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Should A Foosball Table Be Level?

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Have you ever gone to play foosball and you noticed the table wasn’t level? Maybe you just bought a foosball table and you want to know if it matters about being level or not. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about a foosball table and if it needs to be level. 

So should a foosball table be level?

Because foosball tables are a tabletop game, it is important that the tables are level. Any unevenness in the table can put the odds in one or the other player’s favor. This is why when you are installing a foosball table, it is extremely important that the table is level. 

If you want to know more about a foosball table being level, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this short video to learn how to level a foosball table as well as prepare it for your first game. 

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Why is it important to level a foosball table?

It is important to have a leveled foosball table to play the game and have a good experience. The table is the main surface on which we play the game, and anything affecting the table will directly affect the whole game. Without a suitable table, we couldn’t have a good game. That’s why importance is given to the leveling of the table.

How does a foosball table work?

Foosball is played with the help of people attached to the table on these rods. These attached figures are used to hit the ball and direct it to the opponent’s goal. The table used can be made up of wood, plastic, or composite material. It is easy to set up a foosball table. You need to take care of its leveling, as the table needs to be level to have a fair game between the opponents.

An unleveled table will be full of bias and create false results. If a table is not leveled and declined towards player A, then player B will find it easier to hit towards player A and will score easily. Player A will find it difficult to attack and defend. This is because as it declines the table towards player A, the ball will automatically move towards the goal of A and mark the point for player B. This can lead to unfair games between the players and can cause further conflicts and problems. It also leads to inconvenience in playing the game. 

To overcome these problems and to have a fair game among players, we level the foosball table before playing the game. A small error can affect the whole game.

Advantages of level Foosball table

  • Fair game

A leveled table gives a fair space to both the players. They have an equal number of possibilities to get the score by hitting the ball to the opponent’s goal. This provides a clean image to the game and its rules.

  • Controllable movement

An unleveled table causes the ball to move by itself due to inclined or declined surface. As we know that gravity is present everywhere. The ball comes to the area with less height or decline. This causes unexpected movement of the ball and leads to poor gaming. Although one person will have an advantage, both players will know it is not a fair game. 

  • Comfortable

A leveled table up to the desired height contributes to a comfortable and easy gaming experience for the player. This also helps the player to maintain a healthy posture throughout the game and overcome future problems.

  • Precise

A good leveled table is precise in its shots and movements. It doesn’t offer any excess or undesirable movement that is not expected by the players. Leveled tables provide a better and precise outlook to the table. This is because when a player shoots a shot at the goal, they know exactly where it will go. If the table is unlevel, it can change directions of the ball and make a player miss a shot that would normally go in. 

  • Sportsmanship

A leveled table spreads the message of good sportsmanship in which the game is fair for all the players. This is because the players will use their skill and ability to win the game and not luck. This is what every game requires.

What are some disadvantages to a level table?

Although most people do not think about it, there are some disadvantages to having a level table. The major disadvantage of a leveled table is “Dead spots”. Dead spots are those areas or spots inaccessible by both the players. These are sometimes called no-man’s-land. If the ball comes to a halt in this area, it becomes very difficult to move the ball, and sometimes impossible. We overcome this disadvantage in unleveled tables. They eliminate all the dead spots on the table and convert it into a fully accessible surface. Besides this disadvantage though, a leveled table is a must for a fair and enjoyable game.

What are the steps to level a foosball table?

Because we know having a leveled table is very important, we now need to know how to level a foosball table. Below we will go over how to level a foosball table and what you need to do so. The tools that can be used for leveling a foosball table are listed below. 

  • Torpedo level
  • Spacers like wooden block, plastic blocks (These are optional)
  • Optional 2 or 4 foot carpenter’s level

Before leveling, we need to make sure that all the adjustable legs are tightened, and we keep the table on a hard surface that does not cave or bend in. If your table doesn’t have adjustable legs, then skip this step.

You will need to closely observe the movement of bubbles on the scale placed on the table. If the bubble moves to the ends, then the table requires leveling.

Now to adjust the leveling, you will need to have another person lift the table. This is so you can unscrew the table leg to adjust it. Once the leg is unscrewed, place the spacer under it (if required). Carry on this process until the bubble rests in the center of the level.

You should only need to adjust three legs out of four legs on the table. You can level the table properly usually once a month or less depending upon how often you use the table. Once you know that the table is level, you can enjoy playing foosball knowing every shot is 100% skill.

History of foosball.

Table games are gaining popularity all over the world. This is because they are easy to play and do not take up a bunch of room. One of these is foosball, which is commonly known as table football. As the name suggests, it is the table version of football played on the table. We can play it between two single opponents, double opponents or teams of up to 4 players. No one knows about its origin, but we assume it to exist from 1800. It was first officially patented by Harold Searles Thornton from the United Kingdom in 1921.

Being a table-based game; many factors can affect the playing experience. One of the most important factors among all other factors is the leveling of the table. 


Foosball is one of the interesting and popular games among people. Now that you know how to level your foosball table and why having a level table is important you can play your friends and family and beat them knowing it was a fair game.