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Is The Switch Pro Controller Worth It?

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With the Nintendo Switch being so popular right now, everyone wants a chance to play the enjoyable games it offers. These games can be played with just the handheld console or with a pro controller. However, the Pro Controller is kind of pricey to purchase. So, is the Nintendo Switch Controller really worth getting?

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is definitely worth having if you are playing a lot on the TV. It may seem pricey, but you get what you pay for! 

The Nintendo Switch is all the rage. Maybe that is because it can be played in two different ways – as a handheld gaming console or connected to a TV. The Nintendo Switch uses controllers called Joy-cons which attach to both sides of the console when playing in handheld mode. 

When playing on a TV, these Joy-Cons are then attached to a grip when playing in TV mode. To play games with this gaming device, you simply press the buttons. There are a variety of games to play on a Nintendo Switch and it offers hours of enjoyment for anyone of any age. 

This popular gaming device comes as a handle console whose Joy-Cons can be taken apart and used to play on the TV. When you take them apart, you get two consoles and can then play the multiplayer version of games.

Now, these Joy-Cons are very small and one may have a hard time playing with them on the TV a lot. Nintendo sensed this and created a Pro Controller. 

This controller is similar to an Xbox controller. The Pro Controller is one regular-sized controller that is easy to hold when playing on the TV. Its price is a little high for some people, and it has to be bought separately from the Switch itself.

Because of how it fits into your hands and makes playing on the TV easier, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is definitely worth it.

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Is the Switch Pro Controller good?

Many people love to play video games. They are fun and entertaining and you can play solo or with others. The Nintendo Switch is a new gaming device that can switch from being a handheld gaming system to play on a TV. 

This is great for whenever you have family and friends over, you can whip out the controllers and play together. The Switch usually comes with a Joy-Con controller, but if you are doing more TV play, then you may want to invest in a Pro controller. This is why so many people want to know if the Switch Pro controller is any good?

The Switch Pro controller is good, and even though it is pricey to purchase, it is good quality and features a HD rumble. This controller is also versatile and easy to handle for high-level gameplay.

Now, we already mentioned that the Switch Pro controller is worth getting but is it really worth the price? It is sold in stores for $70 and after purchasing the Switch for $300 you may not want to pay that much for an extra controller. 

If this is what you are thinking, then you can always try a cheaper controller. However, this won’t deliver the same kind of gameplay as a Pro controller will. We will discuss more about the types of Nintendo Switch controllers later on in this article. 

For now, if you are wondering if the Switch Pro controller is good, yes, it is. No matter what game you’re playing, this controller includes motion controls, HD rumble, great functionality, grips for comfortable play, and a great gaming experience. 

If you are on the edge trying to decide whether or not to get one and your budget allows you too, you should try out the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Especially if you will be playing a lot on the TV. This controller makes TV game play so much easier when compared to the little Joy-Cons. 

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What Switch controller should I buy?

On the Nintendo Switch there are hundreds of games to play including Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing, the Legend of Zelda, and many more. If you are playing on the TV you may want to invest in a Pro Controller.

It’s easier to use than the tiny Joy-Cons that come with the gaming system. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is wireless so you can sit anywhere and enjoy applying your favorite games. If you look up controllers for the Switch you may see several pop up and wonder, what is the best one to get?

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is your best option. The second best option that is about half the price as the Pro controller is the Power A Enhanced Wireless Controller.

The Pro Controller is great quality, easy to handle, and gives you a better playing experience because of its features. It is expensive to buy at $70 a controller which may cause you to wonder if you can get a cheaper Switch controller. Well, you can! 

Amazon has several cheaper options but they don’t have the quality the Pro controller deos. If you are opting for a cheaper Switch controller, it is recommended to get the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch. This is about 50% cheaper than the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and is the best and cheapest Switch controller. 

But, if you want the best controller, you should get the Pro Controller. You can also click here for more Switch controller options 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is worth getting. Because of its features and quality, it is a great controller. If you like to stick to your handheld gaming, then you won’t need this. 

But, if you are doing a lot of TV gameplay, this is a great investment. It makes TV play a lot easier than trying to hold the little Joy-Cons for a long time or when playing gets more intense. 

The Pro controller is good to use and is the top choice for Switch gamers. The second option is, the Power A Enhanced Wireless Controller for the Nintendo Switch.