actually quite a few people that like the size of the Nintendo Switch Lite over the original Nintendo Switch. This is because it is more convenient and fits better in their hands and they do not like carrying a bulkier item with them. 

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How many GB is the Switch Lite? 

If you’re considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite, then one of your concerns may be the storage on the device. Back when everybody had iPods that was the first issue that everyone ran into was not enough storage. 

Once your device ran out of storage the only thing you could do was either purchase a new device or delete some of your games or photos on the device. Many people fear that the Nintendo Switch Lite would be the exact same as the original iPods. 

The good news is that when Nintendo made the Switch Lite, they made it with 32 GB of storage as well as an SD card slot where you can add up to 2 TB of additional storage! Nintendo wanted to make sure that no matter how many games you had on your Nintendo Switch Lite you would always have enough storage. 

With the option to add up to 2 TB of storage you will have enough space to download as many games as you want. Depending upon the size of the games you would easily be able to download over 200 games on your Nintendo Switch Lite.

That is plenty enough room for you to play every game you could ever want, and still have plenty of room for all of your friends’ games as well. 

One thing Nintendo wanted to make sure of was that you have plenty of storage to do whatever you wanted to on the Nintendo Switch Lite as it was a mobile device designed for on the go use. 

Is the Switch Lite touch screen?

Because the original Nintendo Switch was touchscreen, many people wonder if the Switch Lite has the same touchscreen capabilities or if it is just a regular screen. This is because the Switch Lite is so much cheaper that many people think the quality of the device is not as good as the original Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is not only a touchscreen, but it actually has the same resolution as the original Nintendo Switch. It is a little smaller of a screen though as the Switch Lite Is a 5.5 inch touchscreen rather than a 6.2 inch touchscreen. 

Because it is a touchscreen you will still be able to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games on your Nintendo Switch Lite and be able to keep the same controls that you are used to. Not only that, but because the resolutions are the same you’ll have the same great quality gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch Lite as you do on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo wanted to make the Switch Lite as close to the original Nintendo Switch as possible, but they also wanted to make it lightweight and compact. This makes it easy to take the Nintendo Switch Lite on the go no matter where you are headed. 

Can you watch movies on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

If you were always on the go and you enjoy watching movies this question has probably come up quite a bit when you are thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch Lite. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a gaming system that cannot double as a screen for watching TV shows or movies when you want it to. 

If you like movies and TV shows you will be happy to know that The Nintendo Switch Lite does have Hulu available in the Nintendo Eshop. This makes it so you can watch movies and TV shows directly on your device. Nintendo really did pull out all the stops when it came to producing the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

No matter what you were looking for it seems like the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great option for you. It can play all of your favorite games, it is still touchscreen,  and it can be used to watch TV shows and movies. 

Nintendo really wanted to show everything that they could do with a gaming device while staying relevant to modern day technology. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great gaming device to watch movies on as it has a high resolution and the 5.5 inch screen is great when you are on the go. 


Now that you know the Nintendo Switch Lite is not too small a device for you you can see why so many people love it. It is built with the user in mind as it can do so much beyond just play games. Although if you are wanting to use the device to simply play Nintendo games it is perfect for you. 

Nintendo made this device extremely lightweight as well as a little smaller than the original Nintendo Switch so it was more compact and easier to take on the go. It fits easily in your pocket and with the large battery inside, the device will last you all day long. 

Nintendo wanted the Switch Lite to be something that would work for the majority of people as you can take it on the go or use it at your house. Although it does not work with the Nintendo Switch docking station, it will work great for you on the go or when you are at home sitting on your couch.

Now that you know all about the Nintendo Switch Lite you may be wanting to purchase one. If you’re looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite you can find it by clicking here.