Is The Wii U Controller Compatible With The Nintendo Switch? (Which Are?)

When the Wii U originally released, there were many skeptics that didn’t think it was that good of an upgrade. They also thought that it wasn’t worth upgrading just for a better controller. 

What they didn’t realize was that you got far more than just a better controller when you purchased the Wii U. The Wii U has a game pad that is unlike any controller ever made! 

This game pad controller performs seamlessly with the tv and the console, and does not even require a sensor bar. It has a built in touch screen, motion controls, and a full range of control sticks and buttons. The built in screen on the gaming pad transforms gaming like never before! 

The game pad allows you to connect to other players in the Miiverse, and even video chat with them in real time! The best part is that the game pad is extremely easy to use and is loved by gamers of all ages! 

Because the Wii U gamepad is so much fun and so easy to use, many people wonder about using it with the Nintendo Switch. After all, making the newest Nintendo device even better wouldn’t hurt. 

Unfortunately, the Wii U gamepad will not work with the Nintendo Switch. It is specifically synced with the Wii U to work with those games and that system to give you a unique experience unlike any other gaming experience before. 

The Wii U gamepad is unlike anything we have ever seen before as it literally takes the game off the screen and moves it to your hands while you are still playing on the screen! You are also able to play split screen while you literally have your own screen right in your hands. 

If you do not own the Wii U and you were considering purchasing one, there are two options. You can either purchase the regular white model or the black deluxe model. Both of these models can be purchased by clicking here.

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Can I play Wii U games on the Switch?

Because the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch are both made by Nintendo, many people wonder about playing the games from the Wii U on the Switch. Nintendo is really good about allowing people to play games from one of their consoles onto the newer ones. 

Unfortunately it is not possible to play Wii U games on the Nintendo Switch. The Wii U actually uses compact discs for its games, while the Nintendo Switch uses small cartridges. 

The Wii was the first ever Nintendo gaming device to use discs instead of cartridges, and when they made the Wii U they wanted to keep it that way. They realized though that their games were not very durable which made them receive many complaints about not using cartridges anymore. 

This is why Nintendo actually went back to using cartridges when they produced the Nintendo Switch. Even today Nintendo uses the cartridges instead of discs for their gaming systems. 

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Can you use the Wii U pro controller on the Switch?

If you have upgraded to the Switch then you have probably realized just how tiny those controllers are to use. If you are trying to play a game with just one JoyCon, it is almost impossible if you do not have small hands. 

Because most people do not have small hands that will fit a JoyCon, they begin looking for other traditional controllers to use with their Switch. If you are an avid Nintendo gamer, then you probably are wanting to use your Wii U pro controller for the Switch! 

The Nintendo Switch actually supports most Nintendo controllers, including the Wii remotes, The Wii U pro controller, and the JoyCons and the Switch pro controller. If you are using the Wii U pro controller though, you will need to purchase an adapter which you can find by clicking here. 

If you have this adapter, you can also use an Xbox controller, or a PlayStation controller on your Switch! This allows you to have a far more comfortable gaming experience without paying $70 for a Switch pro controller. 

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How do I connect a Wii U pro controller to my Switch?

If you own a Nintendo Switch you probably want to know how to connect your Wii U pro controller to your Nintendo switch. You have probably already tried and are not having any luck which is why you are looking this up. Do not worry, you are not alone. 

In order to connect the pro controller you will need an adapter that will put out a wireless signal for you to connect to. Once you have that plugged in, all you will need to do is push the sync button on your controller and it will connect and work perfectly. 

If you do not have one of these adapters, they are necessary to make the Wii U pro controller connect to your Switch. You can purchase one of these adapters by clicking here. 

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Can I replace my Wii U gamepad? 

If you own a Wii U, then you know exactly how easy it is for the gamepad to get damaged. If you do not have a protective case or screen protector on it it only takes one drop for it to become damaged. 

This is why many people have a protective case or screen protector on their gamepad so they do not have to worry about it being damaged. Although sometimes it can still be damaged even though there is a screen protector and case over it, it normally takes more than a few drops for that to happen. 

If you do not like the feel of a case or screen protector on your gamepad then you probably did not put one on. If that is the case and it has been dropped quite a few times it is possible that it has completely stopped working. 

If you own a game pad that currently does not work, you have probably considered replacing it with a brand new one. You have also probably wondered if it could simply be repaired instead of replaced. 

Although gamepads can be repaired most of the time it costs more to repair them than it does to simply purchase a brand new gamepad. If you are going to replace your gamepad, you can buy a new one by clicking here. 

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Now that you know that you cannot use the Wii U gamepad controller with the Nintendo Switch you will probably want to look for other controller options. Because there are so many different controllers that you can use with the Nintendo Switch you may not know which one to go with. 

Thankfully you know that you do not have to purchase any special controller. All you need is a simple adapter that will allow you to use any Xbox or PlayStation controller with your Nintendo Switch. 

Now that you have different controllers that you can use on your Nintendo Switch, and you know exactly how to connect them, all you need to do now is go and play your Nintendo Switch with all of your friends! 

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