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Rules For Baseball Billiards

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Baseball billiards is a game that is played using 21 object balls and was invented in 1912. The balls are numbered from 1 to 21. It uses a cue ball that is white.

As with other billiard games, the 21 balls are racked in a triangle-shaped wood rack at the foot spot. In this game, the foot spot is called home plate. The ball that is marked number 1 is placed on the home plate during ball racking.

Balls 2 and 3 are placed left and right in the rack, while ball 9 for this game is referred to as the pitcher. This ball gets placed near the center of the rack.

Players in this game will continue playing until the player commits a foul. Once a foul is committed, the player’s turn will end. You win the game by getting the most runs.

In order to get a run, all you have to do is to pocket a ball. Each ball is worth the number on the balls. So if a player pocketed 12 and 13 balls in one inning then the player will have 25 points for the one inning.

The game will stop when all nine innings have been played. The player with the most runs at the end of the 9 innings, wins the game. 

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What Happens If You Scratch In Baseball Billiards?

If a player scratches, it automatically completes the inning and the player who scratched will have a score of zero for that one inning. It will be easy to tell if you scratch, as one single scratch can easily cost you the game.

No matter how many points you have in the inning, if you scratch, then all of your points for that inning will be voided and you will get 0 points for that inning. Baseball billiards is one game that you definitely want to make sure you never scratch in!