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Should I Bring My PlayStation To College?

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Have you recently graduated High School and you are wondering what to pack for college? Maybe you love to play on your PlayStation but you do not want to seem childish by bringing it. Well, in this article we will answer all of your questions about what you should bring to college. 

So should I bring my PlayStation to college?

If your college allows you to bring gaming consoles you should definitely bring your PlayStation to college with you! Playing PlayStation during your down time at college is a great way to not only pass relieve some stress, but also you can invite some people over and make new friends that way as well.

If you want to know more about bringing your PlayStation to college, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to see exactly how to connect your PlayStation to the internet in the residence halls. 

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Is it good to bring a PlayStation to college?

Bringing a PlayStation to college depends upon many factors. If you are having a hangout at the college or you are just taking it to the hostel or some other gathering then it is good. You can do tons of recreational activities along with your friends and can engage in competitive completions over PlayStation games.

On the other hand, if you are bringing your PlayStation console to college on a regular working day or at the time when you have classes, then it is not recommended. 

Many people, without knowing the rules of the college bring their gaming setup to college. Sadly they just take it without keeping in mind the consequences they could face.

If they do not think about it properly, they will have to face the music. In some cases, you will have to even face suspension depending upon the exact type of college you are going to. 

Skipping the lecture to play online games is not okay. If you do this, there is a big possibility that you will have to face the lecture from the staff and management of the college. If you go to a more relaxed college, you may not face consequences, but then when you go to take the test you will not know the correct answers and it will affect your grades. 

Many people often engage much better in the digital world rather than physically meeting. For these people, it is good that they use the PlayStation to express what they feel. Even though it may not have a big impact at the start, it will eventually show its results. 

PlayStation consoles in colleges may seem odd, but it is good if you are enjoying or having a college party with your friends or classmates. Although you will have to take special care of the gaming equipment, it will add more fun to any of the parties you throw as everyone loves to play the PlayStation. 

When you are engaging in college meetings and fun activities, you can use the PlayStation console, but using this gaming equipment in class and other study-related places will have negative effects on your future. 

What are the Negative sides of bringing the PlayStation to college?

In reality, there are more negative effects of bringing PlayStation to the college rather than positive effects. First of all, you will always have the fear of losing or damaging the console. This will make you always think about your gaming setup, rather than actually thinking about the college class you should be studying for. 

You will have very little interest in the class. Rather than focusing on the course material, you will always think about the games.

There is a big chance that you will lose all your focus once this happens. It will negatively affect your grades and performance and will also have an impact on your social gathering. 

Many people who get addicted to this activity often lose all their focus on their actual purpose of being in college. They involve too much in this gaming stuff that they lose all of their social circle and some even eventually drop out. 

It will have both psychological and physical effects on you. Spending college time gaming instead of studying, can cause problems. It can also cause problems if you don’t participate in some sporting events or doing some other activities. This can make playing on the PlayStation make you lose more than you gain. 

These kinds of activities should only be allowed in college when the related sporting or gaming event is happening. Gaming on the PlayStation can also be done in college when you have completed all of the other chores of college and have no other activity to perform. 

What PlayStation gaming device should you bring?

PlayStation consoles and other gaming devices range in a wide variety of things. It is important to select first which one you are bringing to college. Taking heavy gaming consoles with other equipment does not seem very practical. 

First, you will need to understand which console is easy to bring. The PlayStation 4 offers two types of consoles.

Both the original and slim consoles are available in the market. It is recommended to get a slim one for college because it is easy to carry. You will also need to carry at least two controllers with you if you want to compete with some other people however you can take four controllers if you plan on hosting parties. 

Other things such as wires and connecting cables will also be difficult to carry. So it is good to buy a bag that can contain all of the PlayStation equipment easily. This bag is the best one in the market to keep your PlayStation safe from harm as well as designed to hold all of your accessories and games. 

At last, you will need to bring a lot of games for your PlayStation. There are many options you can choose from, but this bag can hold up to 20 games and is a great bag for protecting your games as well as holding all of them when they are not in use. 

Should I take other PlayStation devices?

Bringing PlayStation handheld devices such as PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita can be convenient to handle rather than bringing heavy consoles. These handheld devices are designed for exactly this, and will play a much better role rather than carrying a heavy game setup with you. The problem is that these are not really designed to be played by more than just you, which means you will not be able to host parties for playing your PlayStation. 

You can easily carry them around though, as well as they are designed to be portable. There are many occasions when bringing a PlayStation console does not seem practical. If this is you, you can simply grab your handheld device instead. 


No matter if you use a handheld device, or if you bring your PlayStation console or both to college, you are bound to be the party room! Everyone loves to play games, and many people enjoy playing the PlayStation online as there are many great online games to play. This will also allow you to hook up your device to other people in the dorms and all play together as a party instead of all playing different people. Doing this can make playing together a lot more fun for everyone.