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What Are The Best Jukebox Songs?

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What makes a great song? It tells a story. It draws a line. Do you know Patsy Cline and Elvis Presley made history with their Crazy and Hound dog record? The recording of these two artists was named as the most played jukebox songs of the first hundred years. If you have been a fan of these two artists, then you are familiar with these hits, and you can tell what these songs are. They deserve such a distinction. In this article we will discuss all the top songs for the jukebox. 

So what are the best jukebox songs?

The best original jukebox songs included Patsy Cline and Elvis Presley. Today, when you go to play a song in a jukebox, it is best to just pick whatever song you want to hear as everyone will have their own preference of music.   

If you want to know more about top songs for a jukebox, you will want to keep reading this article.

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Top jukebox songs

The art of picking a song to play in a public place, to upset the crowd is tricky. Maybe you did this at some point in life. Here are the picks for the best songs you can pick. 

  • I Fall To Pieces. 

1961 was Cline’s first top hit. This is the song that paved the way for her fame and the most played jukebox song in the US.

  • Hounds Dog by Elvis Presley

The song was already a hit and covered by other artists before Presley recorded it. When Presley released his version of hounds dog, it became the best-known cover of the song. Ten million copies were sold worldwide. Out of 500 great songs, the record ranked number 19 on the magazine list.

  • Cats In The Cradle-  by James Dator

This song is known to many people, but it can be extremely annoying if you keep playing it again and again. For example, during play one, there were weird looks, play two, there were boos, play three, the bartender starts receiving the complaints. By play, five people begin leaving the bar.

  • We Are The Champion/ We Will Rock You- Queen, by Grant Brisbee

There are many people that like this song, and if they heard it would easily sing along. 

  • Lily Rosemary and the Jack of Heart by Whitney McIntosh 

This is a good song for the kids. It narrates a story, instead of being confused about what the weird man is scratchily singing. This song has a story to follow and enjoy. The song is nine minutes long, which some people find annoying. This song can be fun if you want to make someone mad. 

Songs that can be annoying if played on the Jukebox.

There are many different songs that you can play on the Jukebox as well in order to make people mad or even leave. Below are a few of those titles that not many people like and are easy to get on peoples nerves. 

  • Marquee Moon-Television, by Ricky O’Donnell

Besides being a great song, many people love it.

  • The Waffle House Song – by Jason Kirk.

They only exist on the waffle house jukebox. It was noticed because teens used to play the same waffle house song over and over until they stop


  • Bowling For Soup by Alex Kirshner

It was hitting at some point in the mid or late 2000s.

  • Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin

Once you play it, you have just treated yourself, your friends, and the rest of the bar for at least twenty minutes.

  • Voodoo Chile by the Jimi Hendrix Experience

It runs for 15 minutes. This is from the album electric lady land, but don’t confuse it with the shorter but still impressive version by voodoo child.

  • Three Days by Jane’s Addiction

The song was the highlight of ritual de lo constant and one of the greatest songs Jane’s addiction ever released.        

  • All Night Long- Lionel Richie, by Nate scoots

Although this song is kinda fun, if it is played over and over again, you are bound to make some people mad. 

  • Silver Jews, Random Rules

This was the song on the jukebox at closing time with David barman crooning his fractured barstool philosophy.

Songs that never get old.

There are also many older original songs that could be played over and over again and people would not get tired of them being played.

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free Bird

The audience could shout free bird as a way to request the song regardless of the performance. This song is always a crowd pleaser. 

  • Metallica -For Whom The Bell Tolls

This song is one of the songs that can be played over and over with it being played more than a dozen times a night with no complaints.

  • Garth Brooks – Friends In Low Places

The song is played most times if you are ever in a place with a jukebox. This song just is so much fun, and resonates with so many people. 

  • Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild

This song is not only a crowd favorite, but it is extremely fun to sing along with, and if you pick this one, it will definitely make you popular amongst the bikers. 

  • Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

People are convinced that the cast of glee wrote the song, and the journey is merely covering the track. No matter who wrote it, this song is loved by everyone, and because everyone loves it, they also will be singing along with it. 

  • Michael Jackson – Beat It

This song is one that people from all walks of life know. It is fun and catchy, and some people will even dance to this song when it comes on. Playing this song will easily make you a crowd favorite/ 

Some of the rules of engagement for jukebox

  • Act swiftly and decisively. 

Everyone has songs they like, but if you hear two bad songs in a row, be prepared to act. No one likes to hear bad songs all night, and that is why you should only pick one or two songs that you like before you let someone else pick songs. This way if they have different taste in music than you do, they can still enjoy music that night. 

  • No cost is too high for victory

Although some songs may cost more than the older cheaper ones, if it is a super popular song and you want to please the crowd, there is no price too expensive. 

  • Collateral damage is unfortunate but inevitable

Other patrons at the bar might not love the song you choose to listen to. This is to be expected as not everyone has the exact same taste in music. Most people know this and expect to hear songs that they do not prefer if they are not willing to put money into the jukebox.

  • Only use torture as a last resort

Remember that there innocent bystanders involved as you are tempted to find the worst song on the jukebox and play it ten times in a row. No matter how crazy the other person might be, it is not worth getting kicked out of the bar, because you picked an annoying song to get back at someone. 


Now that you know all the top songs on an original jukebox, as well as many songs that are popular and many songs that you can use to annoy your friends, you are set and ready to go to the bar. The only thing you are missing now is the jukebox.